• Beatnik

    Beatnik is a service that aggregates links for music streaming services given a song or album. It's available directly online or through Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.


    Beatnik icon

    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted Chrome Firefox

  • Copy as Markdown

    Copy web elements to your system clipboard, pre-formatted for compliance with Markdown syntax.


    Copy as Markdown icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Firefox

  • Cloud Firewall

    Block connections to sites, pages and web resources hosted in major cloud services if the user wishes to do so.


    Cloud Firewall icon

    Free Open Source Web Firefox

  • Augmented Steam

    Improve your browsing and shopping experience at Steam with many features and quality of life improvements! This browser extension is based on Enhanced Steam.


    Augmented Steam icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • Gecko

    Gecko is the name of the layout engine developed by the Mozilla Project. Gecko's function is to render web content, such as HTML, CSS, XUL, JavaScript, and render it on the user's screen or print it.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Firefox OS Fire TV Firefox

  • Hello Goodbye

    Hate running over all these little "Can I help you widgets", with little red badges, chat bubbles popping up, that you just don't need 99% of the time? This free add on frees up your screen from those.


    Hello Goodbye icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome uBlock Origin Adblock Plus Firefox

  • Givero

    Givero is the search engine that cares. It shares its revenue with the charities you choose, so you can support your favorite cause simply by searching.


    Givero icon

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome Firefox

  • I hate mailto

    Whenever you click on an email link, this Chrome & Firefox extension will copy the email address on to your clipboard & block the email client from annoyingly interrupting you.


    I hate mailto icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Chrome Firefox

  • Textly.ai

    AI-based writing assistant for any purpose. Giving context-appropriate recommendations, Textly makes your sentences as clean as a whistle.


    Textly.ai icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Firefox

  • Magic Animations CSS3

    CSS3 Animations with special effects.


    Magic Animations CSS3 icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Safari Opera Firefox

  • Dissenter

    Dissenter is the comment section of the internet. It creates a digital public square on every URL. Leave your own comments and discover what others have commented in the past.


    Dissenter icon

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Brave Chromium Firefox

  • Gitpod

    Whether you just want to fix a bug, have code to review or feel like trying something new on GitHub, Gitpod beams you right into a ready-to-code dev environment with a single click. GitHub is where you start.


    Gitpod icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Chrome GitHub Firefox

  • Forget Me Not

    Make the browser forget website data like cookies, local storage, etc, except for the data you want to keep by adding domains to a whitelist, graylist, blacklist, or redlist.


    Forget Me Not icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • nuu

    NUU is to be an open-source (massive) multiplayer game of space trade and combat. NUU is heavily inspired by Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity. It's excellent open-source cousin naev currently lends NUU it's assets.


    nuu icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome Node.JS Chromium Firefox

  • Swift Selection Search

    Swiftly access your search engines in a popup panel when you select text in a webpage. Context menu also included!.


    Swift Selection Search icon

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox

  • Veruv

    Take a certified snapshot of any site and share it as a short url. What can you verify? Proof of identity, email transcript, game stats, website analytics, private messages, online receipt, finances...


    Veruv icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • BlockTube

    BlockTube gives you the control over what content you see on YouTube. Now you can easily get rid of those annoying videos or channels that keeps popping up by YouTube's algorithm.


    BlockTube icon

    Free Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • Media Bias Fact Check

    Media Bias/Fact Check (MBFC News) is an independent online media outlet. MBFC is dedicated to educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices.


    Media Bias Fact Check icon

    Free Web Vivaldi Browser Chrome Firefox

  • ShadowFox

    This project aims at creating a universal dark theme for Firefox while adhering to the modern design principles set by Mozilla.


    ShadowFox icon

    Free Open Source Windows Firefox

  • Social Reply

    'Social Reply' is an intelligent social media comment management tool, where you can reply to all comments, tweets and mentions, private messages from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in one single platform!.


    Social Reply icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Web Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox

  • NewsGuard

    NewsGuard uses journalism to fight unreliable news. Our trained analysts, who are experienced journalists, research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trustworthy--and which ones aren't.


    NewsGuard icon

    Free Web Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Firefox

  • MP3 Converter

    Pure JavaScript MP3 converter to encode media files into MP3 format This extension adds a button to the toolbar area which brings up the actual conversion tool.


    Free Open Source Web Chrome Firefox

  • OneTab Pro

    Too many tabs? Take control of your browser tabs. OneTab Pro is a simple 1-click tab manager that also saves you up to 95% memory! Browser the web smoothly by suspending your Chrome browser sessions with 1-click.


    OneTab Pro icon

    Free Web Chrome OS Chrome Firefox