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Linux Essentials

The must haves for anyone using Linux!

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Our selection of the best alternative launchers on Android for 2018

The launcher (or application launcher) is the backbone of Android, the screen where you spend the most time.

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GUIs to save from typing R code

R packages are much easier to explore if finding and writing each function is done for you. GUIs presented here do that. Just fill out a PnC dialogue and they generate R code. This is helpful for beginners, lazy and forgetful experts too.

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Productivity - ToDo Managers (Top 20)

Top 20 ToDo Managers

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My Windows Setup

The list contains software I use on my windows PC

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Web Dev for Windows

Web development on Windows can be a pain due to compatibility with most modern web tools. Here's what to use to run an efficient web stack on Windows with a focus on free & open source tools.

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Top 10 open source CMS for building a website

For quite some years now, Content Management Systems (CMS) have been on the rise and are growing at a fast pace.

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Start your own startup

Interested in creating your own service, mobile app or other product? These apps can help kick start your startup business.

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Free lightweight web browsers that may speed up your web navigation

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, these are probably browsers the majority of you use. Indeed, these browsers are probably the best ones on the market right now, we can’t argue with that.

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Best Free Windows 10 System Maintenace Utilities - August 2019 Update

These are the best free tools to keep your system updated, clean, and optimized. Suggested Monthly Maintenance Routine

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Want to start your business? These software will make your life easier.

Never have there been more software choices for the small business.

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Apps i'm using on day to day basis in my work

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Privacy Friendly Offshore Web Hosting Providers

Here are offshore hosting providers that have privacy friendly polices and practices in place.

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The Lightweight Champions (GNU/Linux Distros)

A personal list of what I think are the best light and easy on resource Linux distributions.

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How to live without Facebook

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the use of data from millions of https://alternativeto .

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Oh My List

Useful App

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Productivity - ToDo Managers

Free, Freemium, Commercial, Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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FOSS Organizing things

Organizing life.

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