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Write your stories

I made a little list of websites that allow you to write some text.

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Open-Source Apps for Windows

I will cover open-source software that is available on windows. This list goes gradually from software for everyone to software that only fits a particular niche like art. I most definitely can not cover all the open source software.

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Best HTML Frameworks

The best HTML frameworks (at my opinion)

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Get it up

A list of software I want to get up

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xenmaster's linux distro master list

I have noticed in general that the recommendation list for alternatives on this site is broken when it comes to Linux Distros. Often times when looking for a server distro or gaming distros, I will get generic recommendations.

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Switching From macOS To Windows

A list of programs I recommend for people making the switch or using both

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Write On

"Who but a brazen crazy person would go one-on-one with blank paper or canvas armed with nothing but ideas?" Mark Vonnegut

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Desktop Life Hacks

Stuff to be ready for university

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Steam + FOSS-alternative programs for Linux gamers

A list of alternative programs (and OS) to what you would usually get on (and from) Windows. Linux Mint for being one of the best alternatives to Windows with having a similar taskbar and start menu, such as what you would see from Windows 7.

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What's on my PC?

This is what I install on a new computer. Strong preference towards free and open source software. Hand picked.

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Privacy Tools

Take control of your privacy!

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Secure Email Clients

These services are either free or freemium for secure messaging, e-mail, and file sharing/storing.

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Finding The Best Windows Application Launcher

The application launcher I'm currently using is Executor, which started 10+ years ago and still being maintained now. I have tried to switch to other launchers about 1~2 years ago but can't find one that fits my needs.

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Start a blog without writing a single line of code

Maybe you want to create your own little place on the Internet. But maybe you don't want to code and don't know where to start. If so, then this list might be right for you.

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Windows Install

My Windows Install

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xenmaster's COVID Survival Kit

These are just some apps and services I've relied upon heavily since the CORONAVIRUS has changed the way we live. I'll continue to add more as the list progresses.

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Language learning tools

Some Apps/Software/Websites I tried for learning languages.

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Learn! Online education & MOOC

How and where to learn online?

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