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    Send big files for free. Browse your file, and we transfer it for you. Secure, fast and worry free with our realtime tracking tool.

  • Woelkli

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    woelkli is a service that provides secure cloud storage hosted in Switzerland. Save, view, edit and share your files from anywhere in the world, from any device


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  • Pogoplug

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... HP webOS Blackberry Android Tablet iPad Website

    Pogoplug is cloud storage which provides unlimited storage. Access all your files, photos, music and movies wherever you are. Automatically import your phone's camera roll to your cloud so you can share the photos and videos on your phone seconds after you capture them—friends and family can watch your videos instantly!

    Pogoplug gives you 5GB of free cloud storage, enabling you to store, stream and share your files and media wherever you are. If you ever need more storage, Pogoplug offers infinite expansion by letting you buy more online storage or host your own cloud with a Pogoplug device.

    With Pogoplug you can:

    • Store: Automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Pogoplug Cloud--no sync required.
    • Share: Instantly share anything in your cloud through email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Create shared folders and collaborate with friends and colleagues.
    • Stream: Stream HD videos, photos and music from your Pogoplug Cloud to your phone.


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    Freemium Web Website was created as a fresh alternative for online file storage to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike those sites, we do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers. We do not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads.

    Our goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.


    Maximum upload size is 5GB. If the files are not downloaded even once within 30 days consecutively they are removed. If you have a premium account your files are never deleted.

    Signing up as a member of File Dropper gives you some great benefits. You'll be able to keep track of your files in a handy file manager, add password protection for downloading, mark files as private (only you can download them), and delete unwanted Files.

  • DelaFil

    Free Web Website

    Share files in an easy way. One, two, three and its Sent!


    1. Browse to the file of your choosing using the browse button (max 2 GB)
    2. Enter the recipient email address
    3. Click the button "Upload" to finish


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  • JustBeamIt

    Free Web Android Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Streaming peer-to-peer file transfers from within the browser. No registration required.

    Please note that the links it creates are intended for a single recipient and will work once. The download link is valid for 10 minutes, after which it expires and is invalidated, meaning the transfer cannot take place. Everything is streamed from source to destination through our service, and no file contents are recorded on our servers.


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  • Yandex.Disk

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. Download the app to your phone or tablet and you'll literally be able to carry your files with you everywhere.

    • Transfer data from your cell phone to computer and back again, all you need is an internet connection.
    • Your files will be completely safe on Disk, even if your mobile or tablet gets lost or broken.
    • To share a file or folder, simply send a link to it and save on mobile data charges.
    • Photos taken through the app will be instantly available on all your other devices.
    • Get up to 20GB on Disk for free, and if that's not enough, you can always purchase additional packages of 100GB or 1 TB.
      The Yandex.Disk computer application is available at


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  • File Cargo

    Free Web Website is a free service for file storage or file hosting.
    Let say you want to send or share your files to your friends, you can store or host that file at then you will be given a link where to download that file, then just give the link to your friends so they can download it here automatically.



    Freemium Mac Windows Web iPhone Chrome OS ... Chrome Website allows computer users to send large files to anyone. Videos, pictures, documents or any other file that is too large to send as an email attachment can be sent through


    Freemium Web Website

    Send your files safely up to 6GB for free. No download speed limit. No registration needed.


    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Android Tablet iPad Website

    Free file transferring service up to 5GB. No needed registration. SendGB keeps files up to 90 days! Unlimited downloads. Password protected transfers! Email notifications for each transfer. No Upload and Download speed limit.


    Freemium Web Website is a file sharing service, upload files without limits, securely & anonymously.

    Files are encrypted & stored securely in the cloud, for 30 days for free, and permanently for pro users.
    Upload your files now and get your shareable URL immediately.

  • Sia

    Freemium Web JSON JavaScript Go (Programming Language) Website

    Sia is a new decentralized cloud storage platform aimed at giving users control of their data.
    Data is split into hundreds of erasure coded pieces and encrypted locally, and then each piece is uploaded to a separate host.
    A JSON-Documents-chained-list ( blockchain ) is used to create cryptographic contracts ensuring that hosts will only get paid if they actually store the data.
    Out of hundreds of hosts, only a fraction are required to recover the original file.

    Anybody can join the network as a host and get income from the storage they contribute.
    This openness allows Sia to build and take advantage of a global network of small datacenters.
    Combined with advanced algorithms for storing and retrieving data, Sia is poised to be a highly competitive cloud storage platform.
    More information about the technology can be found on our website and in the 'doc' folder of the repository.

    Sia is ready for use with small sums of money and non-critical files, but until the network has a more proven track record, we advise against using it as a sole means of storing important data.

    Source code :
    UI :


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  • Droplr

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Chrome Website

    Droplr is a tiny application that aims at helping people share things easier. Every day people come across many situations in which they need to share something with someone else. It's a simple problem, but almost every solution is limited, cumbersome, inflexible and/or confusing. Droplr aims to solve this problem by focusing on simplicity, ease of use and flexibility.


    File Sharing
    Droplr is the easiest and best way to share files, large and small, over the internet. Period.

    Image Sharing
    Whether you want to link to an image or embed one somewhere, Droplr makes sharing images on the web incredibly easy.

    Notes & Code
    Need to share a text note? Or how about a code snippet? We'll even syntax highlight it for you.

    Droplr offers 30 day trial accounts and a lite and pro (100GB) account option.

    The Best Cloud App. Everything you share is stored secure and safe in the cloud. Access it all anywhere from any device.

    Anything you share on Droplr is stored reliably on industry-leading technology. You can depend on us.

    Droplr is built on the fastest platform possible making it the quickest way to share your favorite things.

    Droplr has a public documented API that makes integrating with many more of your favorite applications a cinch.


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    Freemium Web Website is a free Cloud Service. It offers Unlimited online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. With you can host files, images, videos and audio on the same place.


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  • FileRun

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Fantastico De Luxe Unraid OpenMediaVault PHP Docker Website

    FileRun is a full featured PHP web based file manager with a very easy to use user interface.
    Upload and download large files and folders for easy sharing.

    • Upload large files (larger even than 10GB).
    • Upload folders! (Yes, you can upload entire folder structures. Without zipping!)
    • Upload by drag & drop.
    • Resume interrupted large uploads.
    • Download files and folder of unlimited sizes. (Yes, you can download entire folder structures. No zipping!)
    • Download cart for downloading selected files from multiple folders in a single action.
    • Resume interrupted downloads.
    • Direct Links to Files and Folders (Protect them with passwords. Limit the number of downloads. Set expiration dates. Stream audio or video through them.)
    • Send Files by E-mail (Directly from the FileRun user interface. Receive notifications on downloads.)
    • File Comments (Attach discussions to files. Receive notifications about posted comments. Search files by their comments.)
    • File Labels (Predefined list of colorful labels. Customized labels. Search files by labels.)
    • File Metadata (Attach various information to files. Automatically extracts media information: resolution, IPTC and EXIF author, description, keywords, GPS location, etc)
    • Search Files (By name, content, metadata, comments, labels, etc)
    • Activity-Based E-mail Notifications (Choose which users, which actions, which recipients. 70+ monitored actions.)
    • Instant Screenshot Sharing
    • Mobile Version - touch friendly
    • Play audio and video files (In the browser, no plugin required.)
    • Read Documents (In the browser, no plugin required.)
    • And much more...


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    Free Web Website

    Gofile is a free and anonymous file-sharing platform. You can store and share data of all types (files, images, music, videos etc...). There is no limit, you download at the maximum speed of your connection and everything is free.

  • TransferNow

    Freemium Web Website

    TransferNow is a sharing service to transfer large files from point A to point B. With it you can send all types of large documents of up to 20 GB (photos, videos, audio, documents...) to your friends, co-workers, or family.


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  • Degoo

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Degoo is a backup app for Windows, Mac OS X and Android that lets you back-up your data in the cloud. You also get 100 GB of free secure cloud backup storage so you'll never lose a file again.

    Choose what's important to you, like your photos, document or other files, and Degoo takes care of the rest.

    It detects when you snap a new photo or add some files and make sure your backup is always up to date.

    Thanks to advanced encryption algorithms and data transformation your backed up files are securely stored in the cloud and are always protected.

    If disaster strikes and your phone gets stolen, crashes or whatever you can install Degoo on any Android, iOS, Windows or macOS device and safely recover your files again.


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  • Jirafeau

    Free Windows Linux Self-Hosted NGINX Apache HTTP Server ... PHP Cloudron lighttpd Website

    Jirafeau is an open-source web site permitting to upload a file in a simple way and give an unique link to it.


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  • Muonium

    Free Web Website

    Muonium is a fully open source, encrypted, and democratic cloud.


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