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  • WebAssembly Studio

    WebAssembly.Studio is an online IDE (integrated development environment) for learning, teaching and facilitating development using WebAssembly .


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    Free Open Source Windows

  • Blazor

    Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C# and WebAssembly to create .NET apps that run in the browser. FEATURES - Runs in all browsers and implements .NET Standard - .


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    Free Open Source Windows

  • Camera Alternative

    "Use this camera app ONLY if the pre-installed Microsoft Camera app stops working. the Microsoft Camera app has more features.


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    Free Windows Windows Phone

  • Rentrax

    The Most Powerful Rental Software specifically designed for rental businesses such as bicycle, ski, mobility, mopads, kayaks/SUP and much more.


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    Free Mac Windows iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • bbfreeze

    bbfreeze creates stand-alone executables from python scripts. It's similar in purpose to the well known py2exe for windows, py2app for OS X, PyInstaller and cx_Freeze (in fact ancient versions were based on cx_Freeze.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Cloud Outliner Pro

    Outlines are interactive and highly customizable notes that organize your plans, projects, and ideas in a clear way.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac iPhone iPad

  • Numba

    Numba gives you the power to speed up your applications with high performance functions written directly in Python.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Angelic Retreat

    Angelic Retreat is a simple program which periodically blocks your computer to force you rest. If you have used similar ones before, you know about their cruel nature.


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    Free Open Source Windows

  • Sound Branch

    Sound Branch is a VoiceFirst team communication app that lets you communicate with friends, colleagues and beyond with voice messages.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Amazon Echo (Alexa Voice Service)

  • mubo

    mubo is a social jukebox app that let’s you control the music together with your friends. But mubo is not a simple jukebox app where you can just up and down vote songs.


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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad


    Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with DNS where every peer is validating and in charge of managing the root zone with the goal of creating an alternative to existing Certificate Authorities.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • Centurion

    An easy to use tool for file distribution, with extremely powerful rename(*) and load balance capability.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • maPhotoResizer

    Resize, crop and convert file type of pictures in batch mode or instantly while browsing thru a collection of photos.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • maFileRenamer

    The picture viewer to sort images to subfolders, batch upload images to iPhoto®, Photos® and add f.e. keywords. Scale pictures, convert file type and rename.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • maGalleryCreator

    Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. maGalleryCreator 4+ MoonApp $12.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • piQtility

    A photo management program for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • maWatermarker

    maWatermarker is an extended and still easy to use watermark utility.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac MacUpdate

  • Logo Maker : Graphic design generator : Logo Art

    Create a stunning logos or just a sticker, icon, artifact and many more. Edit them anytime you like. There are limitless possibilities of creative and useful designer artifacts you can create using Logo Maker.


    Logo Maker : Graphic design generator : Logo Art icon

    Free Android

  • FM Quizillaa for FileMaker 17 or 16

    The latest version of FM Quizillaa gives you the choice to prepare either for FileMaker 17 or FileMaker 16 certification.


    FM Quizillaa for FileMaker 17 or 16 icon

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Mortgage Calculator for Realtors with PMI

    Our “Mortgage Calculator for Realtors” covers all 4 major loan types Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA and all on ONE SCREEN. Ideal for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers and Home Buyers.


    Mortgage Calculator for Realtors with PMI icon

    Free iPhone iPad

  • Word Finder

    The aim of the word finder game is to find all hidden words. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.


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    Free Android

  • Artist - We are all artists

    Artist is one of the most powerful and professional photo-editing apps you must-have in your phone! It has diverse artistic filters, powerful retouching tools and a variety of stickers and effects. Perfect for photo lovers!.


    Artist - We are all artists icon

    Free Open Source iPhone

  • Popcorn: Movie Showtimes, Tickets, Trailers & News

    Streamlining the movie-going experience for cinemas in Southeast Asia, Popcorn provides users with the fastest way to buy movie tickets for all now showing and upcoming movies on the go.


    Popcorn: Movie Showtimes, Tickets, Trailers & News icon

    Free Android iPhone

  • Synapbook

    Synapbook is one of the powerful knowledge management tool for creating cloud-based notes in tree form such as Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep and Workflowy. It has a number of other improved and different features from other tools.


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    Free Windows Android

  • OpenCppCoverage

    OpenCppCoverage is an open source code coverage tool for C++ under Windows. The main usage is for unit testing coverage, but you can also use it to know the executed lines in a program for debugging purpose.


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    Free Open Source Windows