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  • PhraseExpress

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    This is usually the first thing I install, because almost everything else requires my email address, and I use a short, immediately expanded key sequence to type that out for me. I also use it to turn /shrug into ¯_(?)_/¯, which comes in handy all the time.


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  • 1Password

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    Most password managers are great and have similar features, but I've always felt that 1Password treats their users like part of their family, and Command+\ (which fills in login info for a stored site) is just such an easy and memorable shortcut. As of May 2019, family plans are $4.99 a month, which is a steal for the amount of functionality included.


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  • Apple Reminders

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    Apple's Reminders app is pretty basic as far as To-Do apps go, but I use it for two reasons: 1) Speed. I have ADD (diagnosed in '93!), so asking Siri or typing "do xyz tomorrow at 3" (which gets parsed into a due date) is the absolute fastest way for me to create a reminder quickly before the thought is gone and replaced with the next shiny thing. 2) Simplicity. I've tried a ton of other apps, and found that for me, anything more complex is just a distraction.


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  • Visual Studio Code

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    I left Sublime Text by necessity (a plugin I needed for work was VS Code only), but I stayed once I realized how many extra features there are under the hood. It's a gift to the development community, and I mean that. I only go back to Sublime Text every once in a while for super-large (2+ mb) files.


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  • Flycut

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    I know this is a security nightmare, but the productivity increase I get from it makes it worth being a little diligent about removing sensitive data as necessary. Context switching between projects is so much easier when you can hang on to data quickly and easily just by copying it.


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