• Commercetools

    eCommerce solution offering a flexible API, built on modern microservice-based architecture.


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    Commercial Web C# Apple Swift JavaScript PHP Java Node.JS

  • Split

    Split’s feature experimentation platform helps businesses to make smarter product decisions by giving teams the ability to perform controlled rollout via feature flags and analyze features in production.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Android SDK Ruby C# Python .NET Framework Apple Swift JavaScript ... Django PHP Go (Programming Language) C++ Ruby on Rails Java Node.JS Objective-C

  • RipMe

    The RipMe App is a program to automatically download complete image albums online, from an ever-growing list of sites, including Imgur, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and more, including numerous adult image hosts.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Java

  • re7zip

    re7zip is based on the functions of 7zip and it meant to allow users to download archive files, even if the archive is remotely stored.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train lets you manage feature flags and remote config across web, mobile and server side applications. Deliver true Continuous Integration. Get builds out faster. Control who has access to new features. We're 100% Open Source.


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    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted React JavaScript React Native Java

  • H2O.ai

    H2O is an open source, in-memory, distributed, fast, and scalable machine learning and predictive analytics platform that allows you to build machine learning models on big data and provides easy productionalization of those models in...


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Java

  • DeNoise

    An application for reducing broad-band noise, such as hiss, rumble, and hum in uncompressed audio files such as .wav format.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Book Scan Wizard

    A utility to help with Book scanning using cameras as a scanner. It will automate things such as cropping, rotating, fixing keystoning, fixing the DPI, and outputing it to tiff files that can be changed into PDF's or ebooks.


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    Free Open Source Windows Linux Java

  • ClickRepair

    Software for removing pops, clicks, and crackle from .wav files when digitizing records.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Equalizer

    Equalizer is an application to assist when capturing and restoring audio from gramophone records whose equalization and/or speed does not match your equipment.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Beekeeper Labs CrossFire

    CrossFire is a Java based tool for creating professional crossword puzzles. Advanced features: - Fully interactive grid fill.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Cityographer

    Cityographer lets you instantly create a city map and details (residents, store inventories & prices, etc.) You can have the program do it all in one step, or run it in a step-by-step fashion and edit the map and details as you go.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Chronix

    Chronix natively speaks time series. You can store nearly every kind of data type within a time series due to its flexible design. You decide what a time series looks like. Check out the documentation of Chronix.


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    Free Open Source Linux Self-Hosted Java

  • Apache NiFi

    Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted Java

  • Myblox Emulator

    Myblox Emulator brings Android 1.1 to Android 9.0 Beta to the table with official downloads from dl.google.


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    Free Windows Java Motti.NET (Programming Language)

    • Discontinued Myblox Emulator is Discontinued see more here: https://myblox.github.io/index.html
  • JPPF

    The open source grid computing solution. JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android Java Mobile OpenJDK Solaris Java

  • Google Assistant SDK

    Google Assistant SDK allows for Google Assistant to be installed on other devices other than Google Home.


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    Free Web C# Python Go (Programming Language) Ruby on Rails Java Node.JS

  • WorldGuard - Minecraft Plugin

    WorldGuard is a powerful plugin with a large bag of tricks for server owners, server map makers, regular survival servers, and everyone in between!.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Minecraft Server Spigot Minecraft OpenJDK ... Bukkit Java

  • WorldEdit - Minecraft MOD

    WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game Minecraft map editor. Through a combination of commands and "brushes," you can sculpt your world or simply perform numerous terraforming tasks.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Minecraft Forge Minecraft Server Spigot Minecraft ... OpenJDK Bukkit Java

  • Orebfuscator

    This plugin is used to counter X-RAY client mods, texture packs, chest radar, and other similar exploits It modifies data that are sent to clients to hide blocks of your choice, such as ore, chests, dungeons, etc.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Spigot Minecraft Bukkit ... Java

  • OpenInv

    Open anyone's inventory as a chest in real time! Works with offline players! Open ender chest of any player via command! Has read-only permissions for Moderators on your server you don't fully trust! (This is a Minecraft Bukkit...


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Minecraft Server Spigot Minecraft OpenJDK Bukkit ... Java

  • LOGBack

    Logback is intended as a successor to the popular log4j project, picking up where log4j leaves off.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Java

  • Sakki's Client Essentials (SCE)

    Sakki's Client Essentials are plugins for Minecraft Servers and Client's.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Minecraft Forge Spigot Sponge Minecraft ... Bukkit Java

  • Hydra by DataSecs

    Hydra is built upon Netty. It is supposed to simplify the process of socket setup in Java. Hydra is a lightweight library that is supposed to help the developer. Hydra is designed to be an easy and fast library.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android Java Mobile Java

  • Coconut

    Coconut - Outsource video transcoding for Web, Mobile and TV projects with just a few lines of code.


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    Freemium Web Ruby Python .NET Framework PHP Go (Programming Language) Java Node.JS