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  • Yuzu icon


    yuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra. It is written in C++ with portability in mind, with builds actively maintained for Windows, Linux and macOS.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • CleanBrowsing icon


    CleanBrowsing is a family and kid-safe way to browse the web without surprises. It Automatically blocks adult content, while still allowing Google, Youtube, Bing and the core of the web to load safely.


    Free Windows Linux Web iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Apple TV

  • Memories

    An image viewer for managing local image files.


    Free Open Source Linux

  • Melody icon


    A music player for listening to local music files, online radios, and Audio CD's.


    Free Open Source Linux

  • Cinema icon


    A video player for watching and managing local video files.


    Free Open Source Linux

  • ServerMX icon


    ServerMX is a fast, flexible, and reliable email platform designed for both businesses and individuals. It includes calendar and contact tools that sync to every device.


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  • RSQL icon


    RSQL is a simplified clone of MS SQL Server, and can execute simple TSQL scripts.


    Free Open Source Windows Linux

  • RestControl icon


    RestControl is modern and powerful framework for testing REST services. RestControl provides set of tools for describing HTTP requests and responses in expressive and elegant way.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • The LiveCD List icon

    The LiveCD List

    This site was created to help sort through the many LiveCDs available. It currently tracks LiveCDs, LiveDVDs, and LiveUSB operating systems. If you see anything that needs to be updated or changed, please email me at


    Free Linux Web BSD

  • Armor Paint icon

    Armor Paint

    Armor paint is a standalone software for 3d texture painting in PBR. It is entirely GPU based, and supports windows and linux.


    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Linux

  • Performance VC icon

    Performance VC

    Performance is designed to help you focus on the most important tasks. It lets you cooperate with your team and manage your tasks from almost any device. It's beautiful and very intuitive to use.


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  • JPPF icon


    The open source grid computing solution. JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android Java Mobile OpenJDK Solaris Java

  • qDslrDashboard icon


    qDslrDashboard is a cross platform application for controlling Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras. It uses the PTP and PTP/IP protocol to communicate with the connected DSLR camera.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Raspberry Pi

  • Kiwi TCMS icon

    Kiwi TCMS

    The leading open source test case management system, with a lot of great features, such as bug tracker integration, fast search, powerful access control and external API.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Docker

  • XTrackCAD

    XTrackCAD is a CAD program for designing model railroad layouts. You can easily create layout of any scale or size. Libraries for many brands of track and turnouts are included. Adding new components is easy with the built-in editor.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • ProWritingService icon


    Our company should be your first and only choice when thinking of getting professional help for your papers.


    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Windows Linux Android Chrome OS

  • SyWatchdog

    sys_watchdog keeps your *NIX servers green by performing periodic checks, service restarts and notifications.


    Free Open Source Windows Linux

  • DuplicateFilesDeleter

    Duplicate Files Deleter is a powerful tool to find and resolve duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3's, and more! Removing duplicates will also help to speed up indexing and reduces back up size and time.


    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • Bluetooth-Unlock

    Bluetooth-unlock is a python script that checks for your device periodically to check if you are there and if no connection is found, then your Linux Based Computer locks, then when the device is found it automatically unlock (Does not...


    Free Open Source Linux

  • Large Files Finder icon

    Large Files Finder

    Instantly find large files on hard drive. Free up disk space easily by deleting useless ones.


    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • usbkill

    « usbkill » is an anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer.


    Free Open Source Linux

  • Speedy Duplicate Finder icon

    Speedy Duplicate Finder

    Speedy Duplicate Finder is blazingly fast and intuitively simple duplicate file finder for Windows, Mac and Linux This tiny, flexible, hard-working tool will help you to find the duplicates in a simple click and free up gigabytes of...


    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • Sensei Format icon

    Sensei Format Makes using Blender easier by overhauling its interface & tools.


    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Blender

  • Nouveau icon


    Nouveau: Accelerated Open Source driver for nVidia cards The nouveau project aims to build high-quality, free/libre software drivers for nVidia cards.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • Ubuntu Touch

    Ubuntu Touch is the Ubuntu operating system for mobile phones originally created by Canonical and now developed by the UBports Community at .


    Free Open Source Linux Android