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It's working and they do as they advertised.

I've been tracking packages normally in both website and smartphone app.

Which actually great and they don't charge anything.


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I entered a tracking number into 17Track, and it showed me the tracking info. Then I left the website and returned. I expected the website to remember the tracking number and show me the tracking info again. But it didn't remember anything, so I had to re-enter the tracking number.


I also found it weird that tracking numbers weren't remembered when coming back. But that's just because of 17track's less intuitive user interface. As I did at first, you probably entered your tracking number(s) on a page for quick checking. To have 17track remember your numbers and sync with the mobile app you have to enter the numbers on another page. When logged in, you have to click the avatar button in the upper right corner. You will see an orange button 'Buyer center'. Now you will see an orange round button in the upper right corner with the + symbol. Use that to add the number and it will be stored. You can even add a note describing the tracked item for future reference.

Hope this helps.

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Website doesn't work at all