• Smart Referer

    Send referers only when staying on the same domain. You can whitelist domains with wildcards and configure other things, look in the preferences page of the addon in the addon manager.


    Smart Referer icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • Adict

    This extension allows you to easily look up a phrase in English or Polish holding ALT and double clicking. You can choose one of the three available dictionaries: dictionary.com (EN), merriam-webster.com (EN) and diki.pl (EN/PL).


    Adict icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Chromium Firefox

  • TwoSeven

    Web application that enables people to watch the same thing at the same time across the globe while interacting via video and text. Currently supports Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vimeo, Crunchyroll, etc.


    TwoSeven icon

    Free Web Chrome Firefox

  • Nimbus Clipper

    Web Clipper that works! The easiest way to clip text, pics, links, email and pdf from internet pages and save them. Save and share any things you find on the Web: text, images, links, articles, pdf and upload them all to Nimbus account.


    Nimbus Clipper icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Android Android Tablet Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Handy Screenshot

    An easy tool for taking screenshots (full screen / visible part / selected by yourself).


    Handy Screenshot icon

    Free Web Chrome Firefox

  • Facebook Container

    This extension helps you control more of your web activity from Facebook by isolating your identity into a separate container.


    Facebook Container icon

    Free Open Source Web Facebook Firefox

  • Greenlight Ultimate

    Free web hosting with cPanel, Softaculous, FTP, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited disk space. Available free for personal and commercial usage. Special offers available for students and educators.


    Greenlight Ultimate icon

    Free Web Internet Explorer Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Prod — a thoughtful to-do list

    Prod blocks websites you waste time on and unblocks them once you've finished your to-do list. That's the basic premise of Prod, but it has other ways of gently nudging you to be productive.


    Prod — a thoughtful to-do list icon

    Free Web Chrome OS Chrome Firefox

  • Web Developer Checklist

    Analyses any web page for violations of best practices For web developers who wants to make sure they follow best practices. This extension allows you to very easily discover problem areas in your website.


    Web Developer Checklist icon

    Free Open Source Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Firefox

  • Passman

    Open Source Password Manager. Passman allows you to host your passwords and credentials on your own Nextcloud or ownCloud instance. The encryption is done on the client and server side with AES256 bit encryption.


    Passman icon

    Free Open Source Web Android Chrome OS Firefox

  • Gomovies.ink

    GoMovies - is the best alternative for 123Movies to Watch movies online for free. Discover thousands of the latest movies online in high quality 1080P.


    Gomovies.ink icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Chrome Safari Firefox

  • History Search

    History Search remembers what's on all those websites you visit so you can find them again. History Search uses browser extensions to index the text on webpages when you visit them.


    History Search icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • UTM Stripper

    Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) tokens from URL query strings.


    UTM Stripper icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Firefox

  • Neat URL

    Neat URL cleans URLs, removing parameters such as Google Analytics' utm parameters.


    Neat URL icon

    Free Open Source Web Vivaldi Browser Chrome Firefox

  • Untrack Me

    Removes the part of the URLs that is used to track you on the web Would you want someone following you around your home, grocery store, work, friend's house, local bar and anywhere else you fancy going? That's exactly...


    Untrack Me icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • Aria2 Download Manager Integration

    Replace built-in download manager. When activated, detects the download links to direct links to this add-on and send to Aria2.


    Aria2 Download Manager Integration icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • EdgeManage

    The EdgeManage application is all about managing your Edge favorites. Compatibility with others internet browsers.


    Free Windows Microsoft Edge Vivaldi Browser Chrome Yandex.Browser Opera Firefox

  • Advanced URL Catalog

    Advanced URL Catalog is a complete bookmark management solution that will allow you to create, edit, import / export, organize bookmarks, synchronize, remove duplicates and validate your favorite Internet pages.


    Advanced URL Catalog icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game

    «Cubemon 3D» is a role -playing class of high - freedom exploration pet grab adventure mobile game All 3D visual scene, More than 200 original Monster, up to 300 different move type consistent, mutual restraint.


    Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game icon

    Free Android iPhone iPad Chrome Facebook Gmail Firefox

  • CanvasBlocker

    This add-on allows users to prevent websites from using the Javascript <canvas> API to fingerprint them.


    CanvasBlocker icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • Download Virus Checker

    Download Virus Checker provides automatic check for all your downloads through 68 online anti-virus solutions. Basically the extension sends your download link to VirusTotal service and wait for its response.


    Download Virus Checker icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome Opera Firefox

  • Tab Auto Refresh

    Tab Auto Refresh is a multi-browser addon that helps you automatically reload tabs of your choice. In order to operate with this addon, please open toolbar popup UI while you are visiting a website. Adjust time interval in seconds (i.e.


    Tab Auto Refresh icon

    Free Windows Chrome Opera Firefox

  • VPN Master

    "Private Network Master" is a browser extension to route all the browser traffic through an external server.


    VPN Master icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Vivaldi Browser Chrome Opera Chromium Firefox

  • Memex

    Memex is a productivity tool for knowledge workers like students, academics, journalists and entrepreneurs.


    Memex icon

    Freemium Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS Self-Hosted Vivaldi Browser Chrome ... Firefox

  • LingoDream

    LingoDream makes language learning easy & fun. LingoDream enables you to read any foreign text that interests you as if it were in your native language.


    LingoDream icon

    Freemium Web Chrome Firefox