Software used to power

  • Let's Encrypt icon

    Let's Encrypt

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Let's Encrypt provides automatic free, short-term SSL certificates that Traefik uses to secure communication between your browser and the server


  • Alpine Linux icon

    Alpine Linux

    Free Linux Website

    Every container used for testing, development and production runs Alpine Linux


  • Concourse icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted Website

    Concourse validates Pull Requests and builds every commit on the master branch


  • Anime.js icon


    Free Self-Hosted JavaScript GitHub Website

    Anime.js runs on the client, making it easy to deliver high performance animations and page transitions


  • NodeBB icon


    Free Web Self-Hosted MongoDB Redis Cloudron Website

    The OpenUserCSS Forums run on NodeBB


  • Sentry icon


    Freemium Web Self-Hosted Website

    When an error occurs on the forums or on the main site, Sentry helpfully fires alerts and creates issues that can be linked to GitHub


  • GraphQL

    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux JavaScript GitHub Website

    The OpenUserCSS API implements github, thanks to apollo-server


  • ExpressJS icon


    Free Mac Windows Linux JavaScript Node.JS Website

    The popular ExpressJS framework handles all data passed through the API and also serves the webpage itself, along with static files


  • JavaScript icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS BSD iPad AROS Haiku Website

    Most of the software used in the infrastructure of OpenUserCSS are written in Javascript


  • Babel icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Node.JS Website

    The build process processes the source code using Babel to make it possible to write arguably better JavaScript


  • MongoDB icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux Web BSD Website

    MongoDB is used as a database to store profile data, themes and forum posts.


  • Node.js icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD Self-Hosted Website

    Node.js is the JavaScript runtime OpenUserCSS uses to run the service


  • Docker icon


    Freemium Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted ... FreeNAS Website

    Docker provides container orchestration (along with docker-compose) to make it easy to deploy new versions, or to roll back to a previuos version afterwards


  • Træfik icon


    Free Linux Website

    Traefik is a docker-aware reverse proxy that provides automatic SSL certificates, with the help of Let's Encrypt


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