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Bookmark Sites

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Personal Software

Software I try and use for daily use

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Windows Portable

List of personal favorite, portable Windows applications.

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The best browsers and extensions to let you navigate the web without touching the mouse

Browsing a website seems easy and obvious as long as you have a computer mouse. However, for many forgotten Internet users who can only use their keyboard, this navigation is complicated.

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Learn! Online education & MOOC

How and where to learn online?

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Selection of the best in class European and Russian translators for massive translations.

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Productivity - ToDo Managers

Free, Freemium, Commercial, Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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Web Applications

Internet Web Platform Sites

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Productivity - ToDo Managers (Top 20)

Top 20 ToDo Managers

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List of beginner-friendly game engines and frameworks

This is a list of beginner-friendly game engines and frameworks that either requires no coding or very simple to code. The list does not include any tools that run inside the web browser only.

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A list of implementations of the ActivityPub protocol. If you know of an implementation that is missing or if you would like to see an edit to this list please reach out to me via Mastodon/AP:

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Working in the creative industry but don't want to use Adobe products?

For quite a long time, I've been looking into entirely ditching https://alternativeto .

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Food and nutrition tracking apps for Quantified Self

Most food tracking apps have the ability to retrieve nutritional info via text search, barcode scan or recent favorites. Barcode search never works offline but typing search and 'favorites' do in some apps.

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The Lightweight Champions (GNU/Linux Distros)

A personal list of what I think are the best light and easy on resource Linux distributions.

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Secure Search Engines

Search platforms providing at least a pretext of privacy.

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Graph, Stats , research

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Alternative WebExtensions for Firefox Quantum

With Firefox 57 a lot of legacy extensions stopped working (see the list Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox ).

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My favorite games of all-time

I love to play games, mainly on my PC or a console. I'm not sure why i never have gotten hooked on mobile games but i guess to many of them are focused on casual gaming and stupid free-to-play schemes.

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