Applications by Me

List of applications that I have made.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Website

    BITS-PyOS means:

    • [B]IOS
    • [I]mplementation
    • [T]est
    • [S]uite-based
    • [P]ython
    • [O]perating
    • [S]ystem

    BITS is a custom version of GRUB2 that has an almost-bare-metal version of Python 2 integrated into it. This particular version of BITS uses SysLinux to boot. The "UI" is a custom script that I have designed in conjunction with external applications to create BITS-PyOS.


    BITS-PyOS icon
  • RasDash

    Free Mac Windows Linux Node.JS Website

    RasDash is a combined application and API that runs on NodeJS via ExpressJS. It hosts a webpage that, using JavaScript, pulls system information periodically from the included API.


    RasDash icon
  • OverOS

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Simple shell/TUI written completely in c++ containing a basic "kernel", command support, and the ability to run a KAutoRun application upon boot.


    OverOS icon
  • Spongebuntu

    Free Linux Website

    Spongebob themed Ubuntu distribution. The project may be dead if the creator does not receive interest from new developers.


    Spongebuntu icon

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