• Highlights by Learning Paths

    "Highlights by Learning Paths" chrome extension helps you organise your content across the internet. Highlight, Tag and add notes to relevant content across the internet.


    Highlights by Learning Paths icon

    Free Web Chrome OS Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Keyboard.cool

    Emoji and symbol keyboard with search, optimized for maximum speed. Available as an extension and a standalone website.


    Keyboard.cool icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Beatnik

    Beatnik is a service that aggregates links for music streaming services given a song or album. It's available directly online or through Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.


    Beatnik icon

    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox

  • Livespace CRM

    Livespace is a next-gen process focused CRM, the perfect choice for B2B sales teams. It's intuitive, fully customizable and has hundreds of integrations available.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Android iPhone iPad Chrome

  • Free Screencast Recording for Gmail

    Free video screencast recording right from Gmail. It captures your voice, and anything you want to show that's on your screen. It uploads directly as a link in your Gmail to your screencast video.


    Free Screencast Recording for Gmail icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Extensions switcher

    Menu for quick extensions coMenu for quick extensions control Simple extension manager. This extension allow quick enable/disable other extensiosns. To create a new group, drag the icon for an extension up abroad, the current group.


    Extensions switcher icon

    Free Windows Chrome

  • Simplify Gmail

    WHO MADE THIS? Simplify was made by me, Michael Leggett, with some help from friends. I was Gmail's lead designer from 2008 to 2012 and co-founded Google Inbox.


    Simplify Gmail icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome

  • FindMyInvoice

    FindMyInvoice is a free Gmail extension that saves you time by organizing and tracking incoming invoices, bills, and statements. FindMyInvoice ensures your documents are saved and organized - automatically.


    FindMyInvoice icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Download manager by madapps

    Features: 1. nice, clean interface to easily access and view info of your downloads in a popup. 2. right click menu for every action on download item(see screenshot). 3. Search your downloads as soon as you start typing. 4.


    Download manager by madapps icon

    Free Open Source Windows Chrome

  • Copy as Markdown

    Copy web elements to your system clipboard, pre-formatted for compliance with Markdown syntax.


    Copy as Markdown icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Firefox

  • Augmented Steam

    Improve your browsing and shopping experience at Steam with many features and quality of life improvements! This browser extension is based on Enhanced Steam.


    Augmented Steam icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • Best Tools

    Extension for Google Chrome with the best online tools for SEO, web development and design. I frequently update this extension to include the best resources to increase productivity and save time.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome OS Chrome

  • Language Learning with Netflix

    Netflix can be a great study resource for intermediate and advanced learners, but there are some difficulties (poor subs, no translations, dialogues go by too quickly etc.).


    Language Learning with Netflix icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Hello Goodbye

    Hate running over all these little "Can I help you widgets", with little red badges, chat bubbles popping up, that you just don't need 99% of the time? This free add on frees up your screen from those.


    Hello Goodbye icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome uBlock Origin Adblock Plus Firefox

  • Super Simple Auto Refresh

    Simplest way to automatically reload and refresh webpages with custom time interval in just one-click.


    Super Simple Auto Refresh icon

    Free Windows Chrome

  • Givero

    Givero is the search engine that cares. It shares its revenue with the charities you choose, so you can support your favorite cause simply by searching.


    Givero icon

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome Firefox

  • Offline QR Code Generator/Editor

    This Simple Chrome Extension (Clean UI with no Author or other links) allows you to get the QR image for the current Tab URL. You click the extension icon and then you will get the QR image. Simple as that, no deep shit.


    Offline QR Code Generator/Editor icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Chromium

  • Haystack

    Haystack helps you make the most of your time, by searching all your cloud files, documents and browser history in one place. It's been built for privacy from the ground up, so your data isn't stored on a server, just your computer.


    Haystack icon

    Free Personal $ $ $ Web Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Protect IID

    Learn to Protect your Internet Identity. Single-use email address is a generated email address that is used only once when signing up for a service.


    Protect IID icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • I hate mailto

    Whenever you click on an email link, this Chrome & Firefox extension will copy the email address on to your clipboard & block the email client from annoyingly interrupting you.


    I hate mailto icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome Firefox

  • YouTube Time Tracker

    Open source, privacy first extension that tracks time you spent watching YouTube™.


    YouTube Time Tracker icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome

  • Textly.ai

    AI-based writing assistant for any purpose. Giving context-appropriate recommendations, Textly makes your sentences as clean as a whistle.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Web Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Firefox