• Bookmark Manager

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome OS Chrome Website

    Chrome Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Manager are now more powerful by incorporating the smarts of Google Search with a new modern UI.

    Now, if you’re signed in to Chrome with sync enabled:

    One-click save: When you bookmark, you can now save an image and note to make your bookmarks more helpful. Also, Google will suggest a folder if it seems like it could be a fit.

    Improved search: Quickly find that elusive page with search powered by Google, which looks not only at the bookmark title and snippet, but also the bookmarked page’s content.

    Collect bookmarks by topic: Your bookmarks will automatically be organized by topic, like “Tokyo” and “Photography.” If you’d rather, you can still organize them into folders yourself.

    Familiar bookmarks, new look: Your existing bookmarks will automatically get updated with images and descriptions, wherever possible.

    Share: Have a folder of favorite bookmarks? You can make it public and share the link with whomever you’d like to access it. Everything else will remain private.

    Access your bookmarks anywhere: Bookmarked an article on your phone to finish reading on your laptop? Chrome will continue to sync your bookmarks across all of your devices, just like it does today.

    By installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at .


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  • Basket

    Freemium Web Android Android Tablet Chrome Website

    Basket is a bookmark organizing application. You can Save any URL and Embed Links in Basket. While saving and even later you can completely personalize your bookmarks with Category, Color, Tags & Notes.

    Once you add an Article We keep it saved for you, so that you never loss it and also can Read it offline anytime. You can also view your saved online Doc,PDF, PPT very inside of Basket.

    Basket dealt with one main problem that is search among a heap of bookmarks. In as much organize way you will keep saved them you will find them lot more easier. Basket will help you to get them even with your saved date and lot more.

    You can anytime share your bookmarks with your partner via Email and with friends over social media with a click.

    Basket keep it Simple, Organized and Effective.


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  • Hiro

    Free Personal Web Chrome Website

    Hiro let's you organize things with simple text snippets. It even works for the most chaotic people.

    • Keep tabs with friends. Money owed, things recommended, all in one place.

    This information is normally spread across dozens of emails or chats. With Hiro it's easy to pull it all together.

    • Organize things freely, without any complicated structures.

    Still using textfiles on your desktop? Like us. That's why we started working on Hiro. We wanted the speed & simplicity of text with the ability to sync & share.

    • Tie the wisdom of your contacts together, instead of a gazillion chat histories.

    What's the best new restaurant in town? The greatest 80ies sci-fi movies? Normally this questions get asked over and over again, Hiro collects all the answers in one place.

    Hiro is ridiculously fast, works offline and syncs seamlessly across all your devices.


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  • Pearltrees

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Firefox Website

    Pearltrees is a social curation tool. It lets you organize, discover and share the stuff you like on the web.


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  • Google Bookmarks

    Free Web Website

    Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmark storage service, available to Google Account holders. It allows one to bookmark favorite websites and add labels or tags, and also notes.

    Users can access their bookmarks from any computer by signing in to their Gmail account. The bookmarks are searchable, and searches are performed on the full text of the bookmarked pages, not just the labels and notes.


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  • historious

    Freemium Web Website

    Historious saves a copy of web pages you bookmark, so that you can find pages youve bookmarked easily without needing to add words as tags which are already in the page text. Tags can still be added, and you can use the special tag "unread", which removes itself when you read the page, and comes with its own special "read later" bookmarklet.


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  • Dropmark

    Freemium Mac Web iPhone iPad Chrome ... Safari Website

    Dropmark is the smart way for teams and individuals to collect, organize, and discuss anything on the web.


    Dropmark icon

    Free Web Website

    In your browsers address bar, type "" in front of the URL of the site you want to save. Hit enter and you'll be redirected to where you can see the saved link. All you need is a web browser. You don't need to install any apps or extensions. It's the simplest bookmarking app possible.

  • Flipora

    Free Web Website

    flipora is a Personal Browsing History Search Engine. With flipora every page that you visit on the Internet gets added to a collection called your Personal Web Memory and flipora makes this collection, searchable across all the computers you use. Thanks to flipora, there is no need to ever bookmark a page again. It makes getting back to web pages seen in the past (like videos, news articles etc) extremely fast and easy. flipora also lets you ‘pivot’ around web pages seen in the past to see other pages that you visited at the same time. Tagging and sharing pages from your web memory with your friends is also very convenient with flipora.


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  • Papaly

    Free Web Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Chrome Firefox Website

    Papaly is a simple social bookmarking tool to manage all your links. Create custom boards and categories. Share and follow topics of interest to discover new content.


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  • EverSync

    Freemium Windows Android Internet Explorer Chrome Pale Moon ... Firefox Website

    Enjoy access to your favorite sites, bookmarks, and tabs from any computer and any browser - with perfect ease! Eversync will keep your favorite content within your immediate reach at all times!


    EverSync icon
  • FCorp Link Manager

    Free Windows Website

    "Link Manager" is a tiny, easy to use "Bookmark Manager" specially designed to help you manage your favorite Links/URL. You can also extract links from HTML files or Clipboard.

    Feature List :

    1. Link Manager
    2. Link Extractor ( Extract Link from HTML File & Google Images )
    3. EXTRAS ( URL Shortener, Link Encoder/Decoder, Mass Link Launcher, etc )


    FCorp Link Manager icon
  • Keeeb

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Unleashing enterprise intelligence: Keeeb raises productivity and scales the impact and commercial potential of intelligence by engaging employees and customers with relevant knowledge and skills when and where they need it. .


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  • Dragdis

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Website

    Drag & drop anything anywhere. Collect images, texts, links or videos to your private folders or post directly to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & (soon to come) Dropbox, Pinterest. More info:


    Dragdis icon
  • wheatt

    Free Web Website

    Wheatt is an online bookmarking tool that allows you to to quickly save links, and then search them in every useful way imaginable, in any combination. For example, you can find a link that is tagged "programming", where the page contains the text "ruby".


    wheatt icon
  • Draggo

    Free Web Website

    Draggo is the best way to save, organize, and access all your favorite links from any online location.


    Draggo icon
  • ShuffLink

    Free Windows Phone Website

    Alternative to StumbleUpon or more like a random link generator on
    the Windows Phone platform.

    Kill Hour's boredom with ShuffLink.
    Tired of visiting the same websites again and again?
    Give a whirl to your online experience by jumping to any random site with ShuffLink .


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  • Stache

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Chrome Safari Website

    Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library.


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  • Bookmark Ninja

    Commercial Web Website

    Access your bookmarks on any device (desktop, notebook, mobile) in any browser
    All your bookmarks are kept private, Bookmark Ninja is not a social bookmarking site.


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  • Skloog

    Free Web Website

    Skloog is a simple but powerful bookmark manager, that lets you organize your links by tag and category.


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  • myWebroom

    Free Web Website

    myWebRoom is a unique web-based visual bookmarking platform that allows you to create a virtual room online and use it to organize your favorite websites, discover new content, and share your favorite finds.
    How does it work?
    Express yourself by adding trendy furniture, cutting-edge electronics, and cool, curated art to your room. Once you’re done designing, all that you have to do is click on the objects (furniture, pieces of decor, etc.) to access different categories of bookmark folders. Shop, socialize, book a vacation, listen to music, and watch movies all from your room.
    What makes it unique?
    myWebRoom lets you create an interactive profile using the products that you love. These products then double as bookmark folders where you can intuitively organize your content any way that you want.
    For example, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu can be stored inside of your television while your favorite photo sharing sites can be stored inside of your camera.
    New bookmarking service:
    Your room is your doorway to the internet - all of your bookmarks are tied to the objects in your room. Work efficiently on the web and never lose any information! You can create as many bookmark folders as you need and with one click add valuable content to any folder. The internet is a busy place and we’re constantly being inundated with new content every day. myWebRoom provides you with up-to-date, trending, and curated content based on your interests.

    The advantages of myWebRoom:
    Easy to access
    -Travel anywhere on the globe without your computer, login to your room, and have everything you need always waiting for you.Simple, visual tool for sorting, organizing and searching content
    -Easily add any link to as many folders as you need
    -Add notes to your saved content to personalize your experience
    -Efficiently search based on your interests
    -Organize content, images, videos, and sites into folders you create
    A new way to discover the web .


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  • GGather

    Freemium Web Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Chrome Opera ... Firefox Website

    Effortless and organized way to store and share your bookmarks with the right mix of features.


    GGather icon

    Free Web Chrome Website

    Klart is a bookmarking service made for designers. Capture a screenshot and a link to anything online with just a click.
    Klart is a bookmarking service made for designers. Capture and organize anything you find online with just a click. It's perfect for collecting designs, copywriting and content. Capture a screenshot and a link of websites with just a click. All snapshots are uploaded to your private area on where you can access and organize them with ease. Anytime, anywhere.

    Product Hunt:

  • kweeper

    Free Personal Web Website

    Easily Publish or Collect things that matter around the web with one click or by email.


    kweeper icon
  • Quicklinkr

    Free Web Website

    Organize & Share your favorite links. Discover & Save new ones. Any time, anywhere, any device.


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