Nukern is an automated billing and cloud provisioning platform for web hosts and digital agencies. It automates the recurring invoicing and the re/selling of cloud & web hosting services.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS DigitalOcean cPanel PayPal ... Stripe Wordpress

    • Discontinued Service shut down as of February 1st 2018. See the closing announcement here: https://mailchi.mp/nukern/saying-goodbye-nukern-story-ends-here
  • TuriTop

    TuriTop is a low-cost, multilingual booking system with customers of all sizes worldwide. It has support for tours, shows, parks, rental and accommodation.


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    Commercial Web PayPal Facebook Stripe

  • Baremetrics

    SaaS Analytics & Metrics for Stripe. One click and you get dozens of valuable metrics and insights from your Stripe account.


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    Commercial Web Stripe

  • BankFeeds.io

    Get Your Stripe Transactions Into Xero Automagically. Your Stripe transactions appear in Xero in real time No third party strangers logging into Xero with fake email addresses - true API integration Connect once - set and forget.


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    Commercial Web Stripe

  • ChartMogul

    Calculate and understand your recurring revenue. Analytics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify and Recurly.


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    Commercial Web Chargify Recurly Stripe Braintree

  • Revealytics

    Revealytics analyzes your SaaS metrics based on payments and marketing attribution data to bring you data-driven insights.


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    Freemium Web Stripe

  • Silver Siphon

    Automatically sync Stripe to Xero every day. Set up Stripe as a bank account inside Xero. Two minute setup, set and forget. Includes transactions, fees, refunds and transfers.


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    Commercial Web Xero Stripe

  • Upodi

    Unified Commerce Platform. Connect your business, and empower your key customers with various monetizations options for self service.


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    Commercial Web PayPal Stripe Braintree

  • Octobat

    Sell at the right tax rate. Send compliant receipts and invoices. Get powerful reports. Sync your payment gateways or e-commerce platform transactions.


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    Commercial Web Self-Hosted Stripe

  • ChargeKeep

    ChargeKeep is Stripe-powered payments system that let’s you accept and store credit cards. It’s simple, professional and secure.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Stripe

  • Vynaca

    Finance analytics, cashflow management and intelligent forecasting. Get current and future financial insights into your company.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Stripe

  • Datmachine

    Datmachine is a business intelligence solution for Internet companies with subscription business model that provides deeper insights into business conditions, customers and finances.


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    Commercial Web Stripe Braintree

  • Wirize

    Wirize is the fastest way to start accepting card payments online. No code or website required!


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    Free Web Stripe

  • Your Way To Pay

    'Your Way To Pay' was created after a disappointing online shopping experience! Buying a few gifts, which should have been a simple process, ended up being time consuming due to lengthy forms, costly fees and discrepancies about...


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    Free Web Stripe