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Switching from Windows to Linux

A list based on software I use on Windows and alternatives that made sense to me in the switch to Linux

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CyberArticle // Too Old, Not Giving YouTube Music //Dropped, Not Interested VirtualBox //skip https://alternativeto .

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Open Source Your Life

Many complete, open-sourced, and often crowd-sourced alternatives to closed-source software are available. Here is a list of some good alternatives to widely used commercial software that I use, have used, or recommend.

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Research And Citation

Annotate, Clip, Save, Tag, Organize, Cite.

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My Windows Faves

Here's the apps I like to use on Windows, either installed or as web apps.

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Paid Software & Websites

List of software and websites I pay periodically.

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What I use on Windows.

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Best website software

What I consider to be the best software in my work developing and managing sites for major brands. Clients love my work, and my work wouldn't be possible without these software products and standards.

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Productivity - ToDo Managers

Free, Freemium, Commercial, Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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P2P alternatives for centralised products

BETA ARTICLE Many services have problem that each other and thus their valuable database is not connected to each other.

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Productivity - ToDo Managers (Top 20)

Top 20 ToDo Managers

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apps for linux

things I want to use on my linux PC when I finally set it up

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Productivity - Note Taking and Notepad (Top 20)

Top 20 - Windows, Web, Self Hosted, Chrome

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Android Apps

Short List with my Android Apps of choice

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Landscaping stuff

What it says on the tin

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