List by xlin

Secure Note-Taking

Either locally stored or remote but private.

List with 16 Apps

List by Faradeus

Open/Free soft must have

Must have

List with 50 Apps

List by KateGreer

Knowledge base software

Tool for creating and managing modern-looking knowledge bases

List with 5 Apps

List by KateGreer

Writing tools

List of writing software. Create, organize and share your information.

List with 5 Apps

List by mikwee

Software and websites I use

The title says it all.

List with 12 Apps

List by xlin

Secure Search Engines

Search platforms providing at least a pretext of privacy.

List with 10 Apps

List by steakknife

macOS Loadout

Awesome macOS apps on my main laptop

List with 128 Apps

List by POX

Share your photos without being tracked with these Instagram alternatives

Instagram is the premier photo social network. No other place allows photo enthusiasts with a smartphone to share pictures of their daily lives with the public so quickly and simply.

List with 6 Apps

List by Ugotsta

The Best Live Wallpapers for Android

Animated and even interactive backgrounds are available by default in stock Android and most Android-based systems.

List with 32 Apps

List by stardust_will

Windows 10 Essential (Games Only)

With some exceptions and tools.

List with 26 Apps

List by stardust_will

GNU/Linux Mint Essential

This list contains all my essential apps for Linux Mint.

List with 23 Apps

List by michellebrannon

Best Online Dating Sites & Apps

These are the 10 best online dating sites and apps

List with 10 Apps

List by Wondershare_support

Wondershare Programs

Wondershare Technology is a key member of the National Planning Software Enterprises and a global leader in application software development. We have users in over 150 countries.

List with 6 Apps

List by softwaretested

Best Traveler Android Apps

Here is our comprehensive guide to 20+ Android apps that every traveler must have (2019 edition) – be sure check them out and they just might be the must-have apps for travelers in the coming year.

List with 25 Apps

List by macke9219

Goodtoknow (WIP)

Sorry for the "not ordered list" will be done sometime in the feature.

List with 40 Apps

List by POX

New Twitter throwing you for a loop? Here are some clients that can help!

A few days ago, Twitter introduced its new desktop design that's supposed to be faster, easier to navigate, and more personalized.

List with 9 Apps

List by mariakatosvich

WordPress Security

Sites or software/tools which help make wordpress more secure - Thanks to WP Hacked Help -

List with 14 Apps

List by MD98SY

The Complete Suite of Programs Needed After New Windows Install [V2.0: Advanced]

My favorite, must-have apps and tools after every fresh Windows installation for both inexperienced and expert users.

List with 29 Apps