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My Windows software

I'm not sure but I think this list is almost complete. This list of Windows software is a daily driver for me. Have to say that few engineering software is missing as I didn't find them on AlternativeTo.

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GNU/Linux Mint Essential

This list contains all my essential apps for Linux Mint.

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Oh My List

Useful App

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The best free DAWs

Good digital audio workstations are not cheap but startling changes in the world of audio software have brought to the free market, composition and processing powers that once costed a fortune.

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Extended Display

Extended Display for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

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The Best Live Wallpapers for Android

Animated and even interactive backgrounds are available by default in stock Android and most Android-based systems.

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Privacy Search Engines

These are search engines that work well and do not track you.

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My Server

Services my Server is currently, or soon will be running.

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Windows 10 essential freeware

A series of freeware essential software that I install in every Windows 10 pc or laptop. The main factor that was considered for this list was simplicity, lightweightedness and lack of adware/bloatware

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Mobile Browsers

Applications For Mobile Browsing On ANDROID .

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Interesting and open-source Android apps

A list of interesting and open source Android apps.

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Native and default shell (no cygwin, msys2 or WSL)

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Mobile Apps

-Music -Lifestyle

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WebUI Control Panel`s for your home server

For easier control off your home server. Here is a list off webUI Control Panels for just that.

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Windows improvement

only free, mostly open-source

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Learning List

A beautiful brain requires mental maintenance. The applications and websites included have an emphasis on general knowledge. Fine tune what you already know & keep it sharp! No coding required or desired. Image:Salvador Dali

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What's on My Workstation

This List contain all the programs that my Productivity PC have, I work as a freelancer Graphic designer, Video Editor and I do voice overing sometimes, so keep that in mind.

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Open Source Gems

Strong Apps that are made to not be "alternatives" (that's an insult u.u)

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