• LinqBox

    Freemium Web Website

    LinqBox is a bookmark manager that allows you to save and access links from any browser. It uses bookmarklets that you put on your browser’s already existing bookmark toolbar so there is no need to install any plugins.

    In addition to using tags to organize and quickly find the links you have bookmarked, you can organize your links based on categories by posting them on “boards.” Boards can be made public for easy sharing. They each have their own URL within LinqBox.com.

    LinqBox supports the automatic embedding of bookmarked videos. This allows you to view your bookmarked videos right on your bookmarks page, without having to visit the original site.

    • The Trial account allows for up to 50 bookmarks.


    LinqBox icon
  • ProjectMarks

    Freemium Web Website

    Store your bookmarks in the cloud. Access them in any browser or computer. You just need to be online!

    *Free accounts - 25 Bookmarks maximum.


    ProjectMarks icon
  • Reading list

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Website

    Reading list is simple and useful Chrome extensions that maintains list of pages that you plan to read later.


    Reading list icon
  • Basket

    Freemium Web Android Android Tablet Chrome Website

    Basket is a bookmark organizing application. You can Save any URL and Embed Links in Basket. While saving and even later you can completely personalize your bookmarks with Category, Color, Tags & Notes.

    Once you add an Article We keep it saved for you, so that you never loss it and also can Read it offline anytime. You can also view your saved online Doc,PDF, PPT very inside of Basket.

    Basket dealt with one main problem that is search among a heap of bookmarks. In as much organize way you will keep saved them you will find them lot more easier. Basket will help you to get them even with your saved date and lot more.

    You can anytime share your bookmarks with your partner via Email and with friends over social media with a click.

    Basket keep it Simple, Organized and Effective.


    Basket icon
  • Unmark

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Chrome Website

    [No longer discontinued. Currently on invite only]

    Unmark is designed to help you actually do something with your bookmarks, rather than just hoard them. A simple layout puts the focus on your task at hand and friendly reminders keep you in line. Filtering options let you find what you're looking for.

    Use Unmark free for as long as you’d like or upgrade to a paid account at any time. An open source version is available on GitHub. Fork it and set up your own install.


    Unmark icon
  • BookSmarts

    Freemium Windows Web Website

    BookSmarts will organize bookmarks for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome then access bookmarks on iPhone and Android devices from the bookmark manager.


    BookSmarts icon
  • Symgi

    Free Web Website

    Symgi - New minimal and pure bookmark site.
    Open multiple or singular links from bookmark groups.
    Import Bookmarks From Firefox
    Share Grouped Bookmarks With Other Users.


    Symgi icon
  • Faviz

    Free Web Website

    Faviz offers you quick links to your favorite bookmarks from any online computer.

    Store, Delete and Arrange your bookmarks with simple to search and drag & drop.

    Simple to use, Faviz is free and you can start in minutes. Find websites instantly, less clicks.


    Faviz icon
  • Pearltrees

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Firefox Website

    Pearltrees is a social curation tool. It lets you organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web.


    Pearltrees icon
  • Google Bookmarks

    Free Web Website

    Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmark storage service, available to Google Account holders. It allows one to bookmark favorite websites and add labels or tags, and also notes.

    Users can access their bookmarks from any computer by signing in to their Gmail account. The bookmarks are searchable, and searches are performed on the full text of the bookmarked pages, not just the labels and notes.


    Google Bookmarks icon
  • historious

    Freemium Web Website

    Historious saves a copy of web pages you bookmark, so that you can find pages youve bookmarked easily without needing to add words as tags which are already in the page text. Tags can still be added, and you can use the special tag "unread", which removes itself when you read the page, and comes with its own special "read later" bookmarklet.


    historious icon
  • Tidyfavorites

    Free Web Website

    Tidy up your favorite bookmarks & easily surf the web with this next-generation, user-friendly interface.


    Tidyfavorites icon
  • memit

    Free Web iPhone Website

    Memit is a social knowledge management service (both web and mobile) that is built to make people smarter based on the content they collect, process and publish. It is the easiest way to collect and share your articles, pictures, reports, news stories and videos for you, your team and your business.

    This unique one-click application works as a viral social network across on- and offline media and cultivates organized, knowledgeable and influential users. For knowledge professionals LinkedIn is connect-ability, but Memit is the content-ability.

    Memit in 5 key points

    1: Collect and index interesting articles from the web with just one click. Create specific collections and share this with others

    2: Create your own memit profile page and show your knowledge. Display your collections to your friends and followers.

    3: Connect from print to online with the memit mobile app. Scan an article and ad this digitally to your memit profile. Never loose what you’re reading, want to read or want to share.

    4: Get the best-curated online content from your friends, colleagues and hero’s. Stay up to date with their streams and content collections.

    5: Embed a collection from memit on to your own webpage.
    Place your memit collection as a widget and automatically get the best content specified to your interests.

    Check it out at memit.com


    memit icon
  • FAVable

    Free Web Website

    FAVable gives users the capability to save all their bookmarks online. It has the popular social media fully integrated so no need anymore for copy&pasting to multiple sites.
    By providing a 'AddThis' button and a browser toolbar Favable makes managing and organizing your bookmarks a lot less time consuming and boring.


    FAVable icon
  • MarkForLater

    Free Web Website

    With MarkForLater (formerly 33Notes) you can save instantly or bookmark anything from the web and read it later on any device. Save comments and text selection from any webpage.
    A simple bookmarking tool that allows you to save anything from the web and read it later on any device.

    How to use:

    1. Visit the app on www.markforlater.com . Sign up for an account. On the Account (or Tools) page, you will find the blue Mark For Later button (bookmarklet). Just drag the blue button to your browser toolbar – that’s the area under the browser address input field. For Firefox, you need to right click the button bellow and choose "Bookmark this link", then choose Folder "Bookmarks Toolbar" and click Save.

    2. Visit any website you want. Click on the "Mark for Later" toolbar button whenever you want to save a Web page for reading later. You current text selection will also be saved.

    3. Your Web page selection will be saved in your MarkForLater.com account. Go to www.markforlater.com , use the “Browse” button to see and organize your saved Web pages.

    Easy to use: You can save any text selection from any webpage. Saving is very fast and simple, a single click, and in less than a second your bookmark is saved.

    Save securely: You don't need to be logged in to save a bookmark.

    Fast Search: Extremely fast search, type any part of your note or bookmark and find it instantly.

    Organize your bookmarks: You can change the color of any bookmark or note. You can sort notes and bookmarks by color, date, title or note. You can organize notes in folders, add new notes, share notes or bookmarks on your Facebook page.


    MarkForLater icon
  • Nollr

    Free Web Website

    Nollr is a customizable, sharable, web-based start page with visual bookmarks, dynamic widgets, and more.


    Nollr icon
  • scrible

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web iPad ... Chrome Website

    scrible lets you highlight and annotate web pages and easily save, share and collaborate on your web research with others.

    Smarter Web reading & research. Annotate, bookmark, save, manage & share online articles.

    scrible is the best way to work with online information... Like magic for Web reading and research. For online articles and webpages, scrible lets you:

    1. Bookmark them in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.
    2. Save them for later so you don’t have to worry about broken links.
    3. Richly annotate them in your browser so you don’t have to print them.
    4. Comment directly on them so you can capture your thoughts in-context.
    5. Organize, browse and work with them in your own online Library.
    6. Use filters and tags to quickly sort through them in your Library.
    7. Full-text search them and your bookmarks and notes.
    8. Share them via via email, Facebook and Twitter.


    scrible icon
  • bookmark buddy

    Commercial Windows Website

    Organize your favorites and shortcuts simply, quickly and reliably with this intuitive bookmark and login manager: annotate, search, sort, check, encrypt, import, export, backup, share & print any number of bookmarks.


    bookmark buddy icon
  • PaperSpan

    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad Chrome Website

    PaperSpan is an easy to use, free app to save web pages for reading later. Save pages from computer or phone's browser, and open them from either.
    Useful for managing web links those you find worth to read, but sometime later.


    • Save links from computer or phone.
    • Sync between computer and phone.
    • Download pages for offline reading.
    • Listen(TTS) to articles
    • Highlight phrases
    • Send to Kindle
    • Folder support.
    • Read saved pages from within app or phone's browser.
    • Remove saved pages.
    • Share via applications those accept links ( SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google Keep, Email, etc.., )


    PaperSpan icon
  • Flexlinked

    Free Web Website

    Flexlinked collects all your favorites on the web and makes your daily surfing easier and faster.


    Flexlinked icon
  • LinkCollector

    Commercial Windows Website

    Bookmark manager supports popular Windows browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Synchronize bookmarks, import links, find duplicates and create backup of your links.


    LinkCollector icon
  • Pagemark

    Commercial Web Website

    Pagemark is a simple and private bookmark organizer.
    It organizes bookmarks with tags, large thumbnails, and formatted notes.


    Pagemark icon
  • MyBrowserPage

    Free Web Website

    MyBrowserPage is a starterpage with search engine included, suitable as a home page for any web-browser, requires no registration and is free to use, great alternative to the usual homepage with a single search engine, from here you can search with the major search engines, or access to the most popular websites by simply clicking on their logo, it will not open any annoying advertising pop-ups, your homepage will be light and not invasive, this site does not record in any way the operations of the users because only serves as a bridge to third-party services, does not preserve any trace.


    MyBrowserPage icon
  • Bookmark2

    Free Web Website

    Bookmarks2 is a powerful productivity tool that makes is much easier for anyone to save their links for later.

    1. Save any link in one easy click - We give you a browser buttons to save web pages you like in one click.
    2. Access your links from any computer - We give you a website so that you can easily access all of the links that you saved from any computer.
    3. Find any of your links - Bookmarks2 has a fast search engine that will help you find the links that you are looking for in the fraction of a second.


    Bookmark2 icon
  • FCorp Link Manager

    Free Windows Website

    "Link Manager" is a tiny, easy to use "Bookmark Manager" specially designed to help you manage your favorite Links/URL. You can also extract links from HTML files or Clipboard.

    Feature List :

    1. Link Manager
    2. Link Extractor ( Extract Link from HTML File & Google Images )
    3. EXTRAS ( URL Shortener, Link Encoder/Decoder, Mass Link Launcher, etc )


    FCorp Link Manager icon

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