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Top 10 open source CMS for building a website

For quite some years now, Content Management Systems (CMS) have been on the rise and are growing at a fast pace.

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FoxQR - Best Programs

It will be updated

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"Do Not Track" - software.

This is a list containing mostly open source and free software, that should reduce the footprint you give to everything that tracks you online. A lot of these are replacements for Google products.

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The best free DAWs

Good digital audio workstations are not cheap but startling changes in the world of audio software have brought to the free market, composition and processing powers that once costed a fortune.

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WebUI Control Panel`s for your home server

For easier control off your home server. Here is a list off webUI Control Panels for just that.

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List of C# and .NET game engines and frameworks

This is a list of game engines and frameworks that either have been written entirely in C# and .NET or offer a binding for C# to be used as scripting language.

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows

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Interesting and open-source Android apps

A list of interesting and open source Android apps.

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Productivity - Note Taking and Notepad

Free, Free, Freemium and Commercial Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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Game engines without the need of writing a single line of code

Bring your own ideas to life as this list is going to include the name of every simple game engine that allows you to create games that may or may not need to write a single line of code!!!

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Android Emulator

Emulate Android on PC !

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Usefull Android/Windows apps you might like :)

A list of everything i used at least once and i find cool / usefull Also avoiding shit programs and searching for the best one

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Wireless File Transfer (Personal List Best to Worst)

With and without internet 2, UI Ease of use 1, No Ads/bloat 2, free 1, Cross platform clients 1 /7

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Want to reinstall Windows or install Linux on your computer? Try these tools.

So you've decided to give Linux a shot, and you've found a distribution that suits you. Or maybe you want to reinstall Windows because it's running slow, infected with viruses, or won't boot.

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Best Personal Media Apps

Must have apps for running your own personal media. Updates: December 3, 2018: Added Soundiiz for online music service playlist synchronization. July 30, 2018: Added Mylar and Ombi.

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Reliable Long-term Image Hosting Sites That Will Stand the Test of Time

This is a list of reliable image hosts with a good track record and more than a few years under the belt. All image hosts on this list support hotlinking.

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Building Webpages Visually (Without Coding!)

Here is a collection of tools that enable ordinary (non-techy) people to design webpages with just simple clicks (Drag and Drop). #MZ

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Best open-source Reddit alternatives you should know about

A couple of months ago, Reddit announced its plans to stop sharing its main website’s open source code base.

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