Compose music on the go with these mobile audio workstations, music studios in your pocket. This list is comprised of mobile DAWs with capable sequencers, typically with multi-track audio and MIDI features, many having built-in synths and other sounds as well for a complete music creation experience.

  • FL Studio icon

    FL Studio

    The mobile version of the hugely popular FL Studio received a rewrite for version 3 that provides possibly the best experience for mobile music creation thus far. With an elastic interface that grows and shrinks to suit the user's needs and a contextual, touch-based design made for human fingers while still working feasibly for desktops, the app removes the tedious stuff and allows the musician to focus on the creative process.

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  • GarageBand icon


    Apple's GarageBand is widely known as being one of the easiest ways to create music and the mobile version maintains that status in taking music composition on the go with a powerful sequencer, mixer, built-in sounds and effects.

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  • Caustic icon


    One of the most popular mobile music studios, Caustic covers all the basics and more with its automatable synths, drums and effects alongside a mobile-centric sequencer and mixer. Its rack-mount inspired, multi-touch interface is a breeze to navigate with an elegant, ever-present transport bar.

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  • SunVox icon


    Different from typical DAW software because of its tracker sequencer, SunVox packs a sophisticated modular sound engine into a sleek and futuristic interface that's fully optimized for mobile music composition.

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  • Walk Band icon

    Walk Band

    Like having GarageBand for Android, Walk Band lets you create music with bass, guitar, drums and more using an intuitive sequencer to make mobile music creation as easy as possible.

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  • Audio Evolution icon

    Audio Evolution

    Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a full featured mobile DAW with the power of a desktop audio and MIDI workstation, complete with a capable mixer, pattern and song sequencer that easily interchanges with the desktop version or exports to other DAWs.

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  • MultitrackStudio icon


    With a streamlined interface and feature set for mobile, MultitrackStudio for iPad still packs a lot of power with a full 16 tracks of audio or MIDI, bundled effects like Flanger and Chorus, automation and extensive import/export support.

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  • G-Stomper Studio icon

    G-Stomper Studio

    Optimized for doing electronic live performances, G-Stomper Studio delivers a complete DAW experience with advanced audio manipulation and pattern-based sequencing neatly wrapped in a gorgeous dark theme.

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  • KORG Gadget icon

    KORG Gadget

    KORG's long-standing history with electronic sound shines in this powerful mobile music creation studio that's packed with over 20 high quality synths and an elegant sequencer and mixer to bring them all together.

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  • Auria icon


    A professional music studio in your pocket, Auria has the power of a desktop DAW but elegantly designed for iPad interaction.

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  • Music Studio icon

    Music Studio

    Music Studio is a powerful, mobile DAW with a feature-packed, 127-track sequencer that supports audio and MIDI tracks. It's a great looking mobile studio with an equally great workflow to simplify the music creation process.

    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Ugotsta-image  May 2016

  • XENON icon


    Sporting an array of built-in synths and rhythm machine along with a robust pattern and song sequencer, XENON is a fully capable mobile DAW for electronic music.

    Commercial iPhone iPad Ugotsta-image  May 2016

  • PocketBand icon


    Packed with a ton of great instruments and drum kits alongside an advanced sequencer complete with a full-featured arpeggiator, PocketBand tacks on some incredible social features to take mobile music creation to new heights.

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  • RD4 Groovebox icon

    RD4 Groovebox

    Made for mobile, this groovebox crams some advanced DAW features into a tiny synth-packed studio for electronic music composition.

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  • NanoStudio icon


    NanoStudio packs an advanced 64-track sequencer in a beautiful interface that makes mobile music composition super easy while also providing a free desktop version for those who like to work between mobile and desktop.

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  • n-Track Studio icon

    n-Track Studio

    Much like its desktop counterpart, n-Track Studio delivers professional audio and MIDI editing features, bringing advanced DAW functionality to mobile.

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  • Cubasis icon


    Cubasis is probably the best looking mobile DAW, resembling the infamous desktop DAW Cubase in appearance, but also in its plethora of professional features. Designed exclusively for iPad, it easily succeeds in bringing commercial desktop functionality to mobile.

    Commercial iPad Ugotsta-image  May 2016

  • Zquence Studio icon

    Zquence Studio

    Zquence Studio is a sleek, little 16-track music studio with a batch of built-in instruments, audio recording and mixing engine bundled with a nice bunch of effects.

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  • Stagelight icon


    Stagelight wraps sophisticated DAW features into an elegant, minimalist interface that makes mobile music composition super easy. It sports a bunch of built-in instruments, synths and drum machines accompanied by a totally adept sequencing engine and mixer.

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  • BeatMaker icon


    With advanced MIDI features, full fledged wave editor, mutli-track sequencer and so much more, BeatMaker is a serious contender as one of the best mobile music composers.

    Commercial iPhone iPad Ugotsta-image  Feb 2017