• foursquare

    Foursquare is all about helping you find new ways to explore your city. Our tastes are different, so why should we get the same search results? The new Foursquare learns what you like and leads you to places you’ll love.


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  • Yandex.Search

    Yandex is the fastest growing search engine in the world, serving primarily Russia (the largest and most popular) and other countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.


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  • Yandex.Maps

    Yandex.Maps gives you access to maps of over 1800 cities and towns right in your pocket. Find addresses and companies. Plan your journeys in a car or on public transport taking current traffic conditions into account.


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  • Yandex.Translate

    Yandex.Translate - synchronized translation for 85 languages, predictive typing, dictionary with transcription, pronunciation and usage examples, and many other features.


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  • Jaconda

    Jaconda is designed as an easy-to-use company chat. It offers persistent chat rooms with searchable history, file sharing, guest access and more.


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  • Meduza

    Every day we bring you the most important news and feature stories from hundreds of sources in Russia and across the former Soviet Union.


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  • Telegram bot API

    The Bot API allows you to easily create programs that use Telegram messages for an interface.


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  • Qwasap

    A Telegram bot that lets you talk to people who are located anywhere in the world. Qwasap is a public, free and open local network for assistance and information exchange.


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  • Chatfuel

    Chatfuel is the best bot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook. Learn how to create a Facebook message bot quickly and easily, no coding required.


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  • MarkIt

    Save your bookmarks with @markitbot on Telegram. Your personal bookmarking bot on both mobile and desktop. No need for apps or extensions.


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  • PWRTelegram bot API

    Boosted version of the telegram bot API. It has all of the official telegram bot API features plus: - Downloading of files up to 1.


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  • tg

    Command-line interface for Telegram. Uses readline interface.


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  • Hotelhunt

    Just provide a link to a hotel from the Booking.com website, and it will send you a notification as soon as the room price changes. The bot will allow you to book hotels at the lowest price, saving you up to 60% of the room rate.


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  • 2048 bot

    Play the game of 2048 right in Slack or Telegram.


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  • MyETH

    24/7 Monitoring of public addresses & instant notifications about transactions.


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  • Tap2pay

    Tap2pay platform for accept payments in messengers and social network. Tap2pay activates new sales channel for e-commerce business.


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  • Zenify

    We believe that every person on this planet deserves to be happy. That’s exactly why Zenify was created.


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  • Decidr

    Decidr was born to make decision-making easier. It's a tool to make quick, simple, beautiful A/B polls to gather quick feedback and make better, data-based decisions. Available as a Telegram chatbot, iOS app, Android app and web app.


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