• Jeeng

    Jeeng is an AI powered push notification service. It analyzes your content and sends notifications to relevant users without human intervention!.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Short1.link

    This service is completely free and gives you a short URL that you can remember and nice statistics about the link views.


    Free Web Android

  • inBio

    Do you have this problem with the possibility of only one link on your profile? Create an account on our website or download our app and you will find a solution.


    Free Web Android

  • Tents and Trees Puzzles

    Place a tent next to each tree in this original puzzle game! Numbers around the grid tell you how many tents must be placed on each row and column. Be careful, tents can't touch each other.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • FastHub

    Yet another open-source GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub was built from scratch.


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    Free Open Source Android

  • Recur: EMOM (Interval) Alarm Timer

    A customizable EMOM (Recurring Interval Alarm) Timer for fitness/WOD, scheduling productivity breaks at home and school, and more!.


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    Free Android

  • BlackBerry Messenger Enterprise

    BBM Enterprise enterprise messenger offers faster communication, collaboration and decision making while providing enhanced security over corporate data.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Blackberry 10

  • FinClock Attendance Software

    Best attendance software for office and fieldworkers. Includes attendance management, Project and tasks management as well as requests management.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Android Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • WifiMouse

    WifiMouse is an Android app designed and created by Logan Krumbhaar, a programmer living in Pennsylvania. The app allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your computer.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android

  • Vodlix

    Launch Your Own OTT Service with Vodlix’s ultimate white-label, video on-demand (VOD), video encoding, streaming and monetization solution.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple TV Software as a Service (SaaS) Fire TV ... Roku Chromecast

  • Crushify : Meet Chat & Date

    Meet people online and start a romance no matter who or what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Whether it’s casual dating or marriage, Crushify can help you find someone special.


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    Free Android

  • Freshteam

    Freshteam is an applicant tracking system that helps you streamline your recruiting process and find your best hires more efficiently.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Cx File Explorer

    File manager with a clean interface to provide easier management of files.


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    Free Android

  • Android GPS to SMS

    Download Android Gps to Sms for free. Android Phone app that sends your GPS location in a SMS to a recipient.


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    Free Open Source Android

  • GoWatch4U

    Now we have a tendency to square measure listing offers from Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX, Playstation within the us.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone Android Tablet

  • VPN Hothub

    VPN Hothub is your first-class free Vpn to that original ideal of a fully secure and private internet. It is the most reliable, most powerful & most secure VPN service in existence. Right on!.


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    Free Android

  • Adamant Messenger

    A top-notch anonymous MESSENGER encrypted in blockchain.


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    Free Open Source Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Q-municate

    The open-source cross-platform video calling and instant messaging app from QuickBlox.


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    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • 3dEYE

    3dEYE features an industry-grade cloud-based user interface, a management dashboard to monitor installations and billing online in one place, deep machine learning and data mining analytics with license plate recognition & speed...


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    Commercial Web Android iPhone iPad Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Apps Apk Market

    Apps Apk Market is not only about downloading genuine apk files but it is more of a platform for Android Developers and Users where they can join our community and start working with us and help each other grow and attain new heights in...


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    Free Web Android Chrome OS Android Tablet Android Wear

  • SnapMusical

    Easiest way to create effective videos stories that automatically sync with the music or your voice, all in real-time!.


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    Freemium Android

  • Send files to TV

    Send files to tv is a simple application to connect your Smart Tv android, your android mobile device and your personal computer.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Chrome OS Android Tablet Fire TV Roku

  • JustLift

    Log workouts on your iPhone! JustLift is a simple, feature packed workout app that makes logging workouts a breeze. The builder makes it easy to create routines from over 1000 exercises.


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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Lasso

    Lasso makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun filters and effects. Follow creators, search hashtags, discover popular viral video trends and join in by putting your own spin on them.


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    Free Android iPhone

  • Raply

    Raply is a rap maker community for those who want to express their talent and improve their rapping skills. Raply provides an online rap studio where you can record your own rap video with beats, freestyle and autotune it.


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    Freemium Android