• Color Thief

    Grab the color palette from an image. Uses Javascript and the canvas tag to make it happen.


    Free Open Source Web JavaScript

  • iWantHue icon


    Colors for data scientists. Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors.


    Free Open Source Web JavaScript

  • Micron.js icon


    A [µ] micro interaction library built with CSS Animations and controlled by JavaScript Power.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted CSS JavaScript

  • Visitors.guru icon


    With Visitors.guru, you can see which companies visited your site . You just need to put a JS code on webpage and you get the details to make a warm sales connection.


    Freemium $ $ $ Web JavaScript

  • Enonic XP icon

    Enonic XP

    Historically, software platform vendors have created lock-ins for customers that building on their stacks. Open source has provided greater freedom and reduced investments for applications projects.


    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux JavaScript Docker Java

  • Kefir icon


    Kefir — is a Reactive Programming library for JavaScript inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS, with focus on high performance and low memory usage.


    Free Open Source Web JavaScript

  • Element UI icon

    Element UI

    Element, a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted CSS JavaScript Vue.js

  • Skygear Chat icon

    Skygear Chat

    Skygear Chat is an open-source chat backend that provides Chat SDKs (iOS, Android and JS) and messaging APIs for developers to build or add chat feature quick. .


    Freemium Mac OS X Android iPhone Apple Swift JavaScript Java Objective-C

  • Dat icon


    Dat is the non-profit, secure, and distributed package manager for data. Dat can be used to version data locally, or to share and sync data over the internet.


    Free Open Source Mac OS X Linux Electron / Atom Shell JavaScript

  • jsPlumb

    Built on the open source project jsPlumb, the Toolkit unifies several years of experience of what you need to build applications fast. Concentrate only on what makes your application unique.


    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux JavaScript

  • Selectr

    A lightweight dependency-free select box replacement written in vanilla JavaScript. Similar to Select2 and Chosen without the dependencies.


    Free Open Source Web JavaScript

  • Picross puzzle generator icon

    Picross puzzle generator

    Play the classic game of Picross and generate your own random puzzle with this web-based Picross puzzle generator implemented via JavaScript.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • BudgetSMS.net icon


    High quality and cheap SMS gateway with coverage of 900+ operators worldwide. ? Worldwide coverage ? Free testing ? Great pricing ? Easy HTTP(s) API


    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Windows Mobile Chrome OS Windows RT Self-Hosted ... C (programming language) C# JavaScript PHP C++ Java Objective-C

  • OpenUI5 icon


    OpenUI5 is an open source JavaScript UI library, maintained by SAP and available under the Apache 2.0 license.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted JSON JavaScript jQuery

  • Random Password Generator

    This free tool generates a random 16-character password for you. It does this with only JavaScript in your browser and does not save anything to our server.


    Free Web JavaScript

  • melonJS icon


    melonJS is an open source HTML5 game engine that empowers developers and designers to focus on content.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • artoo.js icon


    artoo.js is a piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser's console to provide you with some scraping utilities.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Chrome JavaScript Node.JS

  • mermaid

    An easy tool for generating diagrams and flowcharts from text in a similar manner as markdown.


    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted JavaScript Node.JS

  • Moesif icon


    Log and analyze HTTP requests. Makes debugging REST APIs and integrated apps easier.


    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Android SDK Ruby C# Python .NET Framework ... iOS JavaScript Django Go (Programming Language) Java Node.JS

  • EaselJS icon


    Part of the CreateJS group of libraries, EaselJS provides straight forward solutions for working with rich graphics and interactivity with HTML5 Canvas.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted JavaScript GitHub

  • PixiJS icon


    PixiJS is an advanced, mature HTML5 creation engine with a fast and flexible 2D WebGL renderer. FEATURES - Interactive, visually compelling content on desktop, mobile and beyond, all reached with a single code base.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • Tetris on a plane icon

    Tetris on a plane

    Tetris-on-a-plane is a simple HTML-based version of Tetris that requires no dependencies. It was built on a plane, as an exercise in getting things done.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • Howler.js icon


    Howler.js is a JavaScript API for the modern web, to make working with audio simple and reliable on all platforms.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • UnitJS icon


    Unit.js is an assertion library for Javascript, running on Node.js and the browser. It works with any test runner and unit testing framework like Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, protractor (E2E test framework for Angular apps), QUnit, ... and more.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted JavaScript

  • SocketCluster icon


    SocketCluster is an open source realtime WebSocket framework for Node.js. SC supports both direct client-server communication (like Socket.io) and group communication via pub/sub channels.


    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux JavaScript Node.JS