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Productivity - Note Taking and Notepad

Free, Free, Freemium and Commercial Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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1337 }{4xx0r

Software used for 'hacking', privacy, etc.

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Linux Essentials

The must haves for anyone using Linux!

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Best Platform to Watch Anime Legally

Note: Will be updated soon with number of titles, features, and many more.

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Mac apps

List of all Mac apps

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WebUI Control Panel`s for your home server

For easier control off your home server. Here is a list off webUI Control Panels for just that.

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My Essential Windows App List

Here is a list of all the programs that have survived the test of time, for my needs. Gamer-centric windows setup.

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Great alternative app markets for play store and apple app store

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Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox

Firefox Quantum has been released a few days ago. The new update from Mozilla is one met with excitement from many users, for good reason.

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Best Online Dating Sites & Apps

These are the 10 best online dating sites and apps

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Windows improvement

only free, mostly open-source

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xenmaster's free speech catalog

Either as havens for the deplatformed or as open source self-hosted solutions to those who don't want to put their community in the hands of the google and facebook behemoths, the following solutions are pretty much guaranteed to protect your...

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List of game programming languages

This is a list of programming languages that aims at game programming and include everything out of the box required for developing games like the IDE, Compiler, graphics, audio, video, input and other libraries such as physics and networking so the...

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Want to start your business? These software will make your life easier.

Never have there been more software choices for the small business.

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10 must-have macOS apps for power users

Many users just love macOS for a few apps you can't find anywhere else. Today, I am delivering a list of apps that I think are indispensable and really useful for any macOS user.

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Android Root

Root android easily using this tool !

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Open-Source Apps for Windows

I will cover open-source software that is available on windows. This list goes gradually from software for everyone to software that only fits a particular niche like art. I most definitely can not cover all the open source software.

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Free and Open Source

Completely Free and Open Source Software for You to Use Everyday in Windows

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