• BuildStore

    Builds.io is the independent store for iOS apps. Install apps without Jailbreak and Cydia


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  • giflayer API

    The giflayer API was built to provide a powerful and simple way to perform Video to GIF Conversion at an unparalleled speed and a quality of up to 30 FPS (Frames per Second), supporting all major video portals (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, ..


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  • GigRev

    GigRev builds private social media apps for artist, bands and celebrities with many of the features of other social networks but ownership of data belonging to the artist.


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  • Knowee

    Business cards are great. Not only do they carry important data, they also project a look and feel through their design, paper type, color, thickness, texture, etc. However, they don't quite fit in our digital world.


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  • M1 Finance

    M1 Finance is a first-of-its-kind automated investment platform that lets people create, organize, and automate an investment portfolio. A user selects their investments and specifies the percentage of money that goes into each.


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  • Bound

    Experience prose fiction on mobile from top authors via short episodes with in-depth companion material and integrated community features.


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  • Localise

    Localise.io helps you manage localisation of iOS and Android applications without resubmitting it to the App Store or Google Play. It also helps you to add new languages and correct translations remotely.


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  • Driplr

    Dripler offers a new and innovative way to stay up to date with your Twitter timeline. Never miss a tweet and stay focused on what deserves your attention.


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  • Finagle

    Hi. I'm David, I created this app to introduce new and cool products in a fun way. It's called Finagle. And its purpose is to simply give stuff away.


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  • qplum

    qplum is a service that puts you in control of your investments, where we believe smart investing is a mix of strategies rather than product choices. Using quantitative methods and technology, fearless investing is possible.


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  • SnapHunt

    SnapHunt is a platform designed to help streamline the process of finding and interacting with high quality content on Snapchat.


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  • FastAccess Anywhere

    FastAccess recognizes and tracks your face continuously to securely & automatically enter website passwords and dramatically reduce logging in with a password.


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  • LogbookHQ

    LogbookHQ allows small business people, contractors, freelancers, sales people, or anyone who has to use a car for work purposes to be able to record their trips and expenses against their vehicle(s).


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  • Everytap

    Everytap lets users enjoy their time out more by rewarding them for visits and orders at favorite entertainment venues. It drives foot traffic at physical locations and boosts loyalty as well as volume of transactions.


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  • Niice

    Get everyone on board: Gather, share and discuss ideas with your team. No noise. Just the good stuff. No clip art, no ‘Like this!’ or ’Share that!’… Just beautiful, inspiring design from hand-picked sources.


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  • gootli

    Gootli - concierge for tours,activities,attraction. Watch short recorded videos of local tours & activities and book them at amazing last minute deals.


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    • Discontinued The app has been removed from the store
  • Swifticons

    Swifticons is a remarkable premium set of 2104 high quality icons, capable of covering 19 wide categories in 4 editable styles: outlined, filled, colored & flat. Swifticons is used by creatives, designers and developers.


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  • GlycoLeap

    GlycoLeap combines expert human coaching with mobile technology to empower people with, or at-risk of, Type 2 diabetes to live a healthier life: lower blood sugar levels and weight loss.


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  • Vuforia

    A more powerful way to engage, leading global brands use the Vuforia mobile vision platform to deliver unique, entertaining and interactive mobile experiences that transform the way users see and use brand apps.


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    Commercial Windows Linux iOS Android Windows Phone

  • Donald Drumpf

    LUMPSUCKER STUDIOS takes classic arcade games and twists them into political satire that gives voters a fun way to engage with elections and the news around them.


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  • ScreenMeet

    Screenmeet lets you screen share your desktop or mobile to any device, Instantly. Participants join in 1 Click and do NOT need to download any software to join the meeting.


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  • Recharge

    Consume living space for exactly the time you need. You can control your check-in and checkout time. Business travelers, commuters and conference attendees love our service.


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  • Peekshare

    Share more than Hello, share photos and send messages in a fun, private, addicting way.


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  • Betera

    Welcome to the menu revolution! Betera is Instagram for restaurant menus. Today’s restaurant menus are like Amazon without any product photos, printed on stained paper.


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  • Kmunic8 Messenger

    Kmunic8 allows you to send message to your contacts in a variety of mediums at the same time. With a single message you can make a voice phone call (text to speech), send an SMS, or deliver an email.


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