• Known

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Website

    Known is a simple platform for publishing words, pictures, podcasts and more to a site that you control. Choose to share it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or extend it to integrate with the software you already use.

    Self-hosted software is free and opensource, hosting service is paid.


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  • AhhLife

    Free Web Website

    The easiest way to write your life story
    AhhLife is a personal journal that you'll love to use.

    Write your entries by email

    Every night we'll email you the question "How did your day go?" Just reply with your entry and it's saved here instantly.

    Peek at the past everyday

    Your nightly email has a random entry from the past. Forget what you were up to a week or a month ago? We'll show you.


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  • Paperwork

    Free Web Self-Hosted PHP Cloudron Website

    OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep.


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  • Centrallo

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Wear Website

    Centrallo is a productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share information. Short for “Central Location,” Centrallo is a better way to manage your personal and professional life.

    Productivity tools today don’t let people organize information truly the way they want on any current hardware device or software solution. People are stuck using different tools to squeeze their lives and private information into multiple, decentralized offerings.

    Centrallo is a simple and better way to organize your life using one really smart tool that provides the flexibility and simple customization that fits any person’s preferred organizational habits.

    Centrallo Benefits
    ? Structure and organize information better
    ? Focus on priorities that matter
    ? Retrieve anything, anywhere – quickly
    ? Centralizes cloud based content
    ? Saves time and improves quality of life


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  • notesmartly

    Free Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Notesmartly is a free app which makes organizing your stuff a breeze .Notebooks, ability to draw using Scribbpads, Wideboards to collaborate in real time and more.

    It lets you take notes be it text note, image note, audio note or video notes and chat within a document all in one place. Create tasks within a document, your to-do lists, scanned documents and task planner all in one place.

    Put everything that matters in one place. Capture, share and keep everything safe for free. Notesmartly is a place for projects and plans.

    It helps you to organize everything from notes, pictures of people and places in your own way.
    It is a place for your ideas to thrive.It is super easy for you to create, share so you can have focused productive conversations.
    Collaborate in context.
    Plan your tasks and communicate at the same place and the same time.
    Make sure everyone is heard and nothing goes down the drain. Easy to collaborate and capture your critical meeting details.
    All of your meeting notes can be captured effectively so that you can easily remember what you discussed, what decisions were made and what were left unresolved.
    Invite people to meetings the way you always do, and use it to ensure those meetings are way more productive and more effective.


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  • Memosort

    Commercial Web Website

    Space to think about solutions. A unique online tool for affinity diagramming & brainstorming. Try it out for free.

    Online whiteboard for affinity diagramming and brainstorming. Allows real-time collaboration and organization of content through post-it notes. Good for structuring large chunks of information.


    Memosort icon
  • Leanote

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Website

    Leanote provides services for note and blog. You can use "note" as your personal notebook, if you want to share with friends, just publish note or notebook to the blog.


    Leanote icon
  • labfolder

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    labfolder is an electronic lab notebook that helps to document, organize and share your research data.


    labfolder icon
  • Mindlogr

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    A private video logging platform promoting better mental health, wellbeing, personal reflection and record a life story for future generations.


    Mindlogr icon
  • CherryTree

    Free Windows Linux Website

    A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.


    CherryTree icon
  • Smartsheet

    Commercial Web iPhone iPad Website

    Smartsheet is a web-based project management, task management and work collaboration software.


    Smartsheet harnesses the power of a platform within the simplicity of a spreadsheet. No training required – get up and running in minutes.


    Assign tasks, attach files, share sheets, view timelines, set alerts, create rollups, go mobile, and much more – all with one intuitive tool.


    More than a million folks use Smartsheet in their organizations. Secure, safe and scalable. IT approves, while you get work done.


    Whatever projects, process or workflows you manage, you’ll have insight into who’s doing what, and where everything stands.


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  • Momento

    Commercial iPhone Website

    Momento is a unique diary/journal writing app for iPhone & iPod touch, which provides a quick and easy way to record moments throughout your day. Connect with popular social web services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and, to collect and display your online activity as part of your diary.


    • A simple distraction free interface
    • Write notes and add multiple photos and videos
    • Add people, places and tags for context
    • Custom reminders encourage capture

    • Import your digital history from social networks and apps
    • Posts, tweets, check-ins, photos, videos and activities
    • Stays up to date effortlessly

    • Powerful search (keyword, people, places, tags)
    • Explore moments by people, places, events and tags
    • Group and bookmark moments with ‘Events’

    • Moments are grouped by day on a unified timeline
    • Browse by day, month, year and ‘on this day’ timelines
    • Summaries to relive and remember at a glance
    • Smart reminders help you rediscover forgotten memories

    • Share moments and day summaries
    • Share beautiful photo grids and notes (Images)
    • Share privately (iMessage/Email) or on social networks

    • Passcode/TouchID Protection
    • Local & iCloud Backup & Restore
    • Local Media Storage


    Momento icon
  • MobileNoter

    Freemium Android iPhone Blackberry iPad Website

    MobileNoter is a note-taking application for iPhone, iPad or Android platform that is able to sync with Microsoft OneNote notebooks. Do you use OneNote on daily basis on your laptop or PC and dream to have a possibility to sync it with your iPhone, iPad or Android device?

    Then MobileNoter is just what you are looking for.


    MobileNoter icon
  • Jarnal

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Jarnal is an open-source application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal, making a presentation, annotating a document - including pdf - or collaborating using a stylus, mouse or keyboard. It is similar to Microsoft Small Windows Journal iconWindows Journal and to the earlier Mimeo whiteboarding and Palm notepad applications.

    The application is very stable and good for users requiring stabilities of the note data you take.


    Jarnal icon
  • WizKnowledge

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Windows Phone Website

    WizKnowledge is a personal knowledge management software,which is especially designed for Internet users and mobile Internet users.Except for the KEY features of CyberArticle, WizKnowledge focuses more on knowledge of rapid collection, management, reading and sharing.Compared with CyberArticle,WizKnowledge is Smaller,more stable, and more suitable for Win7.It has a more abundant knowledge organization and rapid fulltext retrieval.Using associated online service,you can synchronise the knowledge between your computer and your cell phone.
    It's free!


    WizKnowledge icon
  • Notability

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Notability is the first truly integrated note-taking app for iOS. Standing on a framework that automatically links notes with audio recordings, Notability supports all of your note-taking needs -- handwriting, PDF annotation, word processing, and more work together seamlessly allowing you to create comprehensive, beautiful notes, quickly and simply. Auto Sync ensures your notes are backed up safely. And now you can personalize the look and feel of Notability’s library and toolbars with Themes, from colorful, to clean, to classic.


    Notability icon
  • Diaro

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Kindle Fire Website

    Diaro is designed to record your activities, daily events, appointments, experiences, thoughts, secrets and ideas throughout the day and sync data across all your devices. It is the easiest and most secure way to keep a diary. .


    Diaro icon
  • Hypernotes

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Hypernotes is a way to store ideas in the same way that you think them. Notes can be created with images and text, organized in a tree structure and connected with internal hyperlinks. Written in Java, so it works wherever you go. (Requires Java 1.6)


    Hypernotes icon
  • thoughtboxes

    Freemium Web Website is a free online notes/ to do app. With a free account you are allowed 3 "trains of thought" for different projects/ideas in which you are allowed unlimited "thought boxes" which are basically like sticky notes that you can add different items to. You can add links, notes, or different tasks and you can use stars to note the important ones.

    It can be used for yourself or for a group, too - each train of thought has the option to share it - so with a link to your train of thought, anyone can view it!


    thoughtboxes icon
  • Tombo

    Free Windows Windows Mobile Android Website

    A freeware, lightweight, hierarchical notepad app. Development is (very slowly) ongoing but although the latest version is in late Beta the previous version works very well.


    • Lightweight
    • Free (and open source)
    • Regexp searching
    • Virtual folders (group any document with a specific keyword)
    • Optional encryption
    • Versions for Windows Mobile and (third party) Android
    • Data saved as a folder/file structure so easy to sync part or all.


    • No markup capability (RTF or HTML support would be great) although it can open up another program of your choice to handle these.


    Tombo icon
  • Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform

    Commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform enables organizations for the first time to establish one continuous workflow for finding, curating, and collaborating knowledge without the need to move existing data or change user behavior.


    Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform icon
  • WizNote

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Windows S Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Website

    WizNote is a Note software, which is especially designed for Internet users and mobile Internet users. WizNote focuses more on notes of rapid collection, management, reading and sharing. WizNote is smaller, more stable, and more suitable for computers, phones and mobile devices. It has a more abundant notes organization and rapid fulltext retrieval. Using associated online service, you can synchronise the notes between your computer and your cell phone.

    Available languages: Chinese and English.


    WizNote icon
  • Inkiness

    Free iPhone iPad Website

    Inkiness is a memo pad software that feels like you are really using a high quality pen and memo pad. By pursuing to make software with the feeling of a real-life pen, and incorporating it with only the best technology and ideas, we have created a software where you can smoothly draw lines like with real ink, by using your fingers. Please feel free to experience the elegant and delicate drawing feeling on the iPhone / iPod Touch.


    Inkiness icon
  • UbikFocus

    Commercial iPhone iPad Website

    UbikFocus for iPhone/iPad is the perfect tool for your task management! Organize and track your tasks by projects, folders, contexts, persons or dates without adding any extra work.
    UbikFocus for iPhone/iPad is a great balance between simplicity and powerful features. From the most exigent manager to the most causal task maker that are looking for quick way to organize their things.


    ? Organize your tasks by goals using projects, gather projects with folders for a more efficient way to localize contexts.
    ? Quick Access: One of the main features provided is a quick access interface that allows you to do everything quickly without losing time.
    ? Attachments: Not just for text anymore! Add photos and voice memos to enhance documentation of your tasks.
    ? Logbook: A registery in which you can track your productivity.
    ? Notifications: No need to memorize anything, we do it for you!
    ? Context: Plan your day accordingly based on your nearby located context.
    ? Some features such as Localize Context require users to be connected and use of GPS for full functionality. Note that iPod touch does not support GPS functionality. Also, please note that, Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    ... more features to come!!!

    For more information visit our website:


    If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! For support you can reach us by email at

    Thank you!


    UbikFocus icon
  • xList

    Freemium Mac iPhone iPad Website

    Create and share your to-do lists.

    xList is a to-do list manager with a effortless interface. It allows tagging, prioritizing, and filtering to ensure that you do not miss anything.

    xList records your tasks with the flexibility to make your to-do list as simple or as detailed as you desire. Organize your tasks with xList and you will be left with more time that can be spent on completing your action items. xList has a built in tagging feature, which allows you to tag additional information to your tasks. This feature is helpful when searching or in categorizing information such as due dates, priority levels, and contexts.

    xList is compliant to GTD method Getting Things Done. With GTD, your overwhelming to-do list becomes a manageable set of tasks. xList distills GTD principles into a clean and simple user interface which helps you focus on the completion of your next task. You can create a limitless number of to-do lists with xList, to help you organize separate tasks.

    xList is also available for the iPhone and iPad. This version is fully compatible with the Mac version.

    Remote access:
    You can share a list online with just one click. When a list is shared online, you can access it with the app xListView available for free on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

    About adnX
    We have been building innovative applications since 2001. Visit our website to discover our library of solutions for Mac, iPhone and iPad.


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