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Either as havens for the deplatformed or as open source self-hosted solutions to those who don't want to put their community in the hands of the google and facebook behemoths, the following solutions are pretty much guaranteed to protect your...

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1337 }{4xx0r

Software used for 'hacking', privacy, etc.

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Google Alternatives

List of Google alternatives that are mostly taken from

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Linux Apps

Useful apps for GNU/Linux systems Additional resources:

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Productivity - Note Taking and Notepad

Free, Free, Freemium and Commercial Windows, Web, Self Hosted and Chrome

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Download Managers

Download Managers

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows Additional resources:

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The Complete Suite of Programs Needed After New Windows Installation [V2.0: Advanced]

After a fresh Windows installation, new users might get frustrated by the weakness of the default Microsoft apps. So, in this list I'm going to cover applications that will enhance the user experience for everyday tasks.

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$0.00 and/or Open source Creative Software

Here's a list of free and/or open source creative software that I found

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Windows Install

My Windows Install

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Desktop Browsers

Desktop browsers that I have tried and tested.

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Search Sites

All different search sites.

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Lightweight Torrent Client

My favorite torrent clients

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Wireless File Transfer (Personal List Best to Worst)

With and without internet 2, UI Ease of use 1, No Ads/bloat 2, free 1, Cross platform clients 1 /7

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Game Engines That Use C#

A list of game engines, frameworks, and game development environments that use the C# programming language.

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Software to help you launch your YouTube channel (Windows edition)

When creating a YouTube channel, one of the first things that you need to think about is your equipment.

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Windows improvement

only free, mostly open-source

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The Best Set Of Tools To Test A PC

Whether you want to make sure that your computer's hardware is properly functioning, benchmark it, or just want to inspect a second-hand computer you're thinking of buying; the benchmarking tools and stress testing utilities in this list...

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