• BuildStore

    Builds.io is the independent store for iOS apps. Install apps without Jailbreak and Cydia


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    Commercial iPhone iPad iOS

  • Exstensify

    iOS tweak store without Jailbreak.


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    Commercial iPhone iPad iOS

  • Niice

    Get everyone on board: Gather, share and discuss ideas with your team. No noise. Just the good stuff. No clip art, no ‘Like this!’ or ’Share that!’… Just beautiful, inspiring design from hand-picked sources.


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    Freemium Web Chrome iOS Safari

  • Moesif

    Log and analyze HTTP requests. Makes debugging REST APIs and integrated apps easier.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android SDK Ruby C# Python .NET Framework ... iOS JavaScript Django Go (Programming Language) Java Node.JS

  • iTimeapp

    Secure cloud admin to track your employees, subcontractors and even your visitors.


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    Free iPhone iPad Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud iOS

  • GlycoLeap

    GlycoLeap combines expert human coaching with mobile technology to empower people with, or at-risk of, Type 2 diabetes to live a healthier life: lower blood sugar levels and weight loss.


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    Freemium Web Android iPhone iOS

  • Hyperkey

    Hyperkey adds never-seen-before social functionality to mobile chat. Users can now discover all visual expressions (Gifs, Stickers etc.) sent by their friends and people around the world.


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    Free Web Android iPhone iOS

  • Vuforia

    A more powerful way to engage, leading global brands use the Vuforia mobile vision platform to deliver unique, entertaining and interactive mobile experiences that transform the way users see and use brand apps.


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    Commercial Windows Linux iOS Android Windows Phone

  • Fifome

    Fifome is a social media hub to ask for help to find products online or offline.You want something but don’t know what to buy? Just ask for help.


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    Free Web iPhone iPad iOS

  • gootli

    Gootli - concierge for tours,activities,attraction. Watch short recorded videos of local tours & activities and book them at amazing last minute deals.


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    Free iPhone iPad iOS

    • Discontinued The app has been removed from the store
  • M1 Finance

    M1 Finance is a first-of-its-kind automated investment platform that lets people create, organize, and automate an investment portfolio. A user selects their investments and specifies the percentage of money that goes into each.


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    Commercial Web Android iPhone iOS

  • Phone Cleaner

    Phone Cleaner is a FREE application to cleanup storage on your iPhone. Phone Cleaner finds and removes the largest photos and videos in storage as well as photos you've saved to your Mac and do not need to keep on your iPhone.


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    Free Mac iOS Mac

  • Pooch Inc.

    Pooch, is developing a dog training mobile app to help new dog owners build a stress free and long lasting relationship with their pets by better understanding the fundamental of humane dog training principles.


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    Freemium iPhone iOS

  • Donald Drumpf

    LUMPSUCKER STUDIOS takes classic arcade games and twists them into political satire that gives voters a fun way to engage with elections and the news around them.


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    Free iPhone iPad iOS

  • Netkillui

    A tweak for jailbroken idevices that does arp spoofing. See reddit page for info on use.


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    Free iPhone iPad iOS

  • Pitchronome

    Pitchronome - Tuner, metronome, and drone. Be in tune, be in time, be in demand. Minimalistic one-screen interface with simultaneous drone and metronome playback (with individual volume controls).


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    Commercial Web iPhone iPad iOS

  • PiSight

    PiMoney is a personal financial management tool that securely consolidates your financial data and helps you see a complete picture of your finances.


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    Free Web Android iOS

  • Peekshare

    Share more than Hello, share photos and send messages in a fun, private, addicting way.


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    Freemium iPhone iOS

  • MDacne

    MDacne mobile application uses image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) for the assessment, treatment monitoring and user engagement of people with Acne.


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    Free iPhone iOS

  • free Scientific Calculator

    free Scientific Calculator is one application for all of your devices. It will be useful for everyday and complicated arithmetic calculations. We wish you convenient operation and easy calculations. Specifications.


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    Free iPhone iPad iOS

  • Synopsis

    Synopsis is a PDF reader + notes + flashcard. FEATURES * A simple Intuitive reader. Highlight and create notes from the Reader. * Automatically create Flashcards from all your highlighted notes.


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    Freemium iPhone iPad iOS

  • LifeResolve

    LifeResolve is a unique mobile problem solving app on IOS and ANDROID designed for users to get real solutions to immediate life related problems and build authentic connections with helpful people, in complete anonymity.


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    Free Android iPhone iOS

  • Be – Career Discovery

    Discover what you want to Be! "Be - Career Discovery" is the fun way to discover your future career. See a career you like? Swipe right! Or swipe left to pass.


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    Free iPhone iOS

  • Finagle

    Hi. I'm David, I created this app to introduce new and cool products in a fun way. It's called Finagle. And its purpose is to simply give stuff away.


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    Free Android iPhone iOS

  • qplum

    qplum is a service that puts you in control of your investments, where we believe smart investing is a mix of strategies rather than product choices. Using quantitative methods and technology, fearless investing is possible.


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    Commercial Web iPhone iOS