the Offline System Softwares

  • Windows 10

    Commercial Windows Website

    a perfect offline environment with clean interfaces and very useful system interactivity;

    • Download the ISO from the Microsoft website;
    • Install it on not having a Key;
    • Never Connect it To The Internet;


    Windows 10 icon
  • Lubuntu

    Free Linux Website

    simple interfaces and low hardware specifications;

    • default lack of system ready interactivity of GNU\Linux systems;
    • key softwares for windows (like) must to be downloaded;
    • install, clear and collect all required packages for offline installation;
    • Never Connect it To The Internet;


    Lubuntu icon
  • Rainmeter

    Free Windows Website

    great on displaying hardware and media information (on windows);
    no actual usability then seeing the effects;


    Rainmeter icon
  • 3RVX

    Free Windows Website

    create custom shortcuts on un-featured keyboard for media control (on windows);


    3RVX icon
  • GIMP

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android BSD ... Snapcraft FLATHUB Haiku AmigaOS Android Tablet Website

    perfect for making drawings and schetching interface design with mouse using PathsTool;


    GIMP icon
  • Blender

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku Steam Website

    until version 2.79 it worked on Intel Graphics 2000 (on windows);
    still the great 3d software for random productivity;


    Blender icon
  • Lazarus

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD OpenSolaris Website

    great for creating form applications,
    better productive on never seen social media expectations and open source logics;


    Lazarus icon

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How do you collect all required packages for offline installation of Lubuntu?


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