• keystarter

    keystarter automation software. you can make a set of 3d button icons with keystroke command scripts and create your own popup menus - clipboards or virtual keyboards.


    keystarter icon

    Freemium Windows AutoHotkey

  • Scratchpad (AutoHotkey software)

    Scratchpad is a quick-and-dirty note-taking tool with a minimum of frills, meant to show up when you need it and get out of the way when you don't.


    Free Open Source Windows AutoHotkey

  • Buttoncommander

    Windows Toolbar Creator and Launcher Software, With Buttoncommander you can Automate True Toolbars any sort of Computer Movements.


    Buttoncommander icon

    Commercial Windows AutoHotkey

  • PlainPaste

    PlainPaste is a simple app to let you paste copied text without formatting in Windows. Simple press Ctrl-V once to paste regularly, or twice fast to paste as text. It's available as an AutoHotkey script or executable file.


    PlainPaste icon

    Free Windows AutoHotkey

  • AutoHotTools/Keynav

    AutoHotKey script that emulates keynav on Linux. It represents a really practical alternative to mouse point and click operations (contrary to the highly unsatisfactory accessibility options offered by the OS).


    Free Open Source Windows AutoHotkey