Android Emulators For Windows

  • Droid4X

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Droid4x is Android simulator, which is good in aspects of performance, user experience, compatibility and gaming controllability. Making millions of mobile games and apps as desktop experience.


    Droid4X icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Stream iOS & Android Simulators in the Browser

    For embedding apps in websites, development, collaboration, testing and more

  • Windroy

    Free Windows Website

    Windroy is Android running with Windows kernel!
    It does not run by a simulator (such as VirtualBox), it's on real machine, so it's fast!
    It keeps full Android capabilities. You can run all Android apps, including 3D games!


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  • YouWave

    Freemium Windows Website

    Runs Android apps and app stores on your PC, no phone required

    Download thousands of apps online via app stores within youwave

    High performance - The fastest way to run Android on pc

    Ease of Use - Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps

    Key Technical Features

    Supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread

    Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit

    Simulated SD card functionality - enables game saving

    Saved State - enables fast restart

    Enables multi-player online games

    Dynamic rotating - phone-like instant response

    Volume control buttons

    Retractable control panel


    YouWave icon
  • BlueStacks

    Freemium Mac Windows Website

    An easy to use emulator that allows you to run Android Nougat apps on your Mac or Windows computer.


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  • Genymotion

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux Android Studio Eclipse Website

    Genymotion is an Android emulator for building and testing great Android apps. It’s fast, simple and powerful.
    It offers 20 pre-configured devices and you can create your own custom ones.
    [Genymotion Personal Edition is available free for personal use only at ]

    Insanely fast and fully featured:
    — Resizable windows
    — Screenshots
    — Screencasts
    — Command line tool
    — Java API
    — Seamless copy-paste
    — Customizable IMEI, MEID, Android ID
    — App installation via drag and drop
    — CPU virtualization
    — OpenGL acceleration
    — 20 pre-configured devices
    — Custom devices
    — Sensor emulation: GPS, microphone, camera, battery, multi-touch, accelerometer
    — Network quality and performance emulation

    Standard and integrated:
    — Genymotion plugins
    — Plugins for Eclipse and Android Studio.Compatible with all Android SDK tools: InstrumentationTestRunner, Hierarchy Viewer, Monkey, MonkeyRunner…
    — Built from AOSP, optimized for speed, and validated against Compatibility Test Suite.

    Genymotion is the next generation of the AndroVM open source project, already trusted by 2,500,000 developers. It’s even easier to use and offers lots more features.


    Genymotion icon
  • Andy

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Andy breaks down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, while keeping a user up to date with the latest Android OS feature upgrades. It also provides users with unlimited storage capacity, PC and Mac compatibility, and the freedom to play the most popular mobile games on a desktop. With phone as a joystick, you will never have to sacrifice the multi-touch or gyro elements of gaming, and thanks to seamless connection between desktop and mobile, you can receive a SnapChat phone picture on the street and see it on your desktop at home


    Andy icon
  • ApkOnline

    Free Web Website

    ApkOnline is a free android online emulator that allows to run android apps using a virtual machine where an android device is simulated to execute any application.


  • postmarketOS

    Free Linux Android Website

    postmarketOS (pmOS), is a touch-optimized, pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones and other mobile devices. The project is at very early stages of development and is not usable for most users yet.

    We develop a sustainable mobile OS

    It is 2017. Pick an average PC from 2007 and install a minimal Linux based operating system. You will be able to do basic computing tasks (eg. surfing the web, reading e-mails, listening to music, chatting) just like on an expensive modern PC. You will even get security updates, so your old computer is protected, just like a new one.

    On the current mobile landscape you get none of that. Even expensive phones only have few years of support. As time progresses, your phone becomes slower and slower, and the newest features will not work on it anymore. But postmarketOS builds upon a real Linux distribution, which has no reason to drop support for old devices at all and (assuming that you choose the right software) keeps the resource usage at a constant minimum instead of increasing it with every release. There's no reason to restrict features (such as full disk encryption) to newer devices either. We want to be able to use our devices until they break!

    Package and run anything you want

    postmarketOS is developed in the spirit of regular Linux distributions, so there's no problem in having multiple phone interfaces (e.g. UBports, featurephone with big numbers, plain shell) and let the user choose. A lot of work already went into getting KDE plasma mobile running, it is getting closer every day!

    Furthermore postmarketOS will not impose arbitrary restrictions on you. Use the apps from any ecosystem you want (even desktop software). With Alpine's simple package format, you do not need more than a bit of Linux knowledge to package your favorite programs (assuming that they run on Linux already).


    postmarketOS icon

    Free Personal Mac Windows Website

    KOPLAYER is a free android emulator for Windows and Mac which can help you run Android games & apps on your Windows PC. KOPLAYER commits itself to bringing you the best playing experience for games, with more than one million supported apps. Compare to traditional Android emulators, KOPLAYER takes the newest kernel technology under the x86 architecture. It supports Intel and AMD CPU, OpenGL, hardware acceleration, etc. All of these result in huge advantages in performance, stability, compatibility, and let you enjoy the fun which can’t get from cell phone.

    Big screen, smooth operation, unlimited storage
    Are you worrying about the small screen of your phones? Are you depressed that some games can’t run on your phone? Download KOPLAYER Android emulator. No such problems will appear any more.

    Compatible with Windows xp/7/8
    KOPLAYER Android emulator can run on your PC with windows xp/7/8 system which is smoother than playing on Android devices. And more than 99 apps and games are available on KOPLAYER. And it is far more than similar products on game performance.

    Internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all apps
    KOPLAYER Android emulator has an internal integrated Google Play Store. Players can download, install and play any app of Google Play store in KOPLAYER. Of course, you can also drag .apk files to KOPLAYER to install them. If you find any bug about running apps in KOPLAYER, please inform us

    Newest kernel technology to support Inter& AMD CPU bases on the x86 architecture
    KOPLAYER is an Android emulator of a new generation. It bases on the x86 architecture, compatible with Inter & AMD CPU, supports OpenGL and hardware acceleration. All of these make KOPLAYER much better than other Android emulator on compatibility and stability. KOPLAYER also has other advantages like easy operation, fast response time, smooth running, supporting apps in higher version, custom screen size, rotating screen, etc.


    KOPLAYER icon
  • MEmu

    Free Windows Website

    MEmu is a brand new Android emulator that brings fun of the Android experience to all Microsoft Windows devices.


    MEmu icon
  • Remix OS

    Free Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    Remix OS is an innovative Android-based operating system engineered to be equally adept on mobile and desktop devices.

    Given its lightweight size and system requirements, Remix OS for PC is well suited to be installed on a USB drive (8GB+) and used as a portable workspace securely containing the user’s documents and apps.

    If you don't want to replace your operating system, try Small Remix OS Player iconRemix OS Player Android emulator for Windows.


    Remix OS icon
  • Fairphone Open

    Free Android Website

    alternative, open source version of Fairphone OS, built by Fairphone, that puts transparency and ownership in the spotlight.


    Fairphone Open icon
  • PrimeOS

    Free Android Android Tablet Android-x86 Website

    PrimeOS is an Android-x86 based OS which provides desktop experience on any x86 based device providing user top of the line features like multi-window, taskbar and deca-pro key mapper for gamers.

    It is a free to use software in it's beta version and is constantly under development, it's based on android version Nougat 7.1.2 and with Linux 4.9.x kernel.


    PrimeOS icon
  • Phoenix OS

    Free Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    Phoenix OS is a personal computer operating system which is further researched and developed based on the Android platform, mainly orients to smart tablet, laptop, desktop computer and other large-screen devices. It inherits many habits and experiences of classic personal computer operating system, and also supports millions of mainstream Android applications. You can use it freely no matter under environments of family, office, education or others.Phoenix OS is based on androidx86. It can easily be installed on PC using the installer. I supports many android apps. Multitasking is very easy.


    Phoenix OS icon
  • Remix OS Player

    Free Windows Website

    Remix OS Player is the most up-to-date emulator on the market. Enjoy the latest games and apps that Android has to offer.


    Remix OS Player icon
  • Plasma Mobile

    Free Linux Website

    Plasma Mobile turns your phone into a fully open hacking device, just like a PC. You can join us to start building new mobile experiences now.

    Key features:

    Libre Technologies

    Plasma Mobile (a plasma workspace)

    Qt-based Applications

    Plasma Apps
    Plasma Widgets
    Ubuntu Touch apps
    possibly Sailfish apps
    possibly Nemo apps

    Community Driven.

    Plasma Mobile is developed by one of the most reputable and longest-standing software development organisations in the world. Vendors and users alike can look forward to a rapidly maturing software system developed with an open lifecycle and no conflicts of interest.


    Plasma Mobile icon
  • OpenThos

    Free Windows Linux Website

    OpenThos is a free, open source OS project based on Android-x86, the operating system has Desktop GUI. The source code is available on GitHub. You can choose English Language when attempting to install the OS.


    OpenThos icon
  • ARChon Runtime for Chrome

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome Website

    ARChon Runtime APK for Chrome is a convenient way to create custom Chrome ARChon time packets directly from your phone.

    You can create chrome packages from APK on your phone or from applications on your phone!

    Open the application, select APK or the application from the list. The application name and package name are extracted from the APK and placed in the manifest.json file. Then everything is stapled in the ChromeAPK folder on your phone.


    ARChon Runtime for Chrome icon
  • Astian OS

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Astian OS is an operating system that is based on the discontinued Firefox OS, development by Astian Foundation, thus allowing support for mobile devices, TV's, and other devices. Astian OS is completely free and open.


    Astian OS icon
  • Nox App Player

    Free Mac Windows Website

    Nox APP Player aims to provide the best experience for users to play Android games and apps on PC.


    Nox App Player icon
  • Myblox Emulator

    Free Windows Java Motti.NET (Programming Language) Website

    Myblox Emulator brings Android 1.1 to Android 9.0 Beta to the table with official downloads from with Maximum gaming preformance even with Android Beta's with Myblox preformace overlay keeping the Android version stock and ad-free with root support but makes the preformance much better with your favourite android games even on a Pentium 4! Coming soon! Powered by Motti.NET and Java.
    Public Beta 1 now released!
    The G logo on t-shirt of logo is a registered trademark of Google, Inc
    The Android Logo is a registered trademark of Google, Inc


    Myblox Emulator icon
  • Anbox

    Free Linux Website

    Anbox puts Android into a container and every Android application will be integrated with your operating system. Any Android version is suitable for this approach and try to keep up with the latest version from the Android Open Source Project.


    Anbox icon
  • Bliss Os

    Free Android Android-x86 Phoenix OS Chromium Website

    An Open-Source OS, based on Android, for phones, tablets & PCs with Desktop GUI.


    Bliss Os icon
  • Ubuntu Touch

    Free Linux Website

    Ubuntu Touch is the Ubuntu operating system for mobile phones originally created by Canonical and now developed by the UBports Community.


    Ubuntu Touch icon
  • Shashlik

    Free Linux Website

    The goal of Shashlik is to provide a way to run Android applications on a standard Linux desktop as easily and simply as possible.

    Under the hood
    The easiest way to run an Android app correctly is to simply run Android. It’s a linux base that we can nest inside our session. OpenGL and graphics are all rendered on the host ensuring fast performance.

    Shashlik provides an incredibly stripped down Android base which boots directly into the loaded app, but with a running activity manager and daemons so that intents still work correctly.


    Shashlik icon
  • Maru

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    Maru makes personal computing more context-aware by giving you the best interface for your environment. That means when you're on the go, Maru is your phone; when you're at your desk, Maru is your desktop.

    Maru packs a complete desktop experience on your smartphone. Your phone runs independently of your desktop so you can take a call and work on your big screen at the same time. Personal computing couldn't be simpler.

    Maru takes advantage of your HDMI screen to bring you multi-app, desktop-class productivity.

    Connect your phone to any HDMI screen.
    Maru automatically detects when an external display is available and spins up your desktop. It boots in less than 5 seconds.

    Pair up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
    Any Android-compatible bluetooth peripherals will work with Maru.

    Enjoy desktop productivity.
    Gotta run? Disconnect from your screen and Maru will preserve your desktop state in the background so you can pick up right where you left off.


    Maru icon

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