• Cascadea

    Customize any website with CSS styles, only for macOS 10.13+ and Safari.


    Cascadea icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Safari

  • Gomovies.ink

    GoMovies - is the best alternative for 123Movies to Watch movies online for free. Discover thousands of the latest movies online in high quality 1080P.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Chrome Safari Firefox

  • FaviconBar

    A favicon based favourites bar for Safari. Contribute to RoryCombe/FaviconBar development by creating an account on GitHub.


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    Free Open Source Mac Safari

  • Faviconographer

    Faviconographer is a little utility that displays Favicons for the tabs you have opened in the current Safari window, just like almost every other browser does it.


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    Free Mac Safari

  • History Search

    History Search remembers what's on all those websites you visit so you can find them again. History Search uses browser extensions to index the text on webpages when you visit them.


    History Search icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • UTM Stripper

    Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) tokens from URL query strings.


    UTM Stripper icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Firefox

  • Untrack Me

    Removes the part of the URLs that is used to track you on the web Would you want someone following you around your home, grocery store, work, friend's house, local bar and anywhere else you fancy going? That's exactly...


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    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • Night Eye

    Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly any website. It does NOT simply invert the colors, but utilises a completely new approach that improves your browsing experience.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Chrome OS Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Safari Yandex.Browser Firefox

  • SkyFlok

    Next-generation of cloud storage and sharing. Helps users store files privately across the globe.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome OS Microsoft Edge Safari Firefox

  • PiPifier

    PiPifier is a macOS 10.12 and iOS Safari (action) extension that lets you use every HTML5 video in Picture in Picture mode.


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    Free Open Source Mac Safari

  • Engagespot

    Add a facebook style real-time notification feed to your website or web application dashboard. Also, send native browser push notifications when your users are away from your website.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Web Chrome Safari PHP Wordpress Firefox

  • Ctrlpanel

    Strong, unique passwords generated for all your accounts, seamlessly synced across your devices.


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    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • StopTheMadness

    StopTheMadness is a Safari extension that stops web sites from disabling standard user interface features.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Safari

  • Morengage Push Notification Tool

    Morengage is web push & app push service. Reach out customers through web push notifications that work across all push-enabled browsers and all websites.


    Morengage Push Notification Tool icon

    Free Mac Windows Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Android SDK Safari Opera Firefox

  • Polisis

    Polisis visualizes any privacy policy in a simplified interface using artificial intelligence. It allows you to know what the company is collecting about you, what it is sharing, and much more.


    Polisis icon

    Free Web Chrome Safari Firefox

  • Facebook Demetricator

    Facebook Demetricator is a Chrome extension that hides all the metrics on Facebook. What are these metrics that it removes? The Facebook interface is filled with numbers.


    Facebook Demetricator icon

    Free Open Source Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • Twitter Demetricator

    Twitter Demetricator hides all the metrics on Twitter. Follower, like, and retweet counts all disappear.


    Twitter Demetricator icon

    Free Open Source Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • ShopToList

    A universal wishlist, think Pocket, but for Shopping. Add a product you want to buy, get notifications if the price drops.


    ShopToList icon

    Free Web Chrome Safari Firefox

  • My Hello Life

    A website intended to be set as the home on what the users browser, so that when the user opens a new tab or window, they will see up to 20 of their favorite sites.


    My Hello Life icon

    Free Web Chrome Safari Opera Brave Firefox

  • Cyclonis Password Manager

    Cyclonis Password Manager is a free, easy-to-use and cloud-storage solution to hand hundreds of website accounts and use unique, complex passwords for them. It stores, encrypts, and organizes usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data.


    Cyclonis Password Manager icon

    Free Mac Windows Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Firefox

  • Autopatchwork

    Automatically loads the next page and inserts into current page when you reach the end of the page. like AutoPagerize.


    Autopatchwork icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Opera

  • AutoPagerize

    A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages. AutoPagerize use in many web site, and provide efficiently web browsing.


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    Free Open Source Windows Chrome Safari Opera Greasemonkey Firefox


    Larder is for bookmarking things on the web you'll need again. It's perfect for curating lists of libraries, tools, and reference material. Trial everything for 14 days, buy a paid account if it fits your workflow.


    LARDER icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Chrome ... Safari Opera Firefox

  • RememBear

    The beautiful RememBear app is the easiest way to create, secure, and auto-fill really strong passwords across your devices. RememBear saves you time by logging you into websites and apps with just a few taps.


    RememBear icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Microsoft Edge Chrome ... Safari Firefox

  • View Source

    View Source is an app plus an iOS 8 Safari extension that makes it easy to do one key web developer task: view the HTML, JavaScript and CSS source of any web page, with beautiful and customisable syntax highlighting.


    View Source icon

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone iPad Safari