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I wanted to be able to quickly input emojis instead of copy/pasting them from Google, and this does that. 😍👍❗

Wish I could select the nth item matching my search string though. If I don't know the exact name then I have to keep guessing? Oof. 😔


Thanks for your rating. It's great to hear that you like the add-on. 😀

The feature you requested in your second part is possibly already tracked in https://github.com/rugk/awesome-emoji-picker/issues/41 (keyboard navigation) and may indeed be added in the future.
Otherwise, just click on the emoji you want to add or use the new search in the address bar to find emojis, see https://github.com/rugk/awesome-emoji-picker/wiki/FAQ#how-to-use-the-address-bar-to-search-for-emojis .

If this is not what you meant and you want to request a new feature, please do so on GitHub at https://github.com/rugk/offline-qr-code/issues and open a new issue.

It would be glad if you could upgrade your voting to 5 stars if that solves your problem.