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Android Root

Root android easily using this tool !

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Productivity - ToDo Managers (Top 20)

Top 20 ToDo Managers

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xenmaster's devops systems

This list is inspired by the Kamran Ahmed's "2019 Developer Roadmap." Without further ado, my take on the most important technologies to learn for dev-ops in 2019!

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Best VPS Hosting: 2018 Edition

Here are the best VPS providers based on factors like user reviews, support, and privacy practices. If you're planning to get a VPS and are new to VPS hosting, you should read [these](https://www.reddit .

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FOSS Organizing things

Organizing life.

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Knowledge Management


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My "must have" Android apps

These are the apps I find to be reliable, useful, and all around great that I think everyone should have. None of these apps require root

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Best Platform to Watch Anime Legally

Note: Will be updated soon with number of titles, features, and many more.

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Apps made with NW.js

A list of Applications made with NW.js (formerly Node-Webkit).

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Favorite Online Education

This features a list of all of my favorite online education sites and apps.

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Our selection of the best alternative launchers on Android for 2018

The launcher (or application launcher) is the backbone of Android, the screen where you spend the most time.

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A vast compilation of great writing apps and word processors, for all your writing needs. From office suites to publishing tools. // Used = * / Highly recommended = **

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Alternative WebExtensions for Firefox Quantum

With Firefox 57 a lot of legacy extensions stopped working (see the list Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox ).

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My Essential Windows App List

Here is a list of all the programs that have survived the test of time, for my needs. Gamer-centric windows setup.

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Liberate your Android

This is a list of Alternative and Open Source Android Apps and OS I could recommend because I use most of them since November 2013 under Paranoid Android with a Nexus 5. Most of these apps are available via F-Droid.

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Discontinued Legacy Addons for Firefox

Firefox Quantum has been released a few days ago. The new update from Mozilla is one met with excitement from many users, for good reason.

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Make money online!

Here are some apps you can use to make money on the internet.

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Tools for the Media Collector

Programs and utilities for creating, managing, and editing media files. Ideal for the most anal retentive of digital media hoarders who need to have everything just so.

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