Android / PC Sync

Android / PC Sync

  • scrcpy

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB and WiFi. It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS.


    • Lightness (native, displays only the device screen)
    • Performances (30~60fps)
    • Quality (1920×1080 or above)
    • Low latency (70~100ms)
    • Low startup time (~1 second to display the first image)
    • Non-intrusiveness (nothing is left installed on the device)


    • The application executes a server on the device. The client and the server communicate via a socket over an adb tunnel.
    • The server streams an H.264 video of the device screen. The client decodes the video frames and displays them.
    • The client captures input (keyboard and mouse) events, sends them to the server, which injects them to the device.


    scrcpy icon
  • Samsung DeX

    Free Android Website

    Samsung DeX ("Desktop eXperience") is an accessory sold first with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices that extends the functionality to allow desktop-like functionality by connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.


    Samsung DeX icon
  • MyPhoneExplorer

    Free Windows Android Website

    MyPhoneExplorer is a proprietary freeware desktop application allowing management of Android mobile phones.

    MyPhoneExplorer can connect to a phone using either USB cable, Bluetooth or Infra-red connections. Once connected, address book entries and calendars can be synchronized between the phone and your computer. It also allows calls to be managed from within the application.


    MyPhoneExplorer icon
  • CXTouch

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Control and manage android device from PC client with keyboard & mouse over USB or Wireless network. Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS with installed JRE (support Java 7 and later). No root required.


    CXTouch icon
  • Androidscreencast

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Desktop app to control an android device remotely using mouse and keyboard. Should work on Windows/Linux/MacOS with any Android device.

    Mouse and keyboard control FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY
    Landscape mode (right click)
    Video recording
    Basic file browser


  • Screen Stream over HTTP

    Free Android Android Tablet Website

    Screen Stream over HTTP allows viewing the device screen in your web browser.
    No need of any additional software except for this app and a web browser.
    No annoying ads or pop-ups.
    The application works via WiFi and/or 3G/LTE network.
    It uses MJPEG to encode screen images and send them through the network. So it works with any desktop or mobile browser which supports MJPEG (Chrome, Safari, EDGE, Firefox).


    Screen Stream over HTTP icon
  • RoboForm

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Windows S Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Chrome Opera Firefox Website

    RoboForm is a password manager, a bookmark organizer and a form filler that automates password entering.


    RoboForm icon
  • Sticky Password

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Kindle Fire Website

    Sticky Password manager and form filler securely stores your passwords, automatically fills in login account fields for programs and websites. This product contains also strong password generator.

    Few words about security:

    • Your master password is known only to you. No one else
    • The hackers’ nightmare: AES-256
    • Offline data sync – via local Wi-Fi or manually
    • Key biometrics: fingerprint scanning

    Only one password to remember:

    • Sticky Password manages all your passwords and personal data.
    • Automatically fills in forms for you.
    • Generates extra-strong new passwords, whenever you need them.
    • Stores credit card numbers for express checkout.

    We secure data just like the military:

    • AES-256 encryption the world’s leading standard also used by the military
    • Optional synchronization via local Wi-Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices
    • Your master password for the manager is not known to anyone – not even to us
    • State-of-the-art biometric authentication: fingerprint scanning
    • Password database auto-lock – on your computer, tablet and smartphone
    • You're in control: at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud

    Sticky Password works across all major platforms:

    • Works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones
    • Excellent browser support: 16 browsers on all 4 major platforms
    • Synchronization via local Wi-Fi
    • Synchronization via our cloud servers – only if you want
    • Optional manual offline synchronization
    • Perfect portability (USB portable version)

    Practical backup:

    • There’s an encrypted password database backup available
      for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data
      stored on it – only if you want
    • Cloud backup preserves several previous versions of
      your password database for you

    Better then others because of:

    • Wi-Fi synchronization
    • Excellent browser support
    • Fingerprint scanning
    • YOU control your data
    • Best sync capabilities
    • Lifetime license
    • The team that brought you AVG


    Sticky Password icon
  • AirText

    Freemium Mac Windows Android Android Tablet iPad Website

    SMS & MMS text messaging from your PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablet!

    AirText conveniently lets you send SMS text messages from your computer and tablet. People call AirText the "iMessage for Android"

    Syncs texts with your PC & Mac. No need to switch between your phone and computer or tablet to send and receive texts.

    ? Send and receive text messages from your computer and tablet, sync’d with your phone number.
    ? Sync your text messages and contacts
    ? Text message notifications on your computer and tablet

    AirText is a Native App:
    ? Best alternative to other remote SMS & MMS texting apps because AirText has an unrivalled native app for each platform
    ? No need to rely on online or browser extensions

    Convenient and Secure:
    ? Securely stores your text messages in the cloud
    ? Securely routes your text messages between your computer/tablet and phone
    ? No need to touch your phone to send and receive SMS & MMS text messages

    Get Started:
    To connect your computer or tablet to your phone, first download the AirText app on your phone and create an account.

    You will then be prompted to download the app on your computer or tablet.

    Once setup, you can begin using our native AirText app on your computer/tablet to send and receive SMS text messages with your phone number.

    AirText is a premium product designed specifically to connect your phone with your computer and tablet!


    AirText icon
  • SyncDroid

    Free Windows Android Website

    SyncDroid Android Manager has both Android app, as well as Windows PC client. With Android app, you can simply backup and restore Android to and from SD card or Dropbox. And with the help of the desktop client, you can backup data to your PC.


    SyncDroid icon
  • Google Sync

    Free Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile Android ... iPhone S60 Blackberry Website

    Google Sync is a service from Google that provides over-the-air synchronization of Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar with PC and mobile device Mail, Calendar and Address Book applications. As you switch phones, tablets, and computers, your Gmail, address book, and calendar are synched to your new device. Google Sync works with PC, Mac, Linux, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian S60, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, and other devices. Google Sync was announced in February 2009.


    Google Sync icon
  • Droid Transfer

    Freemium Windows Android Website

    Wirelessly Transfer SMS, Music, Photos, Contacts and other files from your Android device to your PC. Export Music from iTunes to your Android Phone.


    Droid Transfer icon

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