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Learning List

A beautiful brain requires mental maintenance. The applications and websites included have an emphasis on general knowledge. Fine tune what you already know & keep it sharp! No coding required or desired. Image:Salvador Dali

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Automate task easily !

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Integrations & Workflows

Integrations between apps and clouds allowing for the building of workflows for just about everything (e.g. automation, for handling, storage management, Todo tasks, lists, events, infrastructure monitoring and alerting, etc.).

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Reliable Long-term Image Hosting Sites That Will Stand the Test of Time

This is a list of reliable image hosts with a good track record and more than a few years under the belt. All image hosts on this list support hotlinking.

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Android Emulator

Emulate Android on PC !

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What we use to build AlternativeTo

All the tools, services and so on that we use when we develop AlternativeTo. AlternativeTo is built with Next.JS and .Net Core and is hosted on Azure. We do use a lot of other services as well and you can read all about them below.

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Game Engines That Use C#

A list of game engines, frameworks, and game development environments that use the C# programming language.

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$0.00 and/or Open source Creative Software

Here's a list of free and/or open source creative software that I found

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The Complete Suite of Programs Needed After New Windows Installation [V2.0: Advanced]

After a fresh Windows installation, new users might get frustrated by the weakness of the default Microsoft apps. So, in this list I'm going to cover applications that will enhance the user experience for everyday tasks.

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Wondershare Programs

Wondershare Technology is a key member of the National Planning Software Enterprises and a global leader in application software development. We have users in over 150 countries.

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Best productivity apps for modern professionals

Running a small business means having a lot on your plate. Whether you're a mortgage broker, real estate agents, financial advisor, loan originator or office manager, we know that staying organized can be a real challenge.

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The best free DAWs

Good digital audio workstations are not cheap but startling changes in the world of audio software have brought to the free market, composition and processing powers that once costed a fortune.

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Windows Apps

Useful apps for Windows Additional resources:

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Easiest to use apps that do something very useful

When I look for new apps, my priorities are (in order): do they do something useful? do they aim to do it in a way that protects my privacy? are they trustworthy? Fewer apps than I would like do all three of these things.

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Apps made with NW.js

A list of Applications made with NW.js (formerly Node-Webkit).

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Hyper-V/Virtualization Front Ends (Cloud and Local)

Current virtual server platforms

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Lightweight Torrent Client

My favorite torrent clients

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