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  • ANTS Inbox Retargeting

    With A.N.T.S. - a co-op network of 300M+ shoppers, marketers are able to resolve browsing IDs and deliver 1:1 emails to bounced web traffic regardless of customer email acquisition.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Ulmo

    Automatically find behaviors that frustrate or irritate users when they use your website. Improve your website's usability and get users' feedback on what is happening at the right time.


    Ulmo icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • MultiMerch

    MultiMerch is a multi-vendor marketplace solution designed in Europe that lets businesses build customized two-sided online marketplaces with vendors.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • delivers high performance hosting for WordPress, Magento and other PHP/MySQL based applications. Servebolt promises to be the fastest hosting in the world.


    Commercial $ $ $ Web MySQL Community Edition MariaDB Drupal Commerce Laravel Craft CMS NGINX Drupal ... PHP Wordpress Magento Community Edition WooCommerce

  • Revenant Knight

    Revenant Knight is a hardcore action game where you fight for life and death. You are a knight guarding the tombstone of a lady in the delusion of space.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Android

  • Connect2id Server

    OpenID Connect / OAuth 2 server for single sign-on, identity provision and federation, and securing web APIs with access tokens. Supports profiles for fintech applications, eHealth, eGovernment and others.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web Self-Hosted

  • ShareSupplier

    ShareSupplier is your one-stop shop for do-it-yourself social media and online marketing tools. Their popular services include solutions for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and backlinks for SEO.


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    Commercial Web

  • Tangent

    Adds geometric patterns to your photo.


    Tangent icon

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone iPad


    ChainZilla is a company that streamlines blockchain development and deployment. It allows companies and individuals to launch blockchains, decentralized applications, and ICOs with minimal effort.


    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone

  • Demon of Justice

    Control the weaponised satellite 'Demon of Justice' and use it to save cities around the world.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Android

  • Hystax Acura

    Fully automated live cloud migration from any source platform (VMware, Hyper-V, MS Azure, GCP, BAre Metal) to any target platform.


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    Commercial Windows Linux

  • Restpack HTML to PDF API

    Easily generate PDF invoices, tickets, reports and documents with HTML to PDF API. Lightning-fast service, rich features, code samples for Java, C#, PHP, Nodejs.


    Restpack HTML to PDF API icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Frontend Robot

    Frontend Robot it's like having a robot behind a real browser continuously using a website in search for malfunctions. You can easily setup real end-to-end tests that run straight against your staging or production environment.


    Frontend Robot icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS

  • PowerPost

    Turning brands into Powerful content Publishers. Predictive content technology combined with even smarter brand journalists.


    PowerPost icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web

  • Fly Nimbus

    Travel to a Secret Destination around the US, Canada or Mexico. Get to know your surprise destination just 2 days before departing.


    Fly Nimbus icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Windows Mobile Android iPhone Chrome OS ... Android Tablet iPad


    Overhead Distribution Powerline Design.


    Commercial Windows

  • Logify

    Real-time application monitoring and exception reporting so you can analyze and improve your apps and deliver rock-solid solutions that behave as expected across all usage scenarios.


    Logify icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Android ASP.NET .NET Framework JavaScript PHP ... Node.JS Delphi .NET Core

  • Genialist Media Server

    Genialist Media Server lets you organize and stream all your medias from one place on your home network and beyond.


    Genialist Media Server icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Linux Android iPhone


    Developer-oriented Lead Generation tool so developers can easily automate their cold outreach and go back to real coding.


    Commercial Web


    The best way to make business payments to your international suppliers, and partners. 1-day transfer, and only a flat fee of $5!.


    REMITR icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Android iPhone

  • Opinew Product Reviews

    Opinew helps Shopify Merchants get social proof by gathering customer reviews via post-purchase email review requests or importing reviews from Amazon, Aliexpress or Ebay.


    Opinew Product Reviews icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Web Shopify

  • iMyFone AnyRecover

    Want to recover files from your PC or SD card? Let AnyRecover data recovery for Windows help you find any traces of files you have deleted; It can get back lost data from any rewritable storage media you have, like Laptop & PC, Mobile...


    iMyFone AnyRecover icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Mac Windows

  • Reshape.XL

    Data Wrangling Tool for Excel. Simple and effective way to process your data in Excel.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Microsoft Office Excel

  • Onlive Server

    Onlive Server - A leading Server Hosting Company offers Cheapest Dedicated Server, Cloud VPS Server Hosting and Web Hosting Services in More than 30 Countries with Free Technical Support Service.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Linux

  • ZEVO

    Video creation, simplified. User-friendly platform for creating professional video promos, ads, educational videos, animated infographics and just about any motion graphic video you need.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Web