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Humble Freedom Bundle raises over $4 million

Published 2/16/2017 by Ugotsta

The game industry has been abuzz lately with excitement surrounding the Humble Freedom Bundle. It's a batch of games and books worth well over $600 but available as low as $30, from the company known for its outstanding bundled deals. Topping off the already great list of titles is the fact that the entirety of the sale's proceeds, plus $300,000 matched by , goes to charity supporting ACLU, IRC and MSF!

The game bundle is composed of a diverse range of games from puzzlers to action RPGs like Small Nuclear Throne iconNuclear Throne , multiplayer battle fests to platformers like Small Super Meat Boy iconSuper Meat Boy . More importantly, the titles represent some of the greatest innovations in recent gaming years from the elastic bridge-building of Small World of Goo iconWorld of Goo to the farming meets RPG depth of Small Stardew Valley iconStardew Valley and beautiful puzzles of Small The Witness iconThe Witness .

For the avid development minded reader, there are also a fair bunch of books bundled in. R in a Nutshell helps budding data scientists get up to speed with the Small R (programming language) iconR (programming language) while Hands-On Intro to Game Programming guides newcomers to game programming through the basics of Small JavaScript iconJavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas.

At the time of this post, the bundle has already generated over $4 million in sales as the sale counter continues to climb. It's a time-limited sale with 3 days left, hurry up to get in on this insanely great deal!

Check it out here: