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My Setup - All Apps and Software

Master List of all Apps and Software I use for both work and personal life.

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Essential Applications (Windows)

My list of essential apps for my windows PC

List with 42 Apps

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What's on My Workstation

This List contain all the programs that my Productivity PC have, I work as a freelancer Graphic designer, Video Editor and I do voice overing sometimes, so keep that in mind.

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Essential apps for everyday Linux use

These are apps I use daily for working from home on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. All should be compatible with other Linux distros.

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Open Source Gems

Strong Apps that are made to not be "alternatives" (that's an insult u.u)

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GNU and Privacy Apps (Android)

Some of the android apps that I use which are either under GNU GPL licences or is respecting users privacy

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Don't use Paint, get one of these great drawing apps instead.

Drawing software are usually very rich in options and with interfaces that are often complicated, which creates a somewhat slow learning curve.

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Free and Open Source

Completely Free and Open Source Software for You to Use Everyday in Windows

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My Favorite Apps

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The best browsers and extensions to let you navigate the web without touching the mouse

Browsing a website seems easy and obvious as long as you have a computer mouse. However, for many forgotten Internet users who can only use their keyboard, this navigation is complicated.

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personal selection of android apps

some apps bot open source and closed source useful for me and everyday use

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Windows Portable

List of personal favorite, portable Windows applications.

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CLLong Program Watch

List of "programs" I would like to keep track of, usually because I use them a lot.

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Daily Productivity

What apps have I been using for years for my daily production. No games!

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Awesome apps and games bundled with Google Play Pass

Launched in September of 2019 in response to Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass provides subscription-based access to a wide variety of Android games that can be shared with 5 family members.

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$0.00 and/or Open source Creative Software

Here's a list of free and/or open source creative software that I found

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What are the best voice chat software for gaming?

Voice communication is essential when playing online with your teammates. Whether it's for playing an FPS or managing your guild in an MMORPG, the solution for online discussions must be lightweight, efficient, complete, and cross-platform.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena Tracking Tools

Magic: The Gathering Arena is first and most popular trading card game, and it's available for PC as full-featured game application.

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