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    EmotiCODE is a collaborative source code snippets aggregator and search engine but mostly a place where developers can find the answers they are searching for and contribute with their own contents to help others with the same needs.


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    • Discontinued The official website is no longer available.
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    Analytics for programmers using open-source text editor plugins.


    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Komodo IDE Xcode IntelliJ IDEA Vim Pycharm ... Sublime Text RubyMine GNU Emacs PyCharm Community Edition Atom Brackets Komodo Edit

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    JSHint is a tool to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript code and can be used to enforce coding conventions.


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    Kite augments your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge.


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    Emmet LiveStyle

    Emmet LiveStyle is a plugin for live bi-directional (editor <-> browser) CSS editing of new generation. Currently, it works in Google Chrome, Safari and Sublime Text, more browsers and editors will be available later.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Safari Sublime Text

  • Stino

    Stino is a Sublime Text plugin, which provides an Arduino-like environment for editing, compiling and uploading sketches. The plugin was written by Robot Will in 2012-2014. Requirements 1. Sublime Text 2. Arduino


    Free Mac Windows Linux Sublime Text

  • Floobits

    Floobits lets you use native text editors to collaborate on code in real-time.


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    LaTeXing is plugin for the popular and fast text editor Sublime Text . The plugin supports many features to write your LaTeX files without leaving the text editor or using the mouse.


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    A collection of over 320 synax color themes created by Dayle Rees for a variety of different editors and software.


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