What I'm using on my Mac

  • Spotify

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    Spotify is my music streaming platform of choice, however I don't subscribe to Spotify Premium because I mainly use it on my computer, where I don't need offline listening, I'm given unlimited skips, and there aren't many ads.


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  • Authy

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    I used to use Google Authenticator, but I became worried about what would happen if I lost my phone, as Google Authenticator doesn't sync with the cloud. I have 2FA enabled on my most important accounts, just in case.


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  • Filedrop

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    Because I'm using a Android phone now, I don't get to enjoy the luxuries of the Apple ecosystem. I still prefer macOS and I love my MacBook Pro, but the one thing I miss about the iPhone is AirDrop. Filedrop isn't quite as fluid, but it's as close as I think I can ever get.1


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  • Download Shuttle

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    Download Shuttle lets me take advantage of my new gigabit internet, and download files an blazing fast speeds, by downloading multiple sections of a file at the same time to reduce bottlenecking.


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  • iColors

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    iColors is a simple color picker that uses the system color picker to quickly copy the HEX code of any color on the screen.


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  • CopyClip

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    CopyClip is a small app that I just keep running in the background in case I need to go back and find a previous item I copied. It's rarely useful, but it's saved me enough times that I keep it around.


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  • Coffee Buzz

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    It's great when I need to leave my computer doing something like downloading a large file or installing some software, and I don't want it to sleep and


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  • BackBlaze

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    Backblaze is a quite cheap cloud backup service. For $5/mo it comes with unlimited cloud storage and a Dropbox-like way of sharing files with anyone (up to 10GB can be shared at a time, $0.005 per GB after that)


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  • Local by Flywheel

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    I work with WordPress a bunch, and Local allows me to easily run WordPress on my computer without dealing with complicated local servers and


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  • Gravit Designer

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    I've been using Gravit Designer for years now, and I happily subscribed to their new Gravit Pro tier. I'm excited for the new updates such as support for Adobe Illustrator files and better EPS import.


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  • Adobe Lightroom

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    Adobe Lightroom is my photo manager and editor of choice. I decided to switch from Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC because I prefer the interface, however the constant cloud syncronization can sometimes be frustrating.


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  • Adobe Photoshop

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    I have a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 from an old computer, and I only use it occasionally to remove backgrounds or do some more advanced edits on a photo.


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  • Apple Calendar

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    It's a nice calendar app for my Mac. It's built in, and it just works. That's all.


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  • Panorama Stitcher Mini

    Free Mac Website

    Whenever I take multiple images to make a panorama, this little tool does a great job of making a high-resolution panorama.


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  • Todoist

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    I've been a happy subscriber of Todoist Premium for quite some time now, and I've only had a few minor complaints, all of which have been quickly resolved by their fantastic support team.


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