IP address and Server list up to date

for those who always wanted to know the latest changes to iP's address and various of your internet help options

  • Prompt

    Commercial iPhone iPad Website

    Introducing Prompt: the best SSH client for your iPad or iPhone.

    Prompt is clean, crisp, and cheerful: the SSH client that helps you when you need it, and stays out of your way when you don't. Perfect for system administrators, web developers, movie-style hackers ("Let me just TCP/IP into the firewalls!"), or any person who needs to connect to a server and type some magic.


    ? NEW IN 1.2! Even More Special Keys
    Function keys, and Page Up/Dn, now waiting for you.

    ? NEW IN 1.2! Easier Private Key Importing
    Import a key that's sitting on your clipboard, copied from anywhere.

    ? Universal: iPad and iPhone
    One app, two platforms, one price.

    ? Effortless Favorites
    You connect to servers, Prompt remembers them. That's it.

    ? Customizable Keys
    Set your most-used special characters and speed-boost your typing.

    ? Bluetooth Keyboards
    They work just great, even special keys like CTRL and arrows.

    ? Autocomplete
    Your most used commands are remembered, automatically.

    ? Key Pair Support
    Load a DSA or RSA keyfile into Prompt for password-free login.

    ? Passcode Lock
    Set a Prompt-specific password to protect your active connections.

    ? Multiple Connections
    Keep sessions open, even when Prompt is in the background.

    ? Bonjour Server Detection
    Automatically discover local SSH servers with a single tap.

    ? Excellent VT100 Compatibility
    All the ^G's and whistles you'll need to get work done.


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  • SolarWinds IP Address Manager

    Freemium Windows Website

    Get the simplified and powerful IP Address Manager to Monitor IP Addresses, DHCP services, and DNS servers Test SolarWinds IP Address Manager.


    SolarWinds IP Address Manager icon
  • Coda

    Commercial Mac iPhone iPad Website

    A brilliant, all-in-one macOS web editor. Everything you need to write beautiful web code.


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