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Windows improvement

only free, mostly open-source

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Usefull Android/Windows apps you might like :)

A list of everything I used and I find cool / usefull, also trying to search for the best software

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Web Applications

Internet Web Platform Sites

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Free Online Map Makers for RPGs

Mappers for tabletop role-playing games, such as D&D, that are: Free to use. Online, so no installation is required. Grid-based.

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Working in the creative industry but don't want to use Adobe products?

For quite a long time, I've been looking into entirely ditching https://alternativeto .

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows

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A Software Engineer Work Essentials

An up to date list of what I need in order to do my job.

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Game engines without the need of writing a single line of code

Bring your own ideas to life as this list is going to include the name of every simple game engine that allows you to create games that may or may not need to write a single line of code!!!

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Linux Apps

Useful apps for GNU/Linux systems

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Tools that allow the creation of (Flash-Memory) Drives offering more than one Operating-System.

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Building Webpages Visually (Without Coding!)

Here is a collection of tools that enable ordinary (non-techy) people to design webpages with just simple clicks (Drag and Drop). #MZ

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Engineer's Survival Kit

Essential, tried and tested tools for STEM students and engineering professionals

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New Twitter throwing you for a loop? Here are some clients that can help!

A few days ago, Twitter introduced its new desktop design that's supposed to be faster, easier to navigate, and more personalized.

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My Windows software

I'm not sure but I think this list is almost complete. This list of Windows software is a daily driver for me. Have to say that few engineering software is missing as I didn't find them on AlternativeTo.

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powerZwitch's Top 10 FOSS: Windows

FOSS = Free Open Source Software

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Pokémon Go!

Enhance your Pok√©mon catching ability or just have some extra fun with these apps that extend the worldwide craze that is Pokémon GO .

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Wireless File Transfer (Personal List Best to Worst)

With and without internet 2, UI Ease of use 1, No Ads/bloat 2, free 1, Cross platform clients 1 /7

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