Programs to Watch

  • TiVo Desktop (free)

    Free Mac Windows Website

    TiVo Desktop software works with your network-connected TiVo box, your Mac and your PC.

    Publish your personal music library to your TiVo box for playback through your TV and home entertainment system.
    Publish your iPhoto albums to your TiVo box for viewing photos and slideshows on your TV.


    TiVo Desktop (free) icon
  • Tunnelblick

    Free Mac Website

    Tunnelblick is a free, open source graphic user interface for OpenVPN on OS X and macOS. It provides easy control of OpenVPN client and/or server connections.

    It comes as a ready-to-use application with all necessary binaries and drivers (including OpenVPN, easy-rsa, and tun/tap drivers). No additional installation is necessary — just add your OpenVPN configuration and encryption information.

    To use Tunnelblick you need access to a VPN server: your computer is one end of the tunnel and the VPN server is the other end. For more information, see Getting VPN Service.

    Tunnelblick is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 and may be distributed only in accordance with the terms of that license.


    Tunnelblick icon
  • Google Keep

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Chrome Android Wear Website

    Google Keep has several features including color coding notes, inserting images, creating lists, geo-fencing, shareable notes, and search by color.


    Google Keep icon
  • TimeCamp

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Chrome Website

    TimeCamp is a time tracking software for freelancers and companies. It's well equipped: budgeting, invoicing, project costs and many others. If you're looking for a mobile-friendly solution, this one will be perfect! .


    TimeCamp icon
  • Dual Monitor Tools

    Free Windows Website

    Dual Monitor Tools is a software package for Windows users with dual or multiple monitor setups.

    All the tools are open source and free, and each tool is independent so you only need to install or run what you want.


    Dual Monitor Tools icon
  • TMetric

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Microsoft Edge Chrome Safari Opera Firefox Website

    TMetric is a user-friendly time tracker for freelancers and companies of any teams size. Available in German and English. With TMetric you can: set budgets for your projects; set rates; invoice your clients; see your workday on a timeline; get detailed time and money reports, generate screenshots and calculate employees paid time off. TMetric integrates with almost anything including Asana, Basecamp, Freshdesk, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Trello, Wrike, Todoist, Zendesk

    *Stay focused and productive
    -Visual timeline shows the day at a glance.
    -Activity tracking lets you know what exactly took your time.
    -Browser add-ons let you track task from other web apps in one click.
    -Autocomplete for repeated tasks saves you time.

    *Track money you earn
    -Setup billable rates per account, project, or team member.
    -See how much you earn with every project and client.
    -Use multiple currencies to work with international clients.
    -Setup cost rates for a team and see how much you pay your employees.

    *Complete projects within budgets
    -Allocate estimated number of hours per project or team member.
    -Allocate specific money amounts for projects’ budgets.
    -See details of how budgets are spent using TMetric reports.
    -Email notifications help avoiding projects to go over budgets.

    *Monitor performance of your team
    -Bring together on one screen timelines of your team.
    -Track tasks assigned to team members.
    -See an average work intensity of any employee through the day.
    -Edit time records for any team member, if necessary.
    -Capture screenshots.
    -Provide payrolling.
    -Track and manage Time Off.


    TMetric icon
  • TidyTabs

    Freemium Windows Website

    TidyTabs is a tool that brings tabbed browsing to all your programs. Ever wanted to have Chrome-style tabs in Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office or PuTTY? TidyTabs does just that. It integrates nicely with the OS and you will feel like the multi-tab functionality is a core part of Windows.

    TidyTabs has been designed to interoperate nicely with AquaSnap, from the same author. Tabbed groups created with TidyTabs can easily be snapped, docked and tilled thanks to AquaSnap. Both tools are in fact very complementary and can permit you to achieve a major productivity boost.

    Key features:

    • Add tabs to every windows
    • Possibility to group windows from different applications
    • Possibility to exclude applications (blacklist or whitelist)
    • Tab reordering
    • Tab renaming
    • Automatic updates


    TidyTabs icon
  • GoodSync

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    GoodSync syncs files between your computer, mobile devices, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV, Azure.


    GoodSync icon
  • OpenVPN

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    OpenVPN provides flexible VPN solutions to secure your data communications, whether it's for Internet privacy, remote access for employees, securing IoT, or for networking Cloud data centers.


    OpenVPN icon
  • DisplayFusion

    Freemium Windows Website

    DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier. With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable Functions, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors painless.


    DisplayFusion icon
  • Quick Access Popup

    Freemium Windows Website

    The freeware Quick Access Popup (QAP) lets you move like a breeze between your frequently used folders, documents, applications, web pages and much more!

    Save thousands of clicks while browsing your favorite folders in windows explorer or file dialog boxes. Launch your most used applications, documents or web sites instantly with this easy popup menu and mouse/keyboard shortcuts manager. Gather related favorites in submenus. Assign favorites or submenus to keyboard or mouse shortcuts. Or group favorites and launch them in one click.

    To launch the popup menu, click the QAP icon in the notification zone, hit the middle mouse button or press windows + W (these triggers can be changed in options). In the settings window, customize your QAP menu. Review shortcuts assigned to favorites or submenus in the hotkeys window.

    To quickly add a new favorite folder to your popup menu: 1) go to a frequently used folder, 2) click the QAP hotkey and choose add this folder, 3) give the folder a short name and save it.

    In the my QAP essentials menu, choose the switch menu to switch to any other running explorer or application window. Use the reopen a folder menu to reopen one of the folders already open in an explorer window (very useful in file dialog boxes). Choose the recent folders menu to show an updated list of the windows recent folders. Access the files or URLs in your clipboard with the clipboard menu. Click the drives menu to see the list of drives with current disk space.

    In the options dialog box, choose your preferred language, menu icons size, windows colors. Select the number of recent folders to display, add numeric keyboard shortcuts to the folders menu or shortcut reminders. Pin the popup menu at a fix position or remember the settings window position.

    All this for free in very intuitive app. Quick Access Popup is available on Windows 7 and more recent. Works with Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, Total Commander and 15 other file managers.


    Quick Access Popup icon
  • Microsoft Sticky Notes

    Free Windows Website

    A brand new Sticky Notes for Windows has arrived! Thanks to a new and improved design, added intelligence and Pen support, it is now easier than ever to quickly capture and add context to all your notes.


    Microsoft Sticky Notes icon

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