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Web Applications

Internet Web Platform Sites

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Must Have Mac Apps 2019

Must have Mac Apps 2019

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Free Online Map Makers for RPGs

Mappers for tabletop role-playing games, such as D&D, that are: Free to use. Online, so no installation is required. Grid-based.

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Privacy Friendly Offshore Web Hosting Providers

Here are offshore hosting providers that have privacy friendly polices and practices in place.

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GUIs to save from typing R code

R packages are much easier to explore if finding and writing each function is done for you. GUIs presented here do that. Just fill out a PnC dialogue and they generate R code. This is helpful for beginners, lazy and forgetful experts too.

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I use these software on my Windows 10 Systems

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Software for Privacy

Privacy-enhancing software I trust / recommend. Browsers and their extensions, email providers, VPN services, note-taking apps, passwords managers, backup, sync and encryption software - to name just a few.

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Social Bookmarking

Alternative to Pinterest

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Software I Like

I like software, not much else to say. See the software I like here and below today.

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Engineer's Survival Kit

Essential, tried and tested tools for STEM students and engineering professionals

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AutoML: when you want to be completely out of the think loop.

Predictive analytics - machine learning is when a lot of data is used to predict some other data by finding which parts affect which other parts. The goal is to reduce RMSE and that is a pretty simple metric.

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Web Dev for Windows

Web development on Windows can be a pain due to compatibility with most modern web tools. Here's what to use to run an efficient web stack on Windows with a focus on free & open source tools.

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Want to start your business? These software will make your life easier.

Never have there been more software choices for the small business.

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General Collection Organizer Manager [Desktop app]

General Collection | Organizer Manager | Cataloger

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How to live without Adobe

For all the Creatives accidentally addicted to the intravenous life-support system that the Adobe Creative Cloud offers, there's help at hand.

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List of flowcharts i ever used

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Bittorrent Client

Download torrent files using this clients !

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