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This is not file hosting. This is not a classic file hosting at all.
This is file FOR SHARING ONLY data or for storing backups in archives.

Be careful!

You will not be able to easy move / rename / delete / make folder / bulk uploading.

  1. they're cheap because of dozens of restrictions against abusers, warez, etc trash (I talk only about access/premium plans what I have)
  2. They have very good download/upload speed

Again! You can't just drag'n'drop whole your folder as you do with Google Drive or Mega.
You can't even upload folders there. All that you can to do it's uploading VIA BROWSER (because ftp weird and super limited) a file up to 100GB size and store it there with a link for downloading it. That it. You can't simply select where you will upload, you can't structure your files there, this service does not offer ANY tools for managing files in the cloud etc.

It's like a service specially designed for uploading / getting a link / sharing it to someone or some community.

Their business model based on advertising what not paid user see while downloading files.
Tons of restrictions for free users.

Usable for paid users, but do not expect too much from this. It's a super restricted service. Very!
But if you have large archives of videos, for example, you can try to upload it there.

Also, please care about your privacy and security, they do not offer it at all.

3/5 just because of dirty cheap price for storage and good download/upload speed only.
-2 because of lack of features, restrictions, dozens of limitations and problems what I faced with them for finally understand what is it and how to use it properly.

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