Must-have Apps After New Windows installation [V1.0: Basic]

  • Mozilla Firefox

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    Since the first thing we do after installing Windows, is to connect to the internet and check for drivers and stuff, I prefer using Firefox over the default Edge browser for noticeably better browsing in every aspect, from speed to privacy.
    Firefox is just the best all-around browser so far.


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  • uBlock Origin

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    And since we have lots of work to be done in the browser, we better off getting rid of annoying ads and popups; And uBlock Origin is up to the task.

    *Just remember to whitelist your favorite websites to support them.


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  • EagleGet

    Free Windows Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Website

    It's not perfect, but an okay download manager which will integrate to most browsers without problems, it lets the user decide whether to allow ads to appear inside the app (actually not intrusive ads, which is a good thing) or use it ad-free but limits the bandwidth in return.


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  • qBittorrent

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    Speaking of downloads, we should have a dedicated client for the growing file format: Torrent. qBittorenet is literally all you need: safe, open-source, easy-to-use and fast with minimal design.


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  • PeaZip

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    Unzipping, compressing, or extracting archived files of various format is almost a daily action for any computer user. The free open-source PeaZip will do the trick just perfectly.

    ( Small 7-Zip icon7-Zip might be better option for some people, but I opted for PeaZip for its GUI which makes it easier for inexperienced users)


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  • VLC Media Player

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    Now we should replace some of the boring and slow Microsoft's programs. For all in one media player solution, so I picked up VLC: The most popular, stable, fully-featured media player in the open-source world


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  • HoneyView

    Free Windows Website

    in my opinion, the best image viewer that will definitely blow Microsoft's Windows Photo Viewer.
    You could also consider, the open-source, cross-platform, elegant viewer: Small nomacs iconnomacs


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  • SumatraPDF

    Free Windows Website

    E-documents/E-books or PDFs are very common formats too. Viewing them on Windows is way better with Sumatra PDF.
    You could also consider the free, more feature-packed PDF reader: Small Xodo iconXodo


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  • Microsoft Office Suite

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    For productivity we all need an office suite, Microsoft Office seems to the best functional, most mature, modern, advanced one out there.

    MS office offers free license for 4 years for students, and that's why I've included in this list which is intended to offer only free packages.


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  • LibreOffice

    Free Mac Windows Linux BSD Website

    LibreOffice seems to be the best MS office alternative right now. it's got big community and a relatively rapid development going on.


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  • Avast Free Antivirus

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    If you're worried about viruses and malware, the free version of Avast will take care of your PC's security fairly enough.
    Be warned that using an AntiVirus can eat up much of your computer's resources in the background. You DON'T NEED an AntiVirus if you know and understand what you're doing with your machine.


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  • ShutUp10++

    Free Windows Website

    Microsoft is often accused of violating privacy issues, ShutUp10 is a tool that helps you turn off the possible ways/features that Windows 10 uses to spy on users.
    Another good alternative I recommend is: Small DisableWinTracking iconDisableWinTracking (Open-source with an easier UI).


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