• aws-cli

    Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • awless

    awless is a powerful, innovative and small surface command line interface (CLI) to manage Amazon Web Services.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • Breaking icon


    Add local news, your favorite blogs or anything else that comes with a feed as a Today view widget in OS X Yosemite & iOS 8. Breaking is an easy, uncluttered way of staying on top of what’s new in your world.

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac iPhone iPad

  • Moleline icon


    Pick a distant place, tap "locate" and point your phone in the indicated direction. Unlike an ordinary compass, Moleline also considers the curvature of the Earth!.

    Commercial $ $ $ Android

  • dbForge Monitor icon

    dbForge Monitor

    dbForge Monitor is a FREE add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio that allows you to track and analyse SQL server performance.

    Free Windows

  • Jobmindz icon


    Jobmindz is giving an opportunity from the app wherein you can attend you’re interview from home. Upload Your Video Resume: You can capture and introduce about yourself, and upload on the Jobmindz app.

    Commercial Android

  • shopify to newegg integration icon

    shopify to newegg integration

    Newegg API Integration leverages technology to create a channel through which you can send your Shopify store products to Newegg.com for sale.

    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Windows Web Windows Mobile Android CedCommerce Magento Marketplace

  • Screenly OSE icon

    Screenly OSE

    Screenly OSE is the original open source digital signage platform for the Raspberry Pi.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web

  • Screenly Pro icon

    Screenly Pro

    Screenly is the world's most popular digital signage solution for the Raspberry Pi.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web

  • Invitime icon


    Invitime is the new and exciting way to invite and get invited, where you establish who pays the expenses of your adventures and desires With Invitime you go beyond events, because for every event you can find many invitations waiting...

    Free Android

  • FC2 Blog icon

    FC2 Blog

    FC2 Blog is Free and Easy! Save up to 10GB of image files.

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad

  • FC2 Website icon

    FC2 Website

    With FC2 Website, you can create your own web page for free! *I would like to, but wouldn't it be complicated? *I currently have one, but I don't like the advertisements.

    Free Web

  • Pinbox icon


    Pinbox reliably stores your personal photos, files, notes and passwords under PIN protection or fingerprint authentication.

    Free Android

  • AppLink.io icon


    AppLink.io is a mobile app analytics tool that provides app statistics, tracking and more.

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch Apple TV

  • SpaceCity icon


    Space City is the latest game from the creators of Designer City. In this space-based city building game you must design, build and manage a self-sustaining civilisation on a remote and desolate planet.

    Freemium Android iPhone iPad

  • EpubPress icon


    EpubPress is a service for stitching articles/blogs/webpages into a customized ebook.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Chrome

  • Social In Brief icon

    Social In Brief

    Social In Brief is a social media reporting service for businesses and consumers. The service generates a report based on your social media account's statistics.

    Commercial Web

  • Scrapp icon


    Scrapp is a free iPad app that helps to capture, organize, mark-up and share all the files that you collect.

    Free iPad

  • Douane icon


    Douane is a personal firewall that protects a user's privacy by allowing a user to control which applications can connect to the internet from their GNU/Linux computer.

    Free Open Source Linux

  • Sweech - Wifi File Transfer icon

    Sweech - Wifi File Transfer

    Sweech allows you to exchange files easily with any computer, tablet or smartphone. You no longer need any cable or other app, Sweech takes care of everything !.

    Free Android

  • Feedbacks.today icon


    https://feedbacks.today/en Is The best anonymous messaging application that allows you to send and receive the anonymous messages & feedback’s from your friends, and co-workers.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Windows Mobile Android iPhone Java Mobile ... S60 HP webOS Blackberry Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad HTC Vive Blackberry 10 Apple TV

  • Poptropica icon


    Poptropica is an online role-playing game, developed in 2007 by Pearson Education's Family Education Network, and targeted towards children aged 6 to 15.

    Free Web iPhone iPad

  • Ping - Linux server monitor icon

    Ping - Linux server monitor

    Ping is a beautiful Linux monitor app, it supports linux-based systems too. It allows you track your Linux servers' status easily. You only need to add your Linux servers to Ping using SSH account and Ping will show metrics.

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone

  • Air Measure icon

    Air Measure

    Air Measure™ turns your phone into a ruler you can use anytime, anywhere. Just point your phone and click a point to measure almost anything. The app uses the power of Augmented Reality to measure the distance between points in 3D space.

    Free iPhone