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  • Foliate

    Free Linux Website

    A simple and modern GTK eBook viewer, built with GJS and Epub.js.

    View EPUB files
    Two-page view and scrolled view
    Customize font and line-spacing
    Light, sepia, dark, and invert mode
    Reading progress slider with chapter marks
    Bookmarks and annotations
    Find in book
    Quick dictionary lookup
    Touchpad gestures: use two-finger swipe to turn the page

    View EPUB files. Foliate is based on Epub.js, and supports both two-page view and scrolled view. Customize font and line-spacing. Choose between light, sepia, dark, and invert mode.

    Easy navigation. View the table of contents, or use the find in book feature. Reading progress slider with chapter marks makes it easy to find your way through the book.

    Quick dictionary lookup. Foliate uses metadata included in the eBook to determine which language to lookup. This feature is powered by Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    Add bookmarks, highlights, and notes. Foliate stores your reading progress, bookmarks, and annotations in your XDG data directory as plain JSON files, so you can export or sync them easily.


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  • GreenWithEnvy

    Free Linux Website

    GWE is a GTK system utility designed to provide information, control the fans and overclock your NVIDIA video card and graphics processor.


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  • OTPClient

    Free Linux GNOME Website

    GTK+ application for securely managing TOTP & HOTP tokens. Content is encrypted on disk using AES256-GCM. Master password derived using PBKDF2 with 100k iterations & SHA512 as hash algorithm. Can import encrypted backups from andOTP & Authenticator+.


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  • pdfslicer

    Free Linux Website

    This is a simple application for extracting, rotating and reordering pages of a PDF document, with undo/redo support.


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  • WebArchives

    Free Linux GTK+ GNOME Website

    A web archives viewer offering the ability to browse offline millions of articles from large community projects such as Wikipedia or Wikisource.


    List recently opened web archives
    List available local web archives
    List of web archives available to download
    Print a page
    Night mode (Darkreader)
    Zoom controls
    Search in page
    Search a page
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Random page
    Sandboxed pages (Pages are isolated from the web)
    Ask for confirmation when opening an external link
    Handle the opening of zim files from external applications (Nautilus...)


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  • Komorebi

    Free Linux GNOME Website

    Komorebi is a wallpaper manager in Linux that uses the GTK+ and Vala libraries to support animated (and audio) wallpapers.


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  • Virgil 3D GPU project

    Free Linux Nouveau QEMU Website

    Virgil is a research project to investigate the possibility of creating a virtual 3D GPU for use inside qemu virtual machines, that allows the guest operating system to use the capabilities of the host GPU to accelerate 3D rendering.


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  • Almond

    Free Linux Web Android Self-Hosted Website

    Almond translates your commands into a personalized program.

    Programmable Notifications

    Notifications are hard! Every website, every social network, every app is continuously competing for our attention. But that's no more: with Almond, you decide what you care about.

    Commands in Almond can be monitored and filtered: you can specify to be notified whenever the result changes, when a certain condition is true, or only for a certain subset of the data.

    Flexible Compound Commands

    Almond is the first virtual assistant that allows you to specify commands that combine two or more services at once. You can specify when to execute the command, what data to get, and what to do, and each part can be any of the primitives supported by Almond.

    A Growing, Crowdsourced, Library of Services

    Almond provides a uniform interface to your physical devices, your social network accounts, and many more services. Almond wants to let you access anything on the Internet, from your assistant.

    Almond capabilities are defined in Thingpedia, a crowdsourced repository of commands and interfaces to online services and Internet of Things. Anyone can contribute new entries to Thingpedia, and with small amounts of training data, Almond will be immediately able to interact with the new device or service.

    Cutting-Edge Deep Learning Technology

    Almond uses a state-of-the-art natural language understanding model. Almond's deep learning model allows it to understand more complex commands across more domains than any other assistant on the market: just train Almond with pairs of sentences and programs, and Almond will learn.

    As academics, our research is open-source, and all technology is freely available to the public. Anyone can leverage our algorithm in their product or in their own research. Learn more about our research and how you can use Almond's technology.


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