List by Shojimeguro

Backup and Restore for PC

Backup and restore on PC !

List with 11 Apps

List by Ferris

Landscaping stuff

What it says on the tin

List with 9 Apps

List by Frozzem

Android Apps

Short List with my Android Apps of choice

List with 14 Apps

List by MD98SY

Game Engines That Use C#

A list of game engines which use the C# programming language.

List with 10 Apps

List by Jaid

Windows 10 Essentials

Things I like to install on all of my Windows 10 setups.

List with 18 Apps

List by moreorem

Windows 10 essential freeware

A series of freeware essential software that I install in every Windows 10 pc or laptop. The main factor that was considered for this list was simplicity, lightweightedness and lack of adware/bloatware

List with 8 Apps

List by TheProteanGirl

Mobile Apps

All my mobile apps

List with 25 Apps

List by Reptevye

Extended Display

Extended Display for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

List with 6 Apps

List by Ugotsta

Good games, no ads!

Games without ads! Fun and non-intrusive.

List with 6 Apps

List by RoverWhite


Apps i'm using on day to day basis in my work

List with 60 Apps

List by Reptevye

Integrations & Workflows

Integrations between apps and clouds allowing for the building of workflows for just about everything (e.g. automation, for handling, storage management, Todo tasks, lists, events, infrastructure monitoring and alerting, etc.).

List with 68 Apps

List by ivanodamilano

Cross-Platform apps

These are applications (both free and commercial) which runs on Android and Windows.

List with 29 Apps

List by Ugotsta

Make music on the go

Compose music on the go with these mobile audio workstations, music studios in your pocket.

List with 20 Apps

List by Gold

Top tools for a Technical Writer

When you are working with content on a daily basis, probably you already have a list of your favorite apps, tools, and services that allow you to work faster with texts and documentation.

List with 14 Apps

List by SliceOfData

Bookmark ALTs

Bookmarking clients to consider.

List with 20 Apps

List by xyzerb

Windows 10 System Utilities

Free tools to keep your system clean, optimized, and updated

List with 9 Apps

List by POX

Free and open-source password managers to keep your passwords safe

Using the same password for several accounts (messaging, social networks, online services, bank accounts...) can be a dangerous practice. One solution to this problem is to use a digital safe to store passwords and other sensitive information.

List with 9 Apps

List by LaVeenaBoo

Mobile Browsers

Applications For Mobile Browsing On ANDROID .

List with 33 Apps