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Good Browser!

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This browser is actually pretty much alive(it's the most popular browser in China). They took it down from their english page for whatever reasons but that doesn't mean it is gone. It is being updated and can still be downloaded and used in english from Qihu's official chinese-language website. It is just that the installer is in Chinese, but very intuitive. Check out the "Review" tab for more information about 360browser(my first review on this website, so please bear with me).


Excellent Alternative to Google Chrome

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A little about the company
360browser by 360 Qihu(aka Qihoo) is a Chromium based multi-core browser with WebKit/Trident support.
The company behind 360Browser is a rather big player offering free cloud services, anivirus software(speaking of which it is an excellent product with a positive review on AVComperatives, I recommend checking it out. It comes with Bitdefender&Avira engine), PC tools(ZIP/PC Aid/Android Manager, etc), a search engine, etc.

About the browser
Qihu's products are stable and the company brings updates at regular intervals which is why you don't get that horrible feeling of sticking to an outdated product which is a common occurance if you venture out to look for a Chromium-based alternative to Google's Chrome browser. I have been using UC Browser alongside 360browser but I find myself using this one more, not because I use their cloud service— 360YunPan is integrated into the browser by default— but because it is better and more stable than Chrome/Chromium/UC Browser. Performence-wise it doesn't feel as heavy as Google Chrome. I use the browser a lot and it doesn't bring me any negative surprises(read: crashes) and even if something unforseeable happened it is a Chromium-based project and everybody know that in Chromium each TAB is a separate process. It comes with two integrated webpage translators(Google&Youdao and various small tweaks&tools(magnifying glass, drag&search support, PC Doctor, SpeedUp, Cleaner, PageLoad Accelerator, Cloud Accelerator, New Tab Page, etc). Oh, right! And themes! You get to choose from a s**tload of skins and it's not just the wallpaper(check out my screens below)!

And here, because I don't want this to sound like an Ad campaign
Nothing is perfect- 360Browser is an awesome alternative to other Chromium-based browsers but there is one thing I believe you need to know. While the company behind it initially released an english version of 360Browser. they have since taken it down from their english website for whatever reasons. If you want the newest release you will have to go through a chinese-language installer. Honestly, it is only 3 (intuitive) clicks or so.
Youu will have to decide whether or not this is a turnoff to you. The browser interface is in English though. 360Browser can be downloaded from Qihu's official website. If you don't speak Chinese, this is where you get it... shouldn't be too difficult, just click the big fat orange button. LOL

And here, a few screenshots of the browser interface and the settings menu:

That's it I guess? I hope this helps you.