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Really useful software when it comes to downloading full HD or even higher quality videos. In newer versions, it also supports 60 fps videos. Free version works fine, you can pay for downloading whole playlists of videos.
So, 4K Video downloader is much better then other paid products, it works very quickly, and downloads in excellent quality and I can only recommend it.


4K Video Downloader is better than YouTube By Click or KeepVid.com

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I've tested 4K Video Downloader, YouTube By Click, KeepVid.com.

4K Video Downloader offers to choose from various resolutions and formats. Moreover, 4K Video Downloader allows to download video subtitles too (if video subtitles are available). I also prefer 4K Video Downloader user interface rather than YouTube By Click interface.

4K Video Downloader offers standalone installer that isn't bloated with addware (bloatware), contrary to YouTube By Click, which offers bloatware and you must be careful not to install that bloatware.

I've used to like KeepVid.com, but KeepVid.com doesn't offer downloading high resolution (1080p, 4K) for some videos. Also KeepVid.com was unable to download subtitles for some videos. In all of those cases, 4K Video Downloader worked just fine.

As of 2015-01 I'm going to use 4K Video Downloader as my primary YouTube downloader.

I recommend you try 4K Video Downloader first before trying other YouTube downloaders.

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Great and stable software.
it has clean, user-friendly, easy-to-use interface.
it can download video in 480p (which is not available in Youtube-dl).
The only downside in the free version is that you cannot download more than 25 videos at one time (which is bad for downloading big playlists).

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Better than to download any plugin or software that will slow your computer. I'd recommend using online service such Acethinker Video Downloader, it's a free web-based application, you don't have to install anything, works for youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and many more!



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• Up to 25 video downloads only for free user


Amazing program

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It also allows you to download the entire playlist so that is pretty awesome!
I am using a Windows Vista computer and so far it is working good, I highly recommend this program and ClipGrab.


Portable and Open Source

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I really like that it is portable and open source.