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Top finance web picks

Top 10 finance news websites

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Best Freeware for macOS

A work in progressā€¦

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Third Party Clients for Kitsu

This list consists of every app and software which support Kitsu, full or partially.

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Android Apps for Privacy and Security

Open source apps.

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Mac apps

List of all Mac apps

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Best Shared Web Hosting: 2018 Edition

Here are the best shared web hosts based on factors like user reviews, support, and privacy practices. All web hosts on this list offer fast SSD hosting.

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Essential Installs

Things I'll always install on a fresh OS.

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Want to reinstall Windows or install Linux on your computer? Try these tools.

So you've decided to give Linux a shot, and you've found a distribution that suits you. Or maybe you want to reinstall Windows because it's running slow, infected with viruses, or won't boot.

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Best Platform for Watching Anime Legally

Note: Will be updated soon with number of titles, features, and many more.

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My privacy / security tools

In recent years advertising companies started to tracks you everywhere on the web (and even in the "real life") spying you, constantly wanting to know what you are doing, when, where, why and even with who.

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I use these software on Windows 10

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GUIs to save from typing R code

R packages are much easier to explore if finding and writing each function is done for you. GUIs presented here do that. Just fill out a PnC dialogue and they generate R code. This is helpful for beginners, lazy and forgetful experts too.

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Privacy-conscious email providers to keep your correspondence safe

Since Edward Snowden's revelations about American intelligence listening programs, the public has become aware that message confidentiality and privacy on the Internet are not guaranteed.

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Linux Essentials

The must haves for anyone using Linux!

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Exciting Apps in Development

Software I'm excited about, but is not developed or popular enough to be useful to me. Most of these applications are decentralized in some way.

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Favorite Online Education

This features a list of all of my favorite online education sites and apps.

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Swype is dead, long live the alternative Android keyboards!

One of Android's great strengths is undoubtedly its ability to customize the interface by simply installing an application. Apple has been using custom keyboards since 2014 with https://alternativeto .

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Best Personal Media Apps

Must have apps for running your own personal media.

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