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    Freemium Web Website

    Myfaves - Pick your favorite websites, set as your homepage. is a free, elegant & customizable start page for your favorite web browser, tablet or smartphone.

  • Awesome New Tab Page

    Free Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Enhance your Google Chrome New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you.


    • A New Tab Page with more than just icons; meet dynamic widgets
    • Move things around to fit your needs. Remove things that don't.
    • Create custom shortcuts (just like apps) anywhere on the web
    • Search websites directly from custom shortcuts
    • Resize apps, shortcuts, and even some widgets
    • Make your own widgets (if you're a developer) using HTML5/CSS3, just like a Chrome extension (because widgets are Chrome extensions!)


    Awesome New Tab Page icon
  • Nollr

    Free Web Website

    Nollr is a customizable, sharable, web-based start page with visual bookmarks, dynamic widgets, and more.


    Nollr icon
  • Flexlinked

    Free Web Website

    Flexlinked collects all your favorites on the web and makes your daily surfing easier and faster.


    Flexlinked icon
  • FVD Speed Dial

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    FVD Speed Dial - Speed dial button, Online Synchronization, New Tab Start Page, Organize bookmarks, Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized groups, most visited dials.

    Main modes of Speed Dial:

    • Speed Dial
      The mode allows you to create your own Dials
    • Most Visited
      The Most Visited category lists the sites that you visit most often. Each
      Dial contains a group with the full list of URLs visited by you at the site
      in the Dial slot. You can add any Dial from the Most Visited category to
      your Speed Dial.
    • Recently Closed
      If you have closed a page by mistake and don't know how to find it again,
      you can see it in the Recently Closed category.
    • advanced settings for each mode. Activation/Deactivation of each of the modes.


    Want to have access to your favorite sites from any computer? It’s easy! Our Syncing feature will bring you just a click away from the sites you need at any moment!


    • Quick Dial creation

    • Blocking by URL or Domain
      this feature allows you to exclude unwanted URLs from the Speed Dial.

    • Background templates (similar to wallpapers in Windows) in browser window.

    • Double click on the space near to search form and search minimizes it. Double click on the white space near to Dials allows to hide them too.

    • Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to the right or to the left in order to switch from one mode to another. Available modes are: Speed Dial, Most Visited, Recently Closed

    • Four thumbnail sizes: Big, Medium, Small, List (just a list for those who prefer a compact view)

    • Customizable color of the background. A flexible palette of colors is available.

    • Several modes for setting the background image: Fill, Fit,
      Stretch, Tile, Center same as in Windows.


    FVD Speed Dial icon
  • Semporium

    Free Web Website

    Semporium is your custom home page, showing all the websites you use on the same page just one click away.

    Our mission is to help simplify the way you use the internet!

    Use your Semporium homepage to;

    • Organize your favorite websites on your own page to use as a shortcut

    • Browse our Categories to find new and exciting sites to add to your “My Sites” page

    • Find great, trustworthy sites with the help of your friends

    • Read, rate and review websites before you visit them or make a purchase

    Top 5 hints and tips on how to use Semporium

    1. Search for websites using your Semporium search engine, or search the internet using Google without leaving your homepage.

    2. Browse through the categories to find websites.

    3. Click and Drag the icons on “My Sites” to rearrange them how you like.

    4. Add your favorite websites if we don’t have them listed already.

    5. Don’t forget to rate and review the websites you love or don’t like for others to see.

    It couldn't be any easier!


    Semporium icon

    Free Web Website (prononce "you start") is an entirely customizable start page which allows you to have plenty of information like your mails, your favorites RSS feeds, the weather...on the same page.Your data is stored on your computer or online and your page is restored automatically. It is composed of blocs that you can add/remove/move/configure as you wish.

  • Gritwire

    Free Web Website

    Gritwire is a set of useful tools for people who use the Web daily.


    SpeedFeed Reader
    Use our reader to organize feeds into folders, read and save content, or rate feeds and feed items. And, if you have an OPML file handy, you can upload all the feeds from there as well.

    Gritcast Player
    Play Podcasts or Videocasts in our media player. We support MP3s as well as most files that are currently supported in Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

    Invite friends to your network to enhance your Gritwire experience. Recommending your favorite feed items, start and share wikis, or discuss through Gritwire.

    Whether your getting an invite from a friend or a recommendation to a feed, you'll be notified through your inbox. You can also start discussion logs with your friends there.

    It's really as simple as it sounds. Add your favorite links, organize them into folders. They're there for safe-keeping.

    Our wikis are like a virtual notepad. Use them to track notes or whatever information you'll want easily accessible. You can share and edit wikis with your friends.


    Gritwire icon
  • atchus!

    Free Web Website

    [Available languages: Spanish and English. You can change the language only after the registration, in the atchus! settings.]

    atchus! is your new homepage with your links, news and RSS.


    atchus! is your new RSS reader
    Organise, edit, move, add, remove, share, comment. atchus! is an fully featured, independent RSS manager.

    Import your RSS from Small Google Reader iconGoogle Reader ... before it's too late
    Google Reader is closing down, and with atchus! you can import all your your feeds in just a couple of clicks.

    Your new personal homepage for surfing the Internet
    atchus! is a practical new way of browsing the web more quickly by organizing your favorites visually. Instead of writing out URLs, just click its icon in atchus!

    Save and organize your favorites and news
    You can save the pages you visit most and organize them as you wish. You'll always have your links and news at hand.

    Share and explore Internet with your contacts and friends
    Find out which pages your contacts visit and discuss what you find in this universe called Internet.

    Add links from your browser
    Install our Pagesaver in your browser. You can save links while you surf with just one click!

    Open up to four links with one click
    Launch the first four links from your boxes with just one click. Each one of them will open in a new tab.

    Copy links from others
    Discover new links your friends add in the Wall and if you like them, copy them to your atchus!

    One atchus! wherever you are
    From your office computer, your phone on the train, your tablet on the beach to your TV from the sofaÉ your atchus! account can be accessed from any device with Internet.

    Share your knowledge with others
    Discover social browsing on the net with atchus! Our community's best links are waiting to make your web surfing even better!


    atchus! icon
  • Speed Dial 2

    Free Mac Windows Chrome Firefox Website

    Speed dial 2 is ultimate replacement of new tab page for Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome and Small Mozilla Firefox iconMozilla Firefox with quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history.

    • Put all your favorite websites on a beautiful new tab

    • Save and never forget memorable articles you need

    • Stay organized and categorize websites with groups

    • Customize your new tab with hundreds themes

    • Synchronize your bookmarks across all you devices

    • Clean and intuitive design

    • Themes and customization options

    • Export and sync your settings

    • Browsing statistics & more special features


    Speed Dial 2 icon
  • Startific

    Free Personal Windows Linux Web Chrome OS Website

    Startific, the visual startpage that import and organize ALL your favorite internet services, in a user-friendly interface; Drag & Drop Everything!

    • Super user-friendly interface that enables you to move, interact and personalize almost all the elements inside Startific; Drag & Drop Everything!
    • You can make your content public or hidden from the public, or just share your information and websites with others;
    • Get in touch with friends by connecting your favorite social networks or emails in one single place;
    • We are in the "cloud", so you can access your private information from everywhere;
    • Links: displayed as icons. Bookmarks: import an infinite amount of favorites. Widgets: import and edit your favorite widgets


    Startific icon
  • igHome

    Free Web Website

    Create your own web-based dashboard with drag-and-drop web gadgets at igHome. Keeping with the innovation and ease of use of services like the former Small iGoogle iconiGoogle , you can assemble your own personalized start page using a huge array of configurable gadgets such as Google Calendar, bookmarks, RSS and news feeds.


    Google Calendar
    Sticky Notes
    Reminders/To-do Notes
    Google Translate


    igHome icon

    Free Web Website

    Favorites is a fully responsive visual homepage with hi res images to the world's top sites in many categories and top internet countries.

  • Awesome HQ

    Freemium Web Website

    Awesome HQ is your dashboard for everything. Apps, custom shortcuts, and widgets in the most customizable interface for both desktop and mobile. Are you ready to be awesome?


    Awesome HQ icon
  • Favepad

    Free Web Website

    An alternative start page with Facebook, Twitter, GMail, and Yahoo! Mail dynamic widgets. See if you have new messages, notifications, and updates, know instantly who of your friends is online right now, check for new emails and tweets when you open the start page. Add your favorite web sites to visual bookmarks with snapshots - it's easy to personalize. Sign in to any site with just one click. Search the internet, Wikipedia, videos, and maps. Favepad helps you organize your social content and communications in a way you've never seen before.


    Favepad icon
  • Humble New Tab Page

    Free Chrome OS Chrome Firefox Website

    Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed in a custom layout.


    Humble New Tab Page icon
  • Aboogy

    Free Web Website

    Aboogy is designed to be your perfect homepage. By tying together your favourite websites and popular search engines, Aboogy will make your surfing experience both enjoyable and efficient.


    Aboogy icon
  • BonzoBox

    Commercial Web Website

    BonzoBox is the fast way to organize and visit the websites you use the most.

    When you bookmark a website with BonzoBox you get to decide where to put it on your BonzoBox homepage. Then we take a picture of the website and keep the picture updated for you.

    You can organize your websites by topic, keep notes on a site, and of course if you want to keep a site private, you can.


    BonzoBox icon
  • Internet Buttons

    Free Web Website

    Make the Internet super easy by creating a page of Internet Buttons.

    You can set up a page of personalised Buttons that click through to your favourite sites or services.

    Your personalised page of Buttons is saved on its own personalised URL that you can access from any computer.

    There are also loads of helper bars, tips and advice to explain how to use it and how to get more out the web.

    It removes all the complicated bits of the internet and makes it easy to keep going back to the places you want to go to.

    It's the perfect thing for anyone new to the net or is just a bit web-rubbish. So if you know any one flummoxed by tweets, links and pokes or who'd appreciate learning how to email, Skype, or shop online, why not set them up with a page of Internet Buttons today?


    Internet Buttons icon
  • zenstart

    Free Web Website

    zenstart is an easy gateway to the Internet – an excellent complement to your bookmarks.

    The links you find on zenstart are from US statistics on Internet use. It is the most popular links you find on zenstart. At the same time, zenstart is configurable. If you hold your mouse over a link, two icons appear. The first icon moves a link to the top of the category and the other to the bottom of the category. You may want to move he links you use most frequently, to the top of the list. The links you don’t use, you can move to the bottom, leaving space for new links.

    In each category, it is possible to scroll. If you use a mouse with scroll wheel, you can place the cursor over a category and scroll up or down with the wheel. Alternatively, there are at the bottom of each category, two arrows to scroll up and down respectively.

    zenstart will be continually improved and more features will be added. Therefore, feedback of any kind is welcome.


    zenstart icon
  • Spaaze

    Freemium Web Website

    Spaaze is an infinite virtual cork board, and you can use it to do almost everything.

    Spaaze (pronounced "space") offers its users so called boards. Each board is an infinite space which resembles a virtual cork board - hence the default cork background, but other backgrounds are available. On these boards, items can be put. Currently Spaaze offers 7 different items: Labels, Notes, Bookmarks, Images, Files, Videos and HTML. These items can be edited in place, moved via drag and drop and positioned freely on the board. Therefore it's possible to arrange a bunch of items any way you like, which makes it possible to use it for many different use cases.

    To add some structure to the board it's possible to "remember" certain points (around which items have been placed) by creating hotspots (e.g. one per topic of a bookmark collection). Furthermore Spaaze is collaborative. This means that board owners can invite others to join them and edit their board as well. Finished board can be easily published, which creates public link of a read only view of the board to share it with others.

    Spaaze runs on every modern browser (IE7+, FF4+, Safari4+, Chrome) and also on the iPad (with full multi-touch support).


    Spaaze icon
  • myLinkCloud

    Free Web Website - all your favorite websites at a glance - anywhere, anytime. Share your links and collaborate with your colleagues or friends!


    myLinkCloud icon
  • backstitch

    Free Web Website

    Discover the personal web.
    Take control of your favorite websites like never before. is a service that allows you to organize and display information from your favorite websites and services. Your start page can be constructed of information from's suggested sites or from RSS feeds that you specify.


    backstitch icon
  • Mywebgrid

    Free Personal Web Website

    Personalized homepage. Free Online Storage. Clever RSS Reader. Project management software for online collaboration. One page, several tools. No paid software. All for free.


    Mywebgrid icon
  • All My Faves

    Free Web iPhone Website

    If you can’t be bothered with looking for good sites and building a homepage, there is the perfect service for you.
    Why search? is the essence of AllMyFaves’ philosophy.
    This visual platform not only directs users to their sought-after information fast but also introduces them to new and exciting sites.
    All My Faves is offering nothing but the absolute best of what the web has to offer on a vast amount of categories so you’re bound to find what ever you’re looking for on it. Setting All My Faves as your homepage will make sure that the best of the web will be at your disposal every time you start your browsing.


    All My Faves icon
  • iloggo

    Free Web Website

    Create your own homepage with icons of all your favorite sites.

    Touch or click icons to get quick and easy access to your most frequently visited places.


    iloggo icon
  • Opera Speed Dial

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android BSD ... Opera Website

    Opera's Speed Dial is a set of visual bookmarks that gives you quick access to your favorite websites or dynamic, live extensions. When you open a new tab in Opera, Speed Dial automatically displays.
    Each entry in Speed Dial is represented by a thumbnail, and clicking on the thumbnail opens a webpage. The first nine entries are accessible via the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + [1-9]


  • Kadaza

    Free Web Android Website

    Kadaza is an easy-to-use and comprehensive webguide. Kadaza shows only the absolute best and most popular websites, covering hundreds of topics like news. You can keep your favorite and most frequently visited websites on the customizable homepage.


    Kadaza icon
  • New Tab Tools

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox Website

    This add-on replaces you "new tab" page with what is essentially a clone of the new tab page from Firefox version 30. It also adds functionality for adding, modifying and hiding tiles, as well as a variety of customisations.


    New Tab Tools icon
  • LinkPadz

    Free Mac Windows Chrome OS Chrome Website

    LinkPadz is a new tab launch screen chrome that learns from your browsing history and allows you to display or hide any site you want.


    LinkPadz icon
  • New Tab Override

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    New Tab Override brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab.


    New Tab Override icon
  • Combobox

    Free Web Website

    Combobox is a classic design personalized start page with lots of unique features and ways of customization. Instantly available and functional, no registration required.


    Combobox icon
  • Wiinkz

    Free Web Android Chrome OS Chrome Kindle Fire Website

    Replaces your default New Tab with your favorite theme.
    Choose between more than 1000 different themes and 15000 pictures.


    Wiinkz icon
  • Best New Tab Page Extension

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    A new tab page extension for Chrome with the following features: feed reader, Gmail inbox, todo list, most visited, bookmarks and a search box.


    Best New Tab Page Extension icon
  • My Hello Life

    Free Web Chrome Safari Opera Brave ... Firefox Website

    A website intended to be set as the home on what the users browser, so that when the user opens a new tab or window, they will see up to 20 of their favorite sites. These customizable slots are displayed in a 5x4 grid, ready to be set by the user.


    My Hello Life icon
  • Hitabs

    Free Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Hitabs is a free cloud based web service to save, group and share your links and bookmarks.


    Hitabs icon
  • LooksNeat

    Free Web Website

    LooksNeat is a personal tool for managing a homepage, a powerful RSS reader, using fitness apps, reading news filtered by categories you choose and posting and reading recipes.


    LooksNeat icon
  • Quicktab

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    QuickTab is a simple and minimalist new tab replacement. It offers customizable speed dial, clock and beautiful unique themes.
    Quick Tab is a beautiful and minimalist replacement for a Chrome's "new tab" page.

    > beautiful minimalist design
    > speed dial with 50 crafted icons
    > possibility of adding any custom links to speed dial
    > clock & date
    > 20 themes with live preview


    Quicktab icon
  • Favorites – New Tab Page

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Favorites – a new tab page with your favorite bookmarks
    • Add and rearrange bookmarks via drag and drop
    • Customize the layout to your needs
    • Change the look and feel with themes
    • Sync settings across devices.


    Favorites – New Tab Page icon
  • Group Speed Dial

    Free Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Firefox Website

    Speed Dial / visual bookmarks with groups for power users.
    Now you can fit all your favorite sites into one fast SpeedDial in an organized fashion.

    Dials are synchronized through Cloud to all your devices! For free!
    No Ads! .


    Group Speed Dial icon
  • Symbaloo

    Free Web Website

    Symbaloo is a personal start page, your personal desktop for the Internet. By clicking on a block you surf easily to your favorite websites such as eBay, Facebook, Google or the Whitepages. Also you can listen to the radio, check your Gmail or use the widgets.


    Symbaloo icon
  • Othila

    Free Personal Web Website

    Othila is a clean and simple customizable start page that doesn't require the user to sign up. Choose your own background and change the layout to your liking.


    Othila icon
  • Wonder

    Free Web Website

    Your personal research assistant. Ask Wonder a question and move on with your day.


    Wonder icon
  • Openverse

    Free Web Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    The search engine for openly licensed media. 500 million Creative Commons licensed images and more.


    Openverse icon
  • Dhundo

    Free Web Website

    Dhundo is a Indian Search Engine created for the world with love. Dhundo is the Search engine and has won several awards in the "FREE SEARCH ENGINE" category. Theque library and instatool are owned by Dhundo.


    Dhundo icon
  • Fold New Tab/Popup

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Customizable dashboard for Chrome bookmarks, apps and a lot more!

    • Simple and fast
    • Fully customizable layout
    • Access to most visited pages, recently closed tabs, and open tabs on other devices
    • Available both as a Popup and New Tab page
    • No background pages


    Fold New Tab/Popup icon

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