Apps that work across multiple platforms so you get the same experience on all the systems you use.

  • Inkscape

    VECTOR IMAGE EDITING - Competing with the likes of Adobe Illustrator is no easy task, but Inkscape holds its own by adding hugely powerful SVG features to the vector graphic tool set. Topping that off, it's available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD X11 MacPorts XQuartz Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Blender

    3D GRAPHIC EDITING - Renowned worldwide for its powerful and encompassing 3D development tool set and intuitive workflow, Blender is also equally at home with all the major operating systems. A lesser known fact, Blender is also very adept as a cross-platform video editor.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Haiku AmigaOS MorphOS Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Atom icon


    TEXT AND CODE EDITING - Atom has a downright beautiful interface that makes code and text editing fun. It's also fully customizable and hackable and brings all that great functionality to all major OSes.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Electron / Atom Shell Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Krita icon


    IMAGE EDITING / DRAWING - Krita is a full-featured, Photoshop-like image editor with a powerful focus on painting. It also sports a ton of innovative features of its own, with more being added consistently by way of a hugely supportive community. Krita works across all the major platforms.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Open Broadcaster Software icon

    Open Broadcaster Software

    SCREEN RECORDING - OBS is a screencasting beast. It loads and runs blazing fast, covers all the essentials with an extensive feature set and it works on Mac, Windows and Linux, with the same, intuitive workflow being available for each.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Godot Engine icon

    Godot Engine

    GAME DEVELOPMENT - One of the most powerful game development environments, Godot is also one of the select few that works across multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Haiku FreeBSD Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016

  • Ocenaudio icon


    SOUND EDITING - One of the fastest audio editors around, Ocenaudio provides a super intuitive interface and robust feature set that expedites audio editing tasks across all major systems.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Ugotsta-image  Mar 2016