• Known

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Website

    Known is a simple platform for publishing words, pictures, podcasts and more to a site that you control. Choose to share it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or extend it to integrate with the software you already use.

    Self-hosted software is free and opensource, hosting service is paid.


    Known icon
  • LinqBox

    Freemium Web Website

    LinqBox is a bookmark manager that allows you to save and access links from any browser. It uses bookmarklets that you put on your browser’s already existing bookmark toolbar so there is no need to install any plugins.

    In addition to using tags to organize and quickly find the links you have bookmarked, you can organize your links based on categories by posting them on “boards.” Boards can be made public for easy sharing. They each have their own URL within

    LinqBox supports the automatic embedding of bookmarked videos. This allows you to view your bookmarked videos right on your bookmarks page, without having to visit the original site.

    • The Trial account allows for up to 50 bookmarks.


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  • Basket

    Freemium Web Android Android Tablet Chrome Website

    Basket is a bookmark organizing application. You can Save any URL and Embed Links in Basket. While saving and even later you can completely personalize your bookmarks with Category, Color, Tags & Notes.

    Once you add an Article We keep it saved for you, so that you never loss it and also can Read it offline anytime. You can also view your saved online Doc,PDF, PPT very inside of Basket.

    Basket dealt with one main problem that is search among a heap of bookmarks. In as much organize way you will keep saved them you will find them lot more easier. Basket will help you to get them even with your saved date and lot more.

    You can anytime share your bookmarks with your partner via Email and with friends over social media with a click.

    Basket keep it Simple, Organized and Effective.


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  • Unmark

    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Chrome Website

    [No longer discontinued. Currently on invite only]

    Unmark is designed to help you actually do something with your bookmarks, rather than just hoard them. A simple layout puts the focus on your task at hand and friendly reminders keep you in line. Filtering options let you find what you're looking for.

    Use Unmark free for as long as you’d like or upgrade to a paid account at any time. An open source version is available on GitHub. Fork it and set up your own install.


    Unmark icon

    Free Web Website allows you to combine all your content into a beautiful single web page.
    You can easily gather documents (pdf, Office files, Google Docs), video, photos, online presentations, links, RSS feeds and many more things from the web.

    It's all about running your own web pages, except it's just so easy as to use any modern blogging platform.

    People use it to combine materials about a company or events, for bookmarking, to gather and share learning materials, as a photo albums and just to share what they like.

  • Fav2Go

    Free Web Website - Is your personal favorites manager, allows you to manage, share and design your own homepage and access it from any place over the world.


    Fav2Go icon

    Free Personal Web Website

    Memoryzer is your second brain. It stores the pages you visit and predicts what you need next.

  • Txti

    Free Web Website

    Txti is a free service that lets you create the fastest, simplest, most shareable web pages on the internet using any phone, tablet, or computer you have.


    Txti icon
  • Linky

    Free Mac Windows Linux Firefox Website

    Linky will increase your power to handle links.
    Open/download/validate links and pictures in tabs or windows.
    You will just need to right click any link or web address, select the Linky menu item and choose the desired action. You can even specify what option you want to see available in the Linky menu through its preferences.


    Linky icon
  • Google Bookmarks

    Free Web Website

    Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmark storage service, available to Google Account holders. It allows one to bookmark favorite websites and add labels or tags, and also notes.

    Users can access their bookmarks from any computer by signing in to their Gmail account. The bookmarks are searchable, and searches are performed on the full text of the bookmarked pages, not just the labels and notes.


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  • Scuttle

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.


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  • historious

    Freemium Web Website

    Historious saves a copy of web pages you bookmark, so that you can find pages youve bookmarked easily without needing to add words as tags which are already in the page text. Tags can still be added, and you can use the special tag "unread", which removes itself when you read the page, and comes with its own special "read later" bookmarklet.


    historious icon
  • Bkmks

    Free Web Website

    There are a lot of information sources out there on the web. Some of them we like to keep for regular or just one time use later on. We are quick to add a bookmark, and then some, until there're so many links in that bookmarks menu, it's hard to manage. If we can't see all our links at a glance, each in its usual spot on the screen, they become hard to locate or recall.

    This site will help you organize bookmarks and favorites in an easy to use personal bookmarks page all on one screen. You'll be able to access the same personal page from most web connected devices including your desktop, laptop, pad, or even your smart phone. Once a bookmark has been added, it'll instantly be available on all of your devices, no need to synchronize or otherwise propagate the changes.

    The problem with many existing online bookmark managers is they are not as easy to update, while not offering clear advantage over what your browser bookmarking system already provides. This site is aimed to provide a better, more focused user experience, uncovering the true potential of an online personal favorites manager.


    Bkmks icon
  • Dropmark

    Freemium Mac Web Chrome Safari Website

    Dropmark is a visual collaboration tool for creative people and teams. Drag and drop to the menu bar app, and your files are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Organize and invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately, or share your content with the world.


    Organize into collections and decide who sees what. Keep your content private, invite friends, or go public. Each collection has its own sharable shortlink.


    Invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately. Share your work with clients and skip e-mail and social media clutter. No sign up required for invited guests.


    Keep the conversation in one spot. Gather feedback, recommendations, and suggestions from those you invite, right on Dropmark.

    Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop files right from your desktop or web browser. Your files will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

    Fullscreen presentations

    Say goodbye to Powerpoint. Every Dropmark collection can be viewed as a fullscreen presentation. Mix images, videos, websites, and more.

    Collaborative playlists & podcasts

    Drag in audio or video from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or even your desktop to create custom playlists and dead simple podcasts.

    Instant photo slideshows

    Drag and drop photos from your desktop to create instant fullscreen photo slideshows. Invite others to view and add to your collection.

    Extensions, apps, & add-ons

    Upload and manage your content right from your favorite web browser, popular desktop apps like iPhoto, third party tools, e-mail, and more.


    Dropmark icon
  • MarkForLater

    Free Web Website

    With MarkForLater (formerly 33Notes) you can save instantly or bookmark anything from the web and read it later on any device. Save comments and text selection from any webpage.
    A simple bookmarking tool that allows you to save anything from the web and read it later on any device.

    How to use:

    1. Visit the app on . Sign up for an account. On the Account (or Tools) page, you will find the blue Mark For Later button (bookmarklet). Just drag the blue button to your browser toolbar – that’s the area under the browser address input field. For Firefox, you need to right click the button bellow and choose "Bookmark this link", then choose Folder "Bookmarks Toolbar" and click Save.

    2. Visit any website you want. Click on the "Mark for Later" toolbar button whenever you want to save a Web page for reading later. You current text selection will also be saved.

    3. Your Web page selection will be saved in your account. Go to , use the “Browse” button to see and organize your saved Web pages.

    Easy to use: You can save any text selection from any webpage. Saving is very fast and simple, a single click, and in less than a second your bookmark is saved.

    Save securely: You don't need to be logged in to save a bookmark.

    Fast Search: Extremely fast search, type any part of your note or bookmark and find it instantly.

    Organize your bookmarks: You can change the color of any bookmark or note. You can sort notes and bookmarks by color, date, title or note. You can organize notes in folders, add new notes, share notes or bookmarks on your Facebook page.


    MarkForLater icon
  • PaperSpan

    Freemium Web Android iPhone iPad Chrome Website

    PaperSpan is an easy to use, free app to save web pages for reading later. Save pages from computer or phone's browser, and open them from either.
    Useful for managing web links those you find worth to read, but sometime later.


    • Save links from computer or phone.
    • Sync between computer and phone.
    • Download pages for offline reading.
    • Listen(TTS) to articles
    • Highlight phrases
    • Send to Kindle
    • Folder support.
    • Read saved pages from within app or phone's browser.
    • Remove saved pages.
    • Share via applications those accept links ( SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google Keep, Email, etc.., )


    PaperSpan icon
  • ClipBoy

    Freemium Web Website

    Essentially, ClipBoy is an online clipboard that allows users to save text and links for multiplatform viewing and collaborative work. With this, your friends and co-workers would have the ability to view your clipboard, upon your willingness to share your notes. All in all, ClipBoy enables collaboration, multiplatform support, and easy access to your notes/data. Think of it as a clipboard on the cloud.

    ClipBoy's Feature Highlights:

    Online Links Management
    Online Notes Management
    Real-Time Publishing Of Links & Notes
    Online Webspace For All Links & Notes
    Sharing to twitter
    Minimalistic User Interface
    Handy Bookmarklet Tool


    ClipBoy icon
  • Busk

    Free Web Website

    Busk is a personalized service to consumer news. Find, read, share and collect relevant content without wasting time.


    Busk icon
  • Pagemark

    Commercial Web Website

    Pagemark is a simple and private bookmark organizer.
    It organizes bookmarks with tags, large thumbnails, and formatted notes.


    Pagemark icon
  • Flinkin

    Free Web Website

    Discover the best way to learn and share new links with the rest of the world.


    Flinkin icon
  • Marker

    Free Web Website

    Simple Online Bookmarking. Marker is designed to make saving, organizing, and sharing your bookmarks simple. Because they are stored in the cloud, all of your saved links are available from any device.


    Marker icon
  • thoughtboxes

    Freemium Web Website is a free online notes/ to do app. With a free account you are allowed 3 "trains of thought" for different projects/ideas in which you are allowed unlimited "thought boxes" which are basically like sticky notes that you can add different items to. You can add links, notes, or different tasks and you can use stars to note the important ones.

    It can be used for yourself or for a group, too - each train of thought has the option to share it - so with a link to your train of thought, anyone can view it!


    thoughtboxes icon
  • Keeeb

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Unleashing enterprise intelligence: Keeeb raises productivity and scales the impact and commercial potential of intelligence by engaging employees and customers with relevant knowledge and skills when and where they need it. .


    Keeeb icon

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