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Desktop Browsers

Desktop browsers that I have tried and tested.

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Must Have Mac Apps 2019

Must have Mac Apps 2019

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Game Engines That Use C#

A list of game engines, frameworks, and game development environments that use the C# programming language.

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Web Dev for Windows

Web development on Windows can be a pain due to compatibility with most modern web tools. Here's what to use to run an efficient web stack on Windows with a focus on free & open source tools.

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Best Personal Media Apps

Must have apps for running your own personal media. Updates: March 27, 2019: Added MediaElch for metadata editing, TagScanner for audio file metadata editing, and Emby as an alternative to Plex.

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Want to reinstall Windows or install Linux on your computer? Try these tools.

So you've decided to give Linux a shot, and you've found a distribution that suits you. Or maybe you want to reinstall Windows because it's running slow, infected with viruses, or won't boot.

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General Collection Organizer Manager [Desktop app]

General Collection | Organizer Manager | Cataloger

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Good mobile games, no ads!

Mobile games without ads! Fun and non-intrusive.

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List of Lua game engines and frameworks

This is a list of game engines and frameworks that either has been written entirely in Lua or we can use Lua as a scripting language.

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Daily used app by me.

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Productivity - ToDo Managers

Free, Freemium, Commercial, Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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Audio Soft

Sound Engineering Platform

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Magic: The Gathering Arena Tracking Tools

Magic: The Gathering Arena is first and most popular trading card game, and it's available for PC as full-featured game application.

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The Best Set Of Tools To Test A PC

Whether you want to make sure that your computer's hardware is properly functioning, benchmark it, or just want to inspect a second-hand computer you're thinking of buying; the benchmarking tools and stress testing utilities in this list...

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A vast compilation of great writing apps and word processors, for all your writing needs. From office suites to publishing tools. Now with an emphasis on privacy.

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Cross-Platform apps

These are applications (both free and commercial) which runs on Android and Windows.

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I use these software on my Windows 10 Systems

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Favorite Online Education

This features a list of all of my favorite online education sites and apps.

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