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  • bibisco

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell Node.JS Website

    bibisco is a novel writing software that helps you to write your story, in a simple way.

    • bibisco is a desktop application available for Linux, MacOS and Windows in 13 languages: czech, dutch, french, german, english, italian, polish, portuguese (Brazil), portuguese (Portugal), russian, serbian, spanish, turkish.
    • All that you need - with bibisco you can organize chapters and scenes, manage revisions, export novel in pdf, docx., txt, epub. And, of course, write with a fully featured text editor, also in DISTRACTION FREE mode.
    • Organize your ideas - with bibisco you can create a novel structure, define premise, fabula, narrative strands and settings: geographic, temporal and social context.
    • Focus on characters - your novel works if its characters are believable, that is when you understand human nature's complexity. With bibisco you can KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS, in an unusual and funny way: an INTERVIEW!
      *Going into the deep - with bibisco you can see how characters, locations and narrative strands are distributed chronologically and across chapters. You can keep track of the number of words and characters you've written and you can see your story represented on a TIMELINE. You can draw the relationships between characters, places and objects using the RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM.
    • Set your writing goals - with bibisco you can set your writing goals: deadline, words total, words per day and monitor the status of their achievement over time.


    bibisco icon
  • Charahub

    Free Web Website

    Use Charahub to create or share characters and keep your story organised

    A place to store information on and get inspiration for all of your favourite characters - from fandom to OC and everything in between.


    Charahub icon
  • Storyline Creator

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Website

    Storyline Creator is an elegant tool to write stories ranging from short stories to novels. It makes it a breeze to draft ideas and to organize your scenes, characters and researched material - so you can focus on the creativity instead of the paper war.


    Storyline Creator icon
  • yWriter

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    yWriter is a writing tool that uses "scenes" as a unit of text and allows you to associate that text with all manner of story elements (characters, locations, items) as well as place it and rearrange it within the context of chapters.


    yWriter icon
  • Pagefour

    Commercial Windows Website

    Windows software for novelists and creative writers. A tabbed word processor, outliner, and organizer all in one.


    Pagefour icon
  • Storyboard That

    Freemium Web Website

    Storyboard That is the world's best online storyboard creator. Everyday people from all over the world use Storyboard That to quickly create amazing storyboards.

    Teachers use Storyboard That as a powerful re-enforcement tool for lessons and book reports.

    Businesses use Storyboard That to model customer interaction scenarios.

    Movie Makers
    Storyboard That provides a very fast and easy way to sketch out your latest movie or commercial idea.


    Storyboard That icon
  • Plotbot

    Free Web Website

    Plotbot is free screenwriting software. You can write your screenplay with as many or a few people as you want--right from your browser. We handle the formatting so you can concentrate on writing!


    Plotbot icon
  • Twine

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

    You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you're ready.

    Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.

    [From the website]


    Twine icon
  • Liquid Story Binder XE

    Commercial Windows Website

    Liquid Story Binder XE is a uniquely designed word processor for professional and aspiring authors, poets, and novelists. Writing software for those who require the editing ability of a commercial text editor as well as a document tracking system. It is for those who want the freedom to create, outline and revise but are tired of losing track of their work.


    Liquid Story Binder XE icon
  • Storybundle

    Commercial Web Website

    StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and


    Storybundle icon
  • articy:draft

    Commercial Windows Website

    The first professional tool for story and game design

    Create, organize and communicate your game vision. Compose every aspect of your game design in just one highly visual and versatile solution.

    Develop interactive stories, deep and meaningful characters and item bibles covering the full game content. Draft specific game locations and manage their place in the game world. Create your own custom templates for classes of items, objects, missions, characters, combat units, levels and more.

    Tailored to the specific demands of non-linear storytelling, articy:draft makes writing for games blindingly easy. Build branching story or dialogue flows and at the same time manage dramaturgy and player experience.

    Create mission trees, game state graphs, state machines, skill or tech trees with our unique flow editor.

    You can work together online with other team members and benefit largely from the integrated workflow and asset management functionalities. articy:draft is the breakthrough tool for game design, drastically increasing efficiency and joy of use throughout the entire production.

    Finally! A tool for game designers and writers.


    articy:draft icon
  • Plume Creator

    Free Windows Linux Website

    With Plume Creator, organize your writing projects ! Scenes, notes, characters,... Rich Text editing, full screen editing and multiple projects …

    Plume Creator gives you an outliner, a distraction-free mode, a note manager and much more!


    Plume Creator icon
  • Plotagon

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    There is power in animation. It captures attention. It stimulates the senses. It’s timeless.

    Reach new heights with your social media marketing using Plotagon’s unique 3D-style animation. Your e-learning courses and explainer videos suddenly transform into multi-sensory experiences through visuals, sounds, movement and more. Bring your ideas to life using this award-winning animation software. Plotagon Studio is perfect for agencies, marketing, HR and businesses looking to liven up their messaging or internal communications.


    Plotagon icon
  • Slugline

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    The highest-rated screenwiting app on the Mac App Store comes to iOS!

    Slugline is a minimal, distraction-free environment for the most important part of screenwriting—the writing part.

    Slugline works with plain text. It automatically turns your writing into a properly formatted screenplay, without you ever needing to press the Tab key.


    ? Automatic formatting
    ? Sync files with iCloud and Dropbox, or work locally
    ? Works with iOS 11 Drag and Drop and the Files app
    ? Printed on paper or PDF, your screenplay is indistinguishable from one made with apps costing much more
    ? Helpful structure templates, including the famous beat sheet from Save the Cat!®
    ? Slugline’s famous Integrated outlining
    ? Notes, Scene Synopses, and Omitted text help keep you organized
    ? Includes Courier Prime, a beautiful typeface designed for screenplays

    Slugline uses the free and open Fountain screenplay format, which is nothing more than plain text.? You can work on your screenplay anywhere, using any writing app. When you open it in Slugline again, everything will be there, properly formatted.?

    Start with an outline, then seamlessly transition to writing scenes. Or jot down a placeholder for your third-act twist while you’re still crafting your opening pages. Slugline allows you to be as structured as you like, even if that means not at all.?

    Slugline keeps getting better, and that's thanks to you! Slug us a line at with any questions or feedback you have, and follow us on Twitter at @SluglineApp.


    Slugline icon
  • SuperNotecard

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    SuperNotecard is an intuitive tool that uses notecards to capture and organize your ideas. These virtual notecards can be moved into decks, arranged on the screen, or grouped and categorized with ease.

    SuperNotecard is fast becoming the best way for novelists, biographers, researchers, and writers of every stripe to begin to craft their work using notecards.


    SuperNotecard icon
  • Novlr

    Commercial Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    The writer’s choice of novel-writing tool. Online & offline, desktop and mobile. Chapter/scene organisation; version history; analytics & goals; advanced grammar check; export & publish to epub...everything you need to support your novel-writing.


    Novlr icon
  • AESOP Story Engine

    Free Web Self-Hosted Wordpress Website

    A collection of unique components wrapped in a plugin that can be used to present rich, interactive stories or articles in any WordPress theme.


    AESOP Story Engine icon
  • ApolloPad

    Commercial Web Website

    Great online app for writers, novelists, and bloggers. Manage project timelines, outlines, characters, locations and objects, upload photos and reorganize it all as much as you need to. Contextual inline notes (including to-do items, photos, and videos) to help you keep your thoughts where they belong - with the writing they apply to. Import projects from PDF, Word or other formats. Export your work to PDF, ebook, Markdown, doc and more. Plus automated backups to your own personal Dropbox.


    ApolloPad icon
  • StoryBoardPro

    Commercial Mac Windows Website

    Create Professional storyboards. Quickly create animatics with sound in Timeline. And design / customize professional print page layouts.


    StoryBoardPro icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Website

    Notebook is a set of tools for writers, game designers, and roleplayers to create magnificent universes — and everything within them.

  • Sutori

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Sutori is the easiest way to create an interactive story collaboratively. Audio, images, quiz questions and video can be added to your story.


    Sutori icon
  • True Novelist

    Free Web Website

    Writing a novel is a large undertaking. True Novelist was created to make the process as easy as possible for authors.


    True Novelist icon
  • KIT Scenarist

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    KIT Scenarist is a free and open source application for creating screenplays on desktops and commercial on mobiles.

    KIT Scenarist is a fully-featured studio for creating movie screenplays. It combines:
    • project organizer that will allow storing all research documents on the project in one place [except for simple text documents, it can be pictures, links to Internet resources and even mind maps];
    • the corkboard provides opportunities for placing, arranging, grouping and visualizing scenes of the future screenplay in the form of index cards on the corkboard;
    • a specialized script editor will allow users to forget about formatting the script and direct all the creative energy to create incredible stories;
    • the module of reports and statistics will help to look at history from a different angle, as well as prepare all the necessary reports for production;
    • a flexible application settings system will allow a user to create a comfortable environment for creativity.

    Quick video overview of KIT Scenarist version 0.7.0 -

    The application has fast and caring customer support: if you find a bug, have a great idea how to make the app better, want to add a translation or spellchecking dictionary for specific language - welcome! Just write us to Facebook or directly via the feedback form on the site.

    The application has the additional feature - real-time collaboration. It available by subscription.

    In near future we want to implement:
    • saving all project's series in one file (project's bible under your hands for every series + production reports will include all of them);
    • mobile versions for Android and iOS devices.

    Supported languages: English, German, French, Kazakh, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.


    KIT Scenarist icon
  • Realm Works

    Commercial Windows Website

    Realm Works is a database software and worldbuilding tool for roleplaying games.


    Realm Works icon
  • Storyist

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    A powerful writing environment for novelists and screenwriters

    Do you have a story to tell? Unlike conventional word processors, Storyist helps you track your plot, characters, and settings, and keeps all of your writing organized and accessible—so you can focus on telling your story.


    Storyist icon

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