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4t Tray Minimizer Reviews

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Thus far the best window roll up utility I've found for windows 10.
Since it hasn't been updated in a long time though I'd recommend forgoing the lifetime update license. Of course only power users will even need pro. The free version is nag free and has all the must have basic features.


Good for what it dose

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Good at what it says it does: hides windows, or keeps them on top (both extremely convenient).

It worked on every window I ever tried to hide, and it crashed only two or three times. I am using it right now to hide my IRC client, Matlab, FooBar, my JAVA IDE, my formula editor, and Cygwin window.

The premium version can also launch applications... which is cool, but I wouldn't pay a yearly fee for that.


That just works

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Finally a software that works properly! Even under Windows 8 :)

Some other software I tried either doesn't work at all, or not with some windows (like HideIt which doesn't want to hide Virtualbox)

Thank you ! I can finally minimize my Virtualbox server to tray :)


It's a Trojan

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Kaspersky Internet Security alarm 4t Tray Minimizer v6.06.1 Free is a Trojan!


No, it is not a trojan. Kaspersky is the real trojan! (Search for Kaspersky in the news, and you will see that the US Feds are keeping a close eye on Kaspersky. They are suspected of being a tool of the Russian government. The Department of Homeland Security has directed federal agencies to stop using Kaspersky software.

As for 4t tray minimizer, I have installed it, and it works great! I just ran a Malware Bytes scan, and it came up clean. 4t tray minimizer is not a trojan! Do not trust Kaspersky to tell you what is and what is not safe.

Notice Kaspersky list it as clean:


It's possible that this person go their copy from a 3rd party site that injected a Trojan. Always check your hashes and download from trusted sources.

Current version: 6.07
installation, exe, 1.85 MB
installation, zip, 1.79 MB