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MultiBoot Options (Windows)

Setup bootloader (i.e. GRUB) using Windows OS.

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powerZwitch's Top 10 FOSS: Audio

FOSS = Free Open Source Software

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Privacy Search Engines

These are search engines that work well and do not track you.

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Building Webpages Visually (Without Coding!)

Here is a collection of tools that enable ordinary (non-techy) people to design webpages with just simple clicks (Drag and Drop). #MZ

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What we use to build AlternativeTo

All the tools, services and so on that we use when we develop AlternativeTo. AlternativeTo is built with Next.JS and .Net Core and is hosted on Azure. We do use a lot of other services as well and you can read all about them below.

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Game engines without the need of writing a single line of code

Bring your own ideas to life as this list is going to include the name of every simple game engine that allows you to create games that may or may not need to write a single line of code!!!

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Linux • Graphics

My personal list of graphics applications made or ported to linux (Incomplete)

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Art apps

Art of All kinds

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Usefull Android/Windows apps you might like :)

A list of everything I used and I find cool / usefull, also trying to search for the best software

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Software for Privacy

Privacy-enhancing software I trust / recommend. Browsers and their extensions, email providers, VPN services, note-taking apps, passwords managers, backup, sync and encryption software - to name just a few.

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Easiest to use apps that do something very useful

When I look for new apps, my priorities are (in order): do they do something useful? do they aim to do it in a way that protects my privacy? are they trustworthy? Fewer apps than I would like do all three of these things.

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows Additional resources:

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Windows 10 Essential (Games Only)

With some exceptions and tools.

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How to live without Facebook

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the use of data from millions of https://alternativeto .

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Secure Email Clients

These services are either free or freemium for secure messaging, e-mail, and file sharing/storing.

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Privacy Tools

Take control of your privacy!

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Magic: The Gathering Arena Tracking Tools Arena is first and most popular trading card game, and it's available for PC as full-featured game application.

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Bitcoin has risen to $15,000+: Here are some other cryptocurrencies on the rise.

Bitcoin has recently become a viral topic in the media and can often be seen as a trending topic of discussion on social networks.

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