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KORONA is a point of sale software built for retailers, ticketing services, QSRs, and more. The software is fully customizable and cloud-based, making it a powerful and convenient solution for businesses of any size.



FilterJS is a node-based procedural texture generator, meaning that you will compose your filter, generator, or algorithm to make a texture ­– you name it – out of special...


Adventure Builder

The Adventure Builder is a tool that helps Dungeon Masters run Dungeon and Dragons campaigns.


Pixel Proof

Pixel Proof helps you make amazing pixel art and game sprites. The interface is clean and customizable, leaving your workflow smooth and focused.



ECoS is a modern fantasy console based around the solid foundation of an Entity-Component-System architecture (ECS).


NixNet DNS

Public anycast no-log DNS resolver that supports plaintext DNS, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.


Dialogue Designer

Dialogue Designer is a powerful (but easy to use) branching dialogue editor designed for story-driven games like RPGs and Visual Novels.



SEEVN is a visual novel engine (VNE) that allows artists and writers to bring dynamic stories with multiple paths to life, using an easy to understand scene node editor.



The ultimate planning, scheduling and automation technology stack is here - helping you save time and money.



gitin is a minimalist tool that lets you explore a git repository from the command line. You can search from commits, inspect individual files and changes in the commits.


Fping (open source)

fping is a program to send ICMP echo probes to network hosts, similar to ping, but much better performing when pinging multiple hosts.

  • Free • Open Source
  • Linux


JSplacement is a cross-platform pseudo-random 8K displacement map generator written in HTML and JS.


Server Wala

Dedicated servers, private and public clouds, virtual private servers, award-winning infrastructure virtualization, IP transit, and fanatical support help us to provide every customer with the platform that meets their every demand constantly.



Directly find customers with Clodura's AI-Powered B2B Lead generation Automation and Sales Intelligence platform, World's most advanced Customer Search Engine.



InfraNodus can visualize any research notes, ideas, texts, even the Google search results on a certain topic as a text network.


The Lakebed app allows you to quickly create data lakes, from any number of sources, for easy storage, permission management, and API access.

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Dot Browser

A privacy-centric web browser, with an elegant UI and a robust built-in ad blocker, all designed with anonymity in mind.Forget ads and trackers.


Cookie Quick Manager

An addon to manage cookies (view, search, create, edit, remove, backup, restore, protect from deletion and much more). Firefox 57+ is supported.



FoxyTab is a small extension that adds a great number of Tab related actions to the Tab Context Menu.

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Zoho Meeting

A one-stop solution for online meeting and webinar needs which work on the browser without any downloads. Host audio/video conferencing and screen/application sharing across devices. Suitable for small, medium and large enterprise organizations.



The core features of novelWriter are:



A cat(1) clone with wings.



VaccationTravel strive to bring forth exclusive offers via our easy & efficient booking system. Our Promise: Make travel affordable in the United States & Canada is fulfilled by booking cheap flights and offering the best hotels.



AppImage applications for Linux without installation.

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  • Free • Open Source
  • Linux


OpenEBS is an open source storage platform that provides persistent and containerized block storage for DevOps andcontainer environments.

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