Organization (general)

  • TaskBoard

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done.

    The goal of TaskBoard is to provide a simple and clean interface to a functional and minimal application for keeping track of tasks. It's not trying to be the next Trello or LeanKit.

    What TaskBoard does is make it easy to start keeping track of anything you need to get done. The visual aspect of a board allows for easy status checks, and can be motivating for users who want to move their tasks to the next column.


    TaskBoard icon
  • StoriesOnBoard

    Commercial Windows Web Website

    StoriesOnBoard is a tool where you can break down your ambitious goals into tangible pieces. Then you can create a roadmap for reaching your goals by identifying the tasks that move toward them the most. By creating a story map you’ll be able to see the big picture any time, thus instead of losing in tiny details you can focus on your goals for reaching them in a timely fashion. You can share you story maps with your remote team members and your clients so you’ll be able to work with them online. We took special care to create a service that you’ll enjoy using in your everyday work. Try it for yourself, it's free! Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us making our service to better fit your needs.


    StoriesOnBoard icon
  • Quire

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Chrome Website

    Quire is a collaborative task management tool for organizing tasks in a tree-like structure wrapped in simple and user-friendly UI. Now supports Kanban.

    Its unique visual tree structure allows you to see tasks, subtasks and their subtasks in a glance, without having to click into a particular task or getting an isolated task in a long list waiting to be forgotten.


    Quire icon
  • Wekan

    Free Web Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Wekan, formerly LibreBoard, is an open-source and collaborative Small Trello iconTrello -like kanban board application.

    Whether you’re maintaining a personal todo list, planning your holidays with some friends, or working in a team on your next revolutionary idea, Kanban boards are an unbeatable tool to keep your things organized. They give you a visual overview of the current state of your project, and make you productive by allowing you to focus on the few items that matter the most.

    Wekan supports most features you would expect of it including a real-time user interface, cards comments, member assignations, customizable labels, filtered views, and more.


    Wekan icon
  • Matrify

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted Website

    Matrify is the middle way between spreadsheets and industry-specific software. Use Matrify to work on tables and lists with your team, e. g. for to-do lists, contacts, customers (CRM), inventory, licenses, real estates or tracking of issues, software requirements and software bugs. Working on a table is simple and all you need is a browser. Functions like searching, filtering and sorting help to maintain an overview and to find information quickly. Choose from various column types like Text, Date, Number, Image, Video, Journal to define the content of your table. The users are guided by individual dialogs when entering new records. Validation rules can be defined to assure data quality.
    Matrify is a simple and efficient solution to manage information. Use Matrify software as a service (SaaS) or download and run the server software locally on your notebook or server.


    Matrify icon

    Free Web Website allows you to combine all your content into a beautiful single web page.
    You can easily gather documents (pdf, Office files, Google Docs), video, photos, online presentations, links, RSS feeds and many more things from the web.

    It's all about running your own web pages, except it's just so easy as to use any modern blogging platform.

    People use it to combine materials about a company or events, for bookmarking, to gather and share learning materials, as a photo albums and just to share what they like.

  • Instapaper

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad ... Apple Watch Chrome Software as a Service (SaaS) Firefox Website

    Instapaper is a simple tool to save web pages for reading later. To save web pages for later offline reading: go to, install the Read Later bookmark, and mark any pages you'd like to read later.

    It's great for long articles and blog posts that you find during the day and would like to read, but don't have the time when you find them. Save them with Instapaper, then read them when you're commuting, in a meeting, or waiting in line.


    Instapaper icon
  • Smartsheet

    Commercial Web iPhone iPad Website

    Smartsheet is a web-based project management, task management and work collaboration software.


    Smartsheet harnesses the power of a platform within the simplicity of a spreadsheet. No training required – get up and running in minutes.


    Assign tasks, attach files, share sheets, view timelines, set alerts, create rollups, go mobile, and much more – all with one intuitive tool.


    More than a million folks use Smartsheet in their organizations. Secure, safe and scalable. IT approves, while you get work done.


    Whatever projects, process or workflows you manage, you’ll have insight into who’s doing what, and where everything stands.


    Smartsheet icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Website

    ONLYOFFICE is an opensource office and productivity suite that enables you to manage documents, projects, team and customer relations in one place.

    ONLYOFFICE is delivered either as a SaaS solution or as an installation for deployment on a private network (Community Edition, for teams up to 20 users).

    ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and it can be integrated with any web solution, cloud or on-premises.

    Also ONLYOFFICE Mobile Editors offer mobile access from iOS and Android devices to the documents stored on ONLYOFFICE portals.

    ONLYOFFICE comes with a dual-license model: as long as you respect the GNU AGPL v.3 license, you can use the ONLYOFFICE open source solution. To guard your intellectual property, take advantage of the White Label option and receive professional support, a commercial license is required, available in 3 editions:

    • Enterprise Edition
    • Developer Edition
    • Integration Edition

    In particular with the Integration Edition you can integrate ONLYOFFICE Online Editors with:

    • SharePoint
    • Nextcloud
    • ownCloud
    • Alfresco
    • Confluence

    A free online edition for Personal Use is also offered at

    The suite is designed to combine the formatting quality of Microsoft Office with the online collaboration of Google Drive.

    • Create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of any size and complexity. Deal with multiple files within one and the same window thanks to the tab-based user interface.
    • Compatibility with MS Office and OpenDocument formats. Work with most popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, EPUB, XPS, DjVu, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPT, PPTX, ODP.
    • Quick access to broad collaborating capabilities. Connect to server and collaborate on documents with your team: co-edit in real time, review, comment and interact using chat.
    • Third party add-ons: work with macros, translate texts, insert videos from YouTube and do even more.


  • RealtimeBoard

    Freemium Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Chrome OS Website

    Productivity-boosting tool that helps co-located teams create, discuss, collaborate, manage and release powerful products. .


    RealtimeBoard icon

    Free Web Website

    Free, open source, real time, virtual corkboard type application.

    Feel free to download and run your own instance, although we run a service from which is supported by donations and company sponsorship.

  • Google Currents

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed and offline reading.

    Features include:

    • Publisher editions - Publishers such as Forbes, The Guardian, TechCrunch, PBS, Saveur, and more have produced hundreds of editions including full length, in-depth articles, videos, fine photography, and slideshows. Editions are free - covering news, business, lifestyle, fashion, sports, science, technology, design, food, entertainment and more.

    • Fast scan - A new navigation mode lets you quickly swipe vertically to discover unread stories within an edition, swipe horizontally to move to the next edition within a category. Or, use the “sidebar” to jump ahead to a specific edition.

    • Breaking stories - Google Currents uses technology to deliver the hottest breaking stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. As you travel to different countries, additional breaking stories are added to match your location.

    • Saved stories - Run across an in-depth article that you want to read later, or a special recipe you want to keep? Star any story to be saved for later, in your personal Saved stories edition.

    • Your favorite blogs and feeds - Instantly, turn your Small Google Reader iconGoogle Reader subscriptions, or any of your favorite blogs/feeds into a beautiful edition with a magazine feel.

    • Translate - Currents uses Small Google Translate iconGoogle Translate technology to translate editions into a preferred language of your choice. 44 languages are supported.

    • Widget - Immediately see fresh news on your Android home screen with the Google Currents widget.

    Each edition is available for high speed offline reading, and provides quick-touch sharing. Google Currents self-adapts to differently sized phones and tablets, with subscriptions synchronized across devices. Google Currents - a reading experience not to be missed.


    Google Currents icon
  • Conceptboard

    Freemium Web Website

    Conceptboard goes beyond the idea of online whiteboards and adds realtime collaboration, document sharing, visual feedback, task management, live meetings and more.


    Conceptboard icon
  • Subtask

    Freemium Web Website

    Subtask is a web-app for organizing tasks and projects graphically using Mindmaps.


    Subtask icon
  • Priority Matrix

    Commercial Mac Windows Android iPhone Chrome OS ... iPad Website

    Priority Matrix software helps managers prioritize, focus, and work smarter. It allows you to seamlessly communicate team priorities and keep track of the moving parts of your projects, promoting accountability and clarity across multiple platforms.


    Priority Matrix icon
  • Mural

    Commercial Windows Web iPhone iPad Website

    MURAL is a visual collaboration workspace for modern teams. Based in the cloud, MURAL serves shared, digital whiteboards where teams visually explore complex challenges, facilitate design thinking methods and organize Agile processes across any device.


    Mural icon
  • Gingko

    Freemium Web Website

    Write and organize your ideas in Gingko tree documents.

    Whether building a business or writing a bestseller, Gingko lets your ideas flow naturally into place.

    Write, brainstorm, and organize your document, all in the same flow.

    You can also work with others, with Real-time collaboration.


    Gingko icon
  • Coggle

    Freemium Web Website

    Coggle is a simple, beautiful, powerful way of structuring information. It's designed to help you understand things, and then share your knowledge by arranging your document in the same way that your mind works. This way of working is called mind-mapping, and is a very powerful way of learning, storing and sharing information.

    Coggle supports: * Real-time Collaboration * Markdown formatting * LaTeX syntax for the inclusion of math expressions (use LaTeX via the \( \) or \[ \] escape sequences) * Downloaded as vector PDF or as PNG

    Other software is ugly, complicated, difficult to use, and often extremely expensive: Coggle is free, simple, beautiful, and it always will be. Coggle is aiming to provide a new tool to the people stuck in the world of conventional documents, lists and spreadsheets, not just to convert the people who already love mind-mapping.

    Everyone from business teams sharing information on a project, through students and teachers, to individuals organising their own lives.


    Coggle icon
  • Outline 4D

    Commercial Windows Website

    Outline 4D is an outlining and writing program that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas. In addition to a traditional vertical single-pane outline format, Outline 4D has a horizontal timeline format that is an alternative to index cards, blocks, and traditional outlining systems. The Tracking Feature allows you to track anything you want in your project, as well as show connections between events and characters, objects or key words. Outline 4D is a re-branded version of StoryView.


    Outline 4D icon
  • Padlet

    Freemium Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet ... iPad Chrome Kindle Fire Wordpress Website

    Padlet is the simplest web application. We give you a blank page; you put anything you want on it, anywhere.

    Make beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to.

    Easy and intuitive
    Even if you’ve never used any kind of productivity software before, Padlet is familiar and fun.

    Add posts with one click, copy-paste, or drag and drop
    Works the way your mind works - with sight, sound, and touch
    Changes are autosaved
    Simple link sharing allows for quick collaboration

    Universal and inclusive
    We’ll meet you where you are.

    Available in 29 languages, with more being added
    Collaborate on padlets from around the globe
    Working towards greater accessibility every day

    Perfecting the art of collaboration
    Include your best friends, family, and colleagues, so no one will grumble about being left out.

    Invite others to contribute - signup not required
    Work with unlimited contributors
    Give read-only, writing, moderator, or admin access; revoke at any time
    Watch updates appear instantly across devices
    Allow others to remake your work to use as a template

    Supports (almost) every file type
    From spreadsheets to selfies to Spotify, we’ll take care of your favorite links and uploads.

    Upload files from your computer, take a picture or video from your phone, or link from the web
    Post images, documents, videos, music, and files from Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocad, and more
    Embed content from anywhere on the web, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, The New York Times, and 400 other apps
    Attached links and files will appear with a gorgeous contextual preview to give viewers a hint of what you’re showing them


    Padlet icon
  • Kanboard

    Free Web Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Kanboard is a simple visual task board software.
    Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software.
    There is no fancy user interface, Kanboard focus on simplicity and minimalism. The number of features is voluntary limited.

    • Visualize your work
    • Limit your work in progress to focus on your goal
    • Drag and drop tasks to manage your project
    • Self-hosted
    • Super simple installation


    Kanboard icon
  • Stormboard

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS ... Android Tablet iPad Website

    Online Brainstorming and Collaboration. Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.


    Stormboard icon
  • Slack

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Chrome OS Windows S BSD Electron / Atom Shell Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.


    Slack icon
  • A Web Whiteboard

    Freemium Web Website

    A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.

    Works on all modern browsers, no installation needed.


    A Web Whiteboard icon
  • Loomio

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Ruby Website

    Making good decisions with your group shouldn’t be so hard. With Loomio you can make decisions without a mess of emails or meetings. .


    Loomio icon

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